Condition of Being Verbs

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Condition of Being Verbs A Project LA Activity

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What is a condition of being verb? Condition of being verbs are frequently called connecting verbs since they interface the subject of the sentence with data about it. PREDICATE SUBJECT

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What is a condition of being verb? There are 8 condition of being verbs: is am are was were be being been

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The educator is tall. In the principal sentence, is connections the instructor to data about her-the way that she is tall. That is her condition of being.

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This treat tastes so sweet. In the second sentence, tastes joins confection to data about it—its sweetness. Did you think taste was an activity verb? All things considered, it is—the point at which the subject is doing the tasting. In any case, here, the confection isn't doing any tasting. The confection itself tastes sweet. That is its condition of being.

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Can you tell which are being verbs? were run will be hop sparkle skip sing is could has drive attract Ready to proceed onward?

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OOPS! That is an activity verb. Attempt once more

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Yes! That is a condition of being verb. Attempt another!

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