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Computerized & Preservation Resources Managing the advanced accumulation life cycle

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OCLC Digital & Preservation Resources Digital Preservation Co-operation Digital Archive Digital & Preservation Resource Centers

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Using OCLC administrations you can … Create Access Preserve Collaborate Learn

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The Digital & Preservation Co-operation Building and maintaining computerized accumulations through cooperation Build accumulations and information through coordinated effort Save time and cash through Co-operation support Add an incentive to advanced accumulations Develop and receive head instrument sets

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Education and improvement Workshops on Preservation Topics Special Project Updates (e.g., "All the News That's Fit to Scan") Conference Presentations Seminars with Leaders in Digitization and Preservation

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Co-operation Workshop Topics Digitization fundamentals Selection for safeguarding and get to Managing computerized ventures Organizing computerized accumulations Preservation and chronicling of computerized accumulations Digital and protection principles Preservation in the computerized age

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Co-operation Workshop Topics, cont. Overseeing Preservation Projects Environmental control Disaster readiness and reaction Preservation reformatting The Library as institutional vault: a growing part Other subjects being developed

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Implementers data Project Managers Annual Forums Co-operation Website and Extranet Project Information Clearinghouse Digital Dispatches Electronic Newsletter White Papers on Research Topics

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Consulting Digital and physical conservation issues: Selection arranging & administration Funding assets (stipends office) Project administration Rights administration Web-prepared records/displays Digital chronicling and capacity ventures

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Consulting: arranging & administration Disaster readiness and recuperation Preservation arranging overviews Digital venture administration Microform extend administration Quality affirmation for protection microfilm Acetate appraisal contemplate Metadata needs studies

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Tools and assets Outsourcing administrations Project administration Digitization Metadata creation & content transformation Content dissemination Product trials and rebates Discounts on OCLC's Digital Archive

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Content Services and Enrichment Publishing Digital Collections to the Web Broad Distribution for your Institution's Digital Collections New or Increased Access to other Digital Collections

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Publishing computerized accumulations CONTENTdm Software Suite by DiMeMa Capture objects Organize your online gathering Provide get to Manage accumulations CONTENTdm Gallery: Olive Software British Library Demo Site:

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Who is taking an interest? Contract Participants Nearly 50 overall pioneers in computerized & protection works on Forming counseling advisory groups Workshop Faculty, Consultants First meeting at OCLC in April

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Availability of Co-operation Services Participant Signup started at ALA Midwinter Consulting Services Available Now Workshops Begin in April Website Available; Extranet in April Digital Tools accessible in April Other Services coming April-June

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Co-operation Participation Fee $1,000 every year Staff OCLC part Non-part 5+ FTE $1000 $1100 1-5 FTE $250 $275

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What you get Co-operation Web webpage & Extranet Latest data on digitization & conservation Digital dispatches bulletin Project data clearinghouse Your own CONTENTdm facilitated server w/500 question limit Discounts on related administrations

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… and for extra expenses Consulting administrations Project administration administrations Workshops Seminars Digitization & safeguarding administrations

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OCLC Digital Archive Long-term maintenance and get to Workflow reconciliation Flexible stockpiling choices Store or save OCLC as well as Local chronicle Control of get to and rights Reduces dangers of long haul retention

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CORC Bib metadata Pres metadata OCLC Digital Archive Internet FirstSearch or other inventory Search View OCLC Digital Archive Web Crawl profile Capture Manual audit Create SIP Harvest Authenticate Ingest/approve Dissemination Store/Retrieve Administer nearby advanced vault

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Functions & Features Archive Service Levels Preserve objects Store objects Archiving Tools OCLC conservation  OCLC secure reinforcement  * Tools (catch, metadata, ingest)  Disseminate objects  * Delete objects  * View objects  Archive Administration  * Reports  OCLC Digital Archive Service Levels

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Web Document Digital Archive Participants U.S. Government Printing Office Connecticut State Library JERRI (Ohio) Edinburgh University Library Arizona State Library and Archives Library of Michigan

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Joining the WDDA Project 6-8 extra members (April-Summer 2002) OCLC indexing approval Web records HTML, PDF, ASCII, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, BMP Subscribe to Digital Archive Contact Pam Kircher at OCLC

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OCLC Digital & Preservation Resources