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Pattern in Essay Topics By Julianne Williams

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'Compositions are prototypical or non specific portrayals of items, occasions, and circumstances.' Bonny Armbruster (1986)

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Schema is earlier information.

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'The upsides of the technique incorporate speed, effortlessness, shirking of extra cloning ventures into single-stranded phage M13 vectors, and henceforth pertinence to sequencing vast quantities of tests.'

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DNA - Deoxyribonucleic Acid DDDN Genetics Home Reference and bolts/dna

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DNA - Deoxyribonucleic Acid Science Biology Genes Cloning

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Activation 'What is comprehended from a content is a component of the specific outline that is actuated at the season of handling (i.e. perusing) the content.' Carrel and Eisterhold (1983 )

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Top-down Processing Conceptually determined Background information Text structure learning World learning Nunan (1999)

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Bottom-up Processing Data driven Decoding singular components Interpreting words statements sentences Nunan (1999)

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Top-down The Big Picture

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Bottom-up The points of interest

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Additional Terms Existing learning Topic learning Prior information Previous information

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Schema Types Content Formal

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Content/Cultural Schema 'Content diagram is a piece of the individual 's social introduction.' Al-Issa (2006)

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The relationship that exists between the article theme, the presence of earlier information (composition hypothesis), and the nature of the paper would appear to be fundamentally connected.

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'… regardless of how well a peruser may know a dialect, he or she can't read in that dialect with great understanding if the topic or the substance of the content is one he or she knows literally nothing about.' Al-Issa (2006)

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Making associations Text-to-self Text-to-content Text-to-world Keene and Zimmerman (1997)

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Text-to-self Relating the content to individual experience … this helps me to remember ... … I recall when I …

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Text-to-content Relating the content to similitudes read in a past content … is like what I read in … … resemble … .. in the book …

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Text-to-World Major showing opportunity in building blueprint Ensure the relationship helps with content appreciation, is not a redirection

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Activating Schema Predicting utilizing title – photographs Brain raging consolidated understudy information Note taking Paraphrasing Post perusing exchanges

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Broadening perusing Novels Online news Magazines 21 st Century daily paper

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Thank you Julianne Williams