Composing past the Ending: Jane Eyre and WSS

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Composing past the Ending: Jane Eyre and WSS " By turning a great nineteenth-century novel back to front and giving its voiceless character an illustrative story, Rhys has built a basic examination of sentimental thralldom and conjugal power- - disguised and outer organizations that bolster sexual orientation disparity." (45-6) "By a move of enclosure (entering the story before) and influence (prying the story open), Rhys cracks Jane Eyre . She returns us to a system a long way from the triumphant independence

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Writing past the Ending of the character of Jane Eyre by focusing on the pioneer circumstances… . Wide Sargasso Sea expresses that the terminations and precisions of any story are obtained to the detriment of the quieted, even implicit account, which composing past the completion will discharge. ('Keep in mind,' Doris lessing advises us, 'that for every one of the books we have in print, there are the same number of that have never achieved print, have never been composed down.'" (46) - Rachel Blau DuPlessis

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New Orleans Voodoo Museum zombies humfo sacred place

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Obeah and Voodoo Obeah as a piece of Caribbean presence - a creolized routine of African religions and Christianity (memory of Africa)- - negative + positive - negative: abhorrent enchantment (esp. for the white colonizers) - positive: as a wellspring of defiance to servitude (ex. Babysitter and the Maroons in Jamaican legends) Christophine as an obeah lady (a Nanny figure) - Antoinette's dread - envisioning the mysterious articles covered up in the room (p.18) - dark individuals' dread of her- - Améle (p.61) - the adoration parcel (p.82) and the rest drug for Antoinette (p.91)

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Obeah as Metaphors in WWS letter to Francis Wyndham (4/14/1964) p.138-9 Rhys' "essayist's issue" and the assistance from "Obeah Night" (p. 141-3)- - a sonnet written for the sake of Edward Rochester or Raworth- - "I think there were a few Antoinettes and Mr Rochesters. To be sure I am certain… . Mr R's. name should be changed… . In the sonnet (if it's that) Mr Rochester (or Raworth) supports himself or legitimizes himself by saying that his Antoinette pursues away the "Obeah evenings" and that the animal who returns is not the person who fled… . Antoinette herself returns however so changed that maybe she was 'lost Antoinette'." (p.140)- - zombie

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Names name and character - the African confidence in name Daniel Cosway - Esau (p.73)/Is he a Cosway? (p.94) Antoinette Bertha (p.68, 81, 88, 106-7) Marionette (p.92)- - Why does Rochester change her names and the importance of this change of names? What is the criticalness in calling her Marionette (a doll)? the anonymous male storyteller in Part II ('the man in Part III- - Why does Rhys let him be the fundamental storyteller? Why does she keep him anonymous? (Why does she need to have him sign his name in "Obeah Night"?)

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Love, Betrayal and Hatred indications of disloyalties - cockerel crowing (p.71, 97-8) Rochester's issue with Améle after the "obeah night" (p.84)- - Why is he having this issue? How do individuals around Rochester and change their mentalities toward him after this one-near stand and why? (Antoinette, Améle, Baptiste) Rochester's disdain (p.102)/(p.143) the untold romantic tale amongst Antoinette and Sandi (p.30)- - insights at their sexual relationship (p.72-3, 75, 109-10)- - white dress (p.76) for Rochester and red dress for Sandi (p.109)

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Christophine: Between Imperialism and the Native Voice Two noteworthy scenes of Christophine in WWS Christophine and Antoinette (p.64-71) Christophine and Rochester (p.90-7) Analyze the effective nearness of Christophine. How does Rhys depict her appearance and her etymological skill? What is the essentialness of the way that she vanishes before the end of the novel? Gayatri Spivak and Benita Parry have altogether different perspective of Christophine. What is your remain in this contention and why?

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Two Quotes about Christophine Spivak on dominion: "Christophine is extraneous to this story. She can't be contained by a novel which reworks an accepted English content inside the European writer convention in light of a legitimate concern for the white Creole instead of the local." (p.246) Parry on Spivak: "what Spivak's methodology of perusing fundamentally obliterates is Christophine's engraving as the local, female, singular Self who opposes the requests of the biased talks impinging on her individual." (p.248)

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Spaces: the Caribbean versus Britain diverse patio nurseries: Coulibri and Granbois "encased garden" (p.36) distinctive dreams (bad dreams) (p.47, 72) places without mirror: the cloister (p.32) the house in England (Thornfield in Jane Eyre ) (p.107) England as world "made of cardboard" (p.107) What is the importance of this allegory? Why does Antoinette demand that she has lost her approach to England?

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Questions about the Ending What are the likenesses between the fire scene in Part I and that in Antoinette's fantasy to some extent III? What is the noteworthiness of the last passage of the novel?