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College Space What?! We have no more space? Presently what do we do?

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University Space To help you comprehend the procedure, first we should furnish you with some history…

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University Space At the demand of the President & Provost, a far reaching survey of college space was led amid summer 2007 and was guided by a few principals

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Guiding Principles To move those units influenced by Kendall & Highland Hall devastations To all the more completely & adequately use college space To keep undergrad scholastic center projects halfway situated on the fundamental grounds

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Guiding Principles To move units right now scattered on grounds to touching space To adjust space assignments to better address the issues of the college's key arrangement To all the more completely use the space at Discovery Park

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Guiding Principles To co-find scholarly units to accomplish scholarly cooperative energies To move non-center exercises to the outskirts of grounds

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University Space couple with the thorough space audit, approaches and systems were made to give a procedure to how college space would be overseen Space Assignment and Management Policy 10.16 endorsed September 2007

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Space Policy 10.16 All space is college space and is liable to reassignment in view of college needs University space includes both scholarly & managerial space assignments Creation of the Space Assessment Committee (SAC)

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Composition of SAC Chair Donna Asher, Assistant Vice President, Provost & VPAA Office Academic Affairs Judith Adkison, Associate Dean, COE Cynthia Mohr, Department Chair, CVAD Research Vish Prasad, Vice President Faculty Senate Member: Richard Wells, Vice Chair, Faculty Senate & Professor, Journalism Named Alternate: Dennis Mueller, Senator, Faculty Senate & Professor, Physics

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Composition of SAC Student Development Tom Rufer, Director, University Union Finance & Business Affairs Charlie Jackson, Executive Director, Facilities Staff Council Member: Anissa Breaux-Schropp, Chair, Staff Council & University Compliance Officer Named Alternate: Scott Windham, Vice-Chair, Staff Council & Manager, CITC Student Government Association Rebecca Finberg SAC participation explored yearly

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Space Request Process Space need is distinguished Requestor finishes Space Request Form ( ) Department Chair/Head signs and advances to Dean/VP for endorsement Dean/VP signs and advances to SAC for audit

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Space Request Process Changes in space work or Reassignment of space inside a school/school, scholarly or authoritative unit don't require activity by the SAC and are viewed as instructive things

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Space Request Process Reassignment of space over a school/school, scholarly or regulatory unit require activity by the SAC and are introduced to the Committee by Darlene Callahan, Manager of University Space

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Space Request Process Additional space New space Vacated space Requested by a school/school, scholastic or regulatory unit require activity by the SAC and are displayed to the Committee by Darlene Callahan, Manager of University Space

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SAC Request Process Space solicitations are evaluated at month to month SAC gatherings (electronic gatherings are satisfactory when proper) Meetings are not "open" to the general population; be that as it may, parties influenced by a demand are welcome to go to

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Space Request Process SAC tells requestor, Department Chair/Head and Dean/VP of its suggestion by means of email Recommendation is submitted to Provost for endorsement or dissatisfaction Department Chair/Head and Dean/VP are told in composing of ultimate conclusion Original ask for marked and came back to requestor

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PIW Process Once space demand is affirmed, Department Chair/Head finishes Project Initiation Worksheet (PIW) ( ) Department Chair/Head signs PIW and advances to Dean/VP for endorsement Dean/VP signs and advances to Provost Office for endorsement

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PIW Process PIW asks for over $5,000 submitted to Provost Office will be marked and sent to Budget Office for endorsement Once all endorsements are made, the demand will be sent to Facilities will contact requestor recorded on PIW through email or telephone to allot a Project Manager to start taking a shot at space ask for

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Space for New Faculty Need for workforce line recognized Complete VPAA 130 Faculty Recruitment Request ( ) Must recognize building and room number of personnel office/lab

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Space for New Faculty Space Request Form ought to go with the VPAA 130 if extra space is required If momentum space is changed over to address the issues for the personnel line, a Space Request Form is likewise required SAC process is taken after PIW process is taken after

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Q & A Q & A

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Darlene Callahan Manager of University Space Office of the Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs 940-565-2550 Hurley Administration Building, Suite 207 Donna Asher Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs Office of the Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs 940-565-2496 Hurley Administration Building, Suite 207 More Information?