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& Weather Derivatives Take a New Look at the Weather ! WRMA - Toulouse, 3 rd of October 2006

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Agenda I - KalibraXE Presentation II - KalibraXE climate subsidiaries stage : WeatherXE

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I - KalibraXE Presentation

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KalibraXE, European power organization KalibraXE, new power organization, began in august 2005 by Jacques and Michèle Assouline KalibraXE, an accomplished group, united by the difficulties of the perpetually advancing vitality advertise Two focuses : Paris and London KalibraXE, an European approach KalibraXE, power provider in France, Germany and Spain KalibraXE, to enter Belgium and Poland before the end of 2006 KalibraXE, inventive organization KalibraXE designated by the Paris Chamber of Commerce 2006 (Innovative Companies) KalibraXE chose by Microsoft for its IDEE association program

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KalibraXE, power charge decrease KalibraXE's Offer : Variable part improvement Customer Consumption Profile Consumption in MWh The client characterizes its supply methodology Annual utilization profile KalibraXE's Offer : Block Optimization => Thanks to control provided by KalibraXE, our customers accomplish noteworthy investment funds on their aggregate power charge : A lessening of 5% to 15% of the aggregate power charge

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II - KalibraXE climate subordinates stage : WeatherXE

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KalibraXE conveys Weather Derivatives to all organizations Just like power value streamlining a couple of months prior, today, Weather Derivatives are not open to all organizations Weather Derivatives don't generally meet organizations' necessities KalibraXE customers request simple access to climate subsidiaries => KalibraXE makes Weather subordinates available to all organizations by propelling its climate subsidiaries stage : WeatherXE

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Weather Derivatives Agents Powernext local climate information Strike Temperature Averse Agents Temperature Pro Agents HDDs Weather XE WeatherXE is an Independent and solid Market Maker . WeatherXE offers the structure for gatherings to go into climate subsidiaries contracts

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WeatherXE Process Asker Contract set-up Contract Management Billing Bidder

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WeatherXE Process : Asker & Bidder The "Asker" chooses : Index – Duration - Option (Swap, Put or Call) - Long or Short - Strike cost - Value per Point - Caps Asker Contract Management Contract set-up Billing Bidder The "Bidder" : Chooses to end up the counterparty. Determines a premium when short a Call or long a Put Offers a counter proposition if the terms sometimes fall short for him.

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WeatherXE Process : Contract set-up Asker Contract Management Contract set-up Billing Bidder Possibility to make adaptable contracts to suit particular needs Any number of agreements can be made or changed until they discover a counterparty Search usefulness to discover contracts addressing one's needs Auction framework Initially WeatherXE will offer basic contracts identified with temperatures. Contingent upon the request we will include Wind and Precipitation related contracts and the likelihood to characterize more mind boggling contracts.

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WeatherXE Process : Contract set-up Asker Contract Management Contract set-up Billing Bidder When both sides consent to exchange KalibraXE deals with the agreement Weather subsidiary contract Index estimation Contract result Index count case : Regional HDD and CDD records construct for instance in light of Powernext temperature information Financial perspectives Financial ensures Billing

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WeatherXE's response to customer desires Client Expectations WeatherXE's Undertakings Structure for gatherings to go into climate subsidiaries contracts Easy access to Weather Derivatives Flexible contracts to suit particular needs Contracts terms driven by free market activity. Autonomous & Reliable Market Maker Guarantees Billing framework Online observing of the agreement (customer committed site) Transparency

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Contacts 8 mourn des Acacias 75017 Paris Tel : +33 (0)1 40 68 00 40 Fax : +33 (0)1 40 68 00 80 Michèle Assouline – CEO Jacques Assouline – Director