Climate and Application Instruments

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nearby climate station. 15% 16% wind meter. 4% 5% anemometer. 8% 6% neighborhood radio or channel ... Climate variables of concern: air development (heading and speed) ...

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Climate and Application Instruments Robert E. Wolf Extension Specialist Application Technology Bio and Agricultural Engineering Robert G. Bellinger Extension Associate/Associate Professor Soils and Plant Sciences Biological and Agricultural Engineering

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The significance of utilization time climate observing? To abstain from showering in conditions that may bring about float!!! Spotty vermin control Wasted chemicals Off-target harm More high esteem strength crops Urban sprawl and..... Less tolerant neighbors Litigious Society Result-higher expenses $$$

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All ensured instruments are required to keep up records of governmentally limited utilize pesticide (RUP) applications. Documentation – Recordkeeping:

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Pesticide Recordkeeping Requirements: Optional data ?????? Target pest(s) Size/thickness of nuisance Adjuvants Application strategy Aerial, ground, chemigation, fuse Special gear subtle elements Boom/spout, plane, helicopter, banding Droplet estimate, weight Reentry time/date Environmental conditions – Actual Wind speed, bearing , temperature, moistness, time what number passages?

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Pesticide Recordkeeping Survey Pesticide Education Program - Carol Ramsay and Carrie Foss Washington State University At-Program Recordkeeping Survey – Jan.–March 2002 number of participants = 2,191 specimen estimate = 826 example is 38% of participants Post-Program Recordkeeping Survey – August 2002 overviews sent = 490 specimen estimate = 155 reaction rate is 32% of sent studies

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How would you gauge wind speed? Hymn Ramsay and Carrie Foss – Washington State University-2002

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What measure do you use for wind speed? Utilize words: quiet, windy, variable At Program 38% Post Program 33% In miles every hour (or feet every second) At Program 62% Post Program 67% Carol Ramsay and Carrie Foss – Washington State University-2002

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How would you quantify wind course? Ditty Ramsay and Carrie Foss – Washington State University-2002

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What measure do you use for wind bearing? general bearing (S, SSW, ESE, W) At Program 94% Post Program 97% compass perusing (172˚) At Program 6% Post Program 3% Carol Ramsay and Carrie Foss – Washington State University-2002

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How would you quantify temperature? Song Ramsay and Carrie Foss – Washington State University-2002

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Record keeping: Why am I keeping the majority of this data? Revive your memory Safety Better execution Demonstrate care and concern Stay in front of the opposition Defend yourself!

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Weather components of concern: air development (bearing and speed) Topography, and so on temperature and moistness air dependability/reversals Courtesy – George Ramsay, Dupont

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Wind heading: Wind course is essential Know the area of delicate territories - consider safe cradle zones. Try not to splash at any wind speed on the off chance that it is blowing towards delicate regions - all spouts can float. Shower when breeze is delicate, unfaltering, and overwhelming from touchy regions. "Dead quiet" conditions are never suggested.

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Compasses: *Prices from web

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Determining wind course: Compass Provide attractive portrayal Direction blowing from Into your face!

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Determining wind heading: Point compass into the wind course and read in degrees.

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What influences wind bearing: Wind streams can definitely influence splash bead statement Structures radically influence wind ebbs and flows Wind breaks Tree lines and plantations Houses and outbuildings Hills and valleys

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Determining wind speeds: Handheld gadgets Mechanical - gliding ball, wind vane Electronic – turning turbines In-the-field stations On-the-go stations

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Handheld windmeters:

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Handheld wind meters: *Prices from web

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Weather stations with anemometers:

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Weather stations: *Prices from web

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Weather station being used:

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Enabling innovation: GPS (Global Positioning System) Increased processing power in littler bundles Ability to exchange information to PCs

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Aventech Research Inc. Flying machine Integrated Meteorological Measurement System –AIMMS AIMMS-10 AIMMS-20 Air stream test 2 - estimation modules CPU (20 second upgrades) Wind speed and course transmitted on-load up Used and logged PDA programming accessible for constant show of meteorological conditions. On board climate instrumentation:

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Web locales of intrigue:

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