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´╗┐CLASSROOM PROCEDURES Mr. Cicek's Classroom Dove Science Academy Tulsa , Oklamona

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FOREWORD Welcome to Mr. Cicek's class. I am here to educate; you are here to learn. I will carry out my employment; you will do yours, and we will together utilize this year admirably and advantageously. Uplifting state of mind is the key of accomplishment. How about we keep it constantly.

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WHY DO WE HAVE PROCEDURES? A method is the way that we get things done. To do things right, we need to take after some straightforward techniques, for instance: To open your locker, you need to choose your mix as coordinated by the bolt maker . To put an approach your telephone, you have to enter the number organized appropriately. In this way, to be effective in learning, you have to take after some basic systems.

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ENTRANCE Make beyond any doubt you have every fundamental material for the class. Enter the classroom discreetly. Go specifically to your doled out seat. Get prepared for your work.

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RIGHT AFTER THE BELL RINGS Immediately begin the bellwork that will be composed on the board. Do the bellwork in your diary. When you complete, sit tight discreetly for the following bearing.

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DURING INSTRUCTION Listen to the instructor with full consideration. No pencil honing, talking, or whispering. Try not to keep in touch with anything amid guideline. You will be given time for taking notes. Request that consent talk by raising your hand. Make inquiries identified with the subject. Different inquiries which are not identified with the subject can be asked after guideline. After guideline, ensure you comprehend the idea. If not, make inquiries by saying which part you didn't get it.

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WHILE YOU ARE WORKING Make beyond any doubt you read or listen to the bearings about your work and comprehend them. On the off chance that you didn't comprehend, ask assistance from different understudies lounging around you. On the off chance that they additionally don't comprehend, ask to the instructor to clarify it. In the event that you are requested that, be neighborly and kind and offer your best. Conversing with each other ought to be no louder than a whisper. The individual sitting on the opposite side of the room ought not be hindered by your commotion. Regard each other and be well disposed. Utilize your time astutely. Advanced your best push to complete your work on time.

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KEEPING YOUR JOURNAL You ought to have a science diary which will be utilized for just your science class. (A structure scratch pad is prescribed.) Use pen or pencil to write in your diary. Utilizing two unique hues, one for the title and an alternate one for the body of the content, will improve your diary look and more sorted out. The primary page ought to be the cover sheet. Compose your full name, segment, and school name on it. Number the pages in the right base corner. Continuously compose the title with capital letters. Every day, put the date first. Keep your diary spotless and composed. Your diary will be gathered and checked every once in a while. Turn it in on time when you are inquired. Take great care of your diary. Try not to lose it.

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IF THE TEACHER RAISES HIS HAND Stop whatever you are doing right then and there. Confront the instructor and hold up noiselessly. Inform any schoolmates who haven't saw that the educator has raised his hand. No talking or whispering. The majority of your consideration ought to be given to the instructor.

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AFTER YOU ARE DONE Check your work and the headings once again to check whether you missed anything or accomplished something erroneously. On the off chance that the task is to be turned in, do as such. Begin your perusing session. (Perused your book, magazine, and so forth.)

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DISMIS SAL Clean your work region and take all refuse to the junk can. Sit tight for Mr. Cicek to reject you. The ring of the chime does not reject you. After you inspire authorization to leave, push in your seat and leave unobtrusively. On the off chance that it is the last time of the day, stack the seats by the back divider. Much obliged to You .

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HOMEWORK PROCEDURE You will be given homework on a specific day of the week. It will be gathered on Tuesdays. Test Heading: SCIENCE HOMEWORK MONTH/DAY/YEAR MR. CICEK ALBERT EDISON "HOMEWORK TITLE" 9A

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WHEN YOU ARE TARDY Stand by Mr. Cicek's work area. Educate him of your reason or give him your late pass. Go to your seat after you are offered consent to do as such. You won't be pardoned from any work you missed. Get the task from a schoolmate and do it at home.

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WHEN YOU ARE ABSENT Get the assignments from your colleagues and the worksheet from Mr. Cicek. Take every necessary step at home. On the off chance that you missed a test in light of your pardoned nonattendance, educate Mr. Cicek and mastermind an opportunity to make up the test after school. You won't have the capacity to make up any work on the off chance that you have an unexcused nonattendance. You will get a "0" for those assignments.

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CLASSROOM RULES far reaching classroom guidelines are posted on the divider: Bring every single vital material to class. No gum, sustenance, or drink permitted. Continuously act and talk in a suitable way. No uniform, no class. Continuously convey your corridor pass. No knapsacks.

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CONSEQUENCES Warning Conference with Student Detention Point Parent Contact Referral to Administration

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Grading Policy Chapter Tests 30% Classwork and Participation 25% Homework 25% Quiz and Bellwork 20%

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