Class 2 Sections 137 138 Clarifications about existence after death.

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Class 2 – Sections 137 &138 Clarifications about existence after death.

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Challenge from last time: Find sacred texts in the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants that exhibit that: God the Father and Jesus Christ are separate creatures. God the Father and Jesus Christ have assortments of fragile living creature and blood.

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Section 76 Who got it? At the point when was it given? Where was it given? Why was it given?

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Section 76 Who got it? Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon When was it given? Mid 1832 Where was it given? John Johnson's home (Hiram, Ohio) Why was it given? Interpretation/What is paradise?

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John Johnson's Farm turned into the congregation central command 16 segments of the D&C given there in 1831 - 1832 The Prophet and Sidney Rigdon publicly shamed there.

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Philo Dibble … The vision which is recorded in the Book of Doctrine and Covenants was given at the place of 'Father Johnson,' in Hiram, Ohio, and amid the time that Joseph and Sidney were in the soul and saw the sky open, there were other men in the room, maybe twelve, among whom I was one amid a part of the time—likely 66% of the time,— I saw the magnificence and felt the power, however did not see the vision. "The occasions and discussion, while they were seeing what is composed (and numerous things were seen and related that are not composed,) I will relate as minutely as is vital.

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Philo Dibble "Joseph would, at interims, say: 'What do I see?' as one may say while watching out the window and viewing what all in the room couldn't see. At that point he would relate what he had seen or what he was taking a gander at. At that point Sidney answered, 'I see the same.' Presently Sidney would say 'what do I see?' and would rehash what he had seen or was seeing, and Joseph would answer, 'I see the same.' "This way of discussion was accounted for at short interims to the end of the vision, and amid the entire time not a word was talked by whatever other individual. Not a sound nor movement made by anybody but rather Joseph and Sidney, and I couldn't help thinking that they never moved a joint or appendage amid the time I was there, which I believe was over 60 minutes, and to the end of the vision.

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Philo Dibble "Joseph sat solidly and serenely all the time amidst a great transcendence, yet Sidney sat limp and pale, clearly as nimble as a cloth, watching which, Joseph commented, smilingly, 'Sidney is not accustomed to it as I am.'"

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What is the "standard" Christian perspective of what transpires after death?

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Cumulative Good Works paradise Good Works Good Works 0 damnation Start underneath zero – include all the great subtract all the terrible…

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So when even was come, the ruler of the vineyard saith unto his steward, Call the workers, and give them [their] contract, starting from the last unto the first. What's more, when they came that [were hired] about the eleventh hour, they got each man a penny. In any case, when the primary came, they assumed that they ought to have gotten more; and they similarly got each man a penny. Also, when they had gotten [it], they mumbled against the goodman of the house. - Matt 20:8-11

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The Final Day paradise Good Works 0 damnation Wherever you are the point at which you kick the bucket is what's imperative.

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We accept earnestly in what it says, "by acquiescence to the laws and statutes of the Gospel." We have no confidence in death-bed contrition. We have no confidence that by making an admission just before death we can be spared. - Pres. Heber J. Give, April 1935 Conference

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So… How are we judged?

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What we truly are heavenly earthbound telestial 0 condemnation Start out great, then we substantiate ourselves by what we think, say and do.

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According to a 19 th Century American, what might it take to get to paradise?

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Jesus replied, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be conceived of water and [of] the Spirit, he can't go into the kingdom of God. – John 3:5

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Know ye not, that so a considerable lot of us as were sanctified through water into Jesus Christ were purified through water into his demise? In this way we are covered with him by absolution into death: that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the eminence of the Father, even so we likewise ought to stroll in novelty of life. For on the off chance that we have been planted together in the resemblance of his demise, we should be additionally [in the likeness] of [his] revival: Knowing this, that our dad is executed with [him], that the group of wrongdoing may be annihilated, that from this time forward we ought not serve sin. For he that is dead is liberated from transgression. Presently on the off chance that we be dead with Christ, we trust that we might likewise live with him: - Romans 6:3-8

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What do you with little youngsters or individuals never have the open door for submersion?

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Some arrangements Christians have taken: Baptism is not by any stretch of the imagination vital God is just and He controls the fates of men – yet the individuals who don't get absolution are accursed. Limbo…

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Limbo (Late Lat. limbus ) an expression of Teutonic induction, which means actually "hem" or "border," starting a piece of clothing, or anything joined on (cf. Italian lembo or English appendage ). In religious utilization the name is connected to (a) the brief place or condition of the souls of the exactly who, despite the fact that cleaned from transgression, were barred from the blissful vision until Christ's triumphant rising into paradise (the "limbus patrum"); or (b) to the changeless place or condition of those unbaptized kids and other people who, biting the dust without deplorable individual sin, are prohibited from the rapturous vision because of unique sin alone (the "limbus infantium" or "puerorum"). - Catholic Encyclopedia

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Does Sect. 76 answer the subject of salvation little kids and individuals never have the open door for sanctification?

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Why might Joseph Smith have been worried about such inquiries?

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What were the conditions encompassing Joseph Smith accepting Sect. 137?

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What were the conditions encompassing Joseph Smith accepting Sect. 137? Washings in the Printing Office. Anointings in the uncompleted Temple. Appointment of Joseph Smith, Sr. as Patriarch See the course site:

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What is the message of Sect. 137?

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What is the message of Sect. 137? What the divine kingdom resemble. We can be with our families. Kids who bite the dust before the time of responsibility get divine brilliance naturally. The individuals who did not hear the gospel can acknowledge it.

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Background to Section 138 How was Joseph F. Smith identified with Joseph Smith? What was going on in 1918? Joseph F. Smith kicked the bucket around six weeks after the fact.

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Background to Section 138 What was Joseph F. Smith's question?

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Background to Section 138 What was Joseph F. Smith's question? For Christ likewise hath once languished over sins, the only for the uncalled for, that he may convey us to God, being killed in the substance, however animated by the Spirit: By which additionally he went and lectured unto the spirits in jail. - 1 Peter 3:18-19

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What are the messages of Section 138?

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Messages of Section 138 The significance of contemplating sacred writings Being isolated from our body is a subjugation. Christ sorted out preacher work among the dead however he didn't really lecture the devilish himself.