CJ/PS 5535 9/11 Class: Disappointments, Reactions, Lessons Learned

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CJ/PS 5535 9/11 Seminar: Failures, Responses, Lessons Learned another graduate course by: Dr. Matthew Robinson Fall 2005

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Proof the White House Knew (or Should Have Known) About Planes Being Used as Weapons Dr. Matt Robinson CJ/PS 5535: "9/11 Seminar: Failures, Responses, Lessons Learned" Appalachian State University

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What THEY Said President George W. Shrub: "Never in anyone's point of view ... about how to ensure America did we ever think the scalawags would fly not one but rather four business air ship into valuable US targets ... Never." "We knew he [bin Laden] had outlines on us.  We knew he despised us.  But there was no one in our administration, and I don't think the past government, that could imagine flying planes into structures on such a huge scale."  White House representative Ari Fleischer: … "the President did not – not – get data about the utilization of planes as rockets by suicide aircraft ... Until this assault occurred, I believe most would agree that nobody imagined that as a probability."

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What THEY Said Vice President Dick Cheney: Advised Democrats in Congress to "be extremely careful not to look for political favorable position by making combustible recommendations ... that the White House had propel data that would have kept the appalling assaults of 9/11." National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice: "I don't imagine that anyone could have anticipated that these individuals would take a plane and pummel it into the World Trade Center, take another and hammer it into the Pentagon, that they would attempt to utilize a plane as a rocket ... indeed, even everything considered there was nothing to propose that."

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What THEY Said FBI Director Robert Mueller: "In the event that we had comprehended [that criminals prepared in the United States to be pilots] we would have – maybe we could have turned away this." "There were no notice signs that I'm mindful of that would show this sort of operation in the nation." NSA Director Michael Hayden: "NSA had no [indications] that al Qaeda was particularly focusing on New York and Washington ... then again even that it was arranging an assault on US soil."

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Things THEY Knew Airport security erroneous Terrorists preparing to be pilots Previous arrangements/assaults Threats against planes Preparations for assaults Zacarias Moussaoui Hmmmmm????

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Airport Security is Inaccurate 1990-1996: Mary Schiavo, previous Inspector General for U.S. Dept. of Transportation, surrendered after the FAA attempted to order her report itemizing remiss security at the country's real air terminals .  Agents could sneak fake bombs, hand explosives, firearms and blades through metal locators. Congress was not intrigued by making it hard on the aircraft business, so they cleared it under the mat! 1998 – FAA "Red Teams" direct testing of screening checkpoints at household air terminals and effectively sneak through firearms, bombs, and so on and are fruitful for some situation 85% of the time ... abnormal state FAA authorities are made mindful of the issue and do nothing

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Terrorists Training to be Pilots 1996 – FBI examines US flight schools in the wake of finding a business card for a school in the ownership of Project Bojinka organizer Abdul Hakim Murad (who had been preparing at around 6 schools since 1990). 1998 – FBI's worldwide fear mongering squad examines man taking flight lessons at a Phoenix air terminal. FBI operator Ken Williams begins an examination concerning the likelihood of fear based oppressors figuring out how to fly . May 1998 –FBI pilot sends a notice to an administrator cautioning of countless Eastern men accepting flight preparing in Oklahoma air terminals. 1998-1999 – FBI issues notices of conceivable psychological oppressors preparing at US flight schools. 1999 – US knowledge discovers that an al Qaeda operator learned at a flight school in Norman, Oklahoma (thieves Mohammed Atta and Marwan Alshehhi went by school there in 2000 and Zacarias Moussaoui prepared there in 2001). September 1999 – FBI in Oklahoma City visits a flight school in Norman Oklahoma to examine Usama receptacle Laden's (UBL) individual pilot Ihab Ali who went to there in 1993.

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Terrorists Training to be Pilots 1999 – FBI learns fear based oppressors are wanting to send understudies to US for flight preparing. FBI's Counterterrorism Section issues notice to 24 handle workplaces to give careful consideration to Islamic understudies from the objective nation occupied with preparing .  No examination is directed by any office. February - July 2001 – Trial of government office planes in New York highlights declaration of 2 UBL partners that got flight preparing in Texas and Oklahoma. One UBL helper offers proof to government about pilot preparing. July 2001 – FBI specialist Ken Williams communicates something specific cautioning of suspicious exercises including gathering of Middle Eastern men taking flight preparing lessons in Arizona: subtitle of update is "Osama container Laden and Al-Muhrjiroun supporters going to common aeronautics colleges/universities in Arizona." July 2001 – Egyptian insight passes on message to CIA that 20 al Qaeda individuals had slipped into US and that 4 of them were preparing on Cessnas. August 2001 – Russian President Vladimir Putin cautions US that suicide pilots are preparing for assaults on US.

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Previous Plans/Attacks 1995 – PROJECT BOJINKA drives Counterterrorism Security Group (CSG) Director Richard Clarke to request that FAA ground all US flights over the Pacific. This was an arrangement by al Qaeda to explode 12 business carriers by 9/11 engineer Khalid Sheik Mohammed. The Philippines cautions US of focuses for assault: CIA base camp, an atomic power plant, TransAmerica Tower (San Francisco), Sears Tower (Chicago), Pentagon, and World Trade Center .  Plotter Abdul Hakim Murad is given over to FBI in April 1995 and he recognizes 10 other men in flight preparing who were included. 1994 – Three planes are slammed or endeavored to collide with structures this year.  A Fed Ex representative tries to crash a DC-10 into an organization working in Memphis however is overwhelmed by the team. A solitary pilot crashes a little plane onto the White House grounds.  An Air France flight is seized by fear mongers connected to al Qaeda, with the objective to crash it into the Eiffel Tower , however French Special Forces storm plane before it takes off. November 1996 – Ethiopians assume control over a traveler aircraft, let it come up short on fuel, and crash it into Indian Ocean off Comoros Islands. October 1999 – EgyptAir flight 900 collides with the Atlantic Ocean off of Massachusetts … possible finish of the National Transportation Safety Board is it was purposeful crash, which murdered 33 Egyptian military officers.

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Threats Against Airplanes January 1996 – US insight gets data of an arranged suicide assault on the White House by a plane flying from Afghanistan. August 1998 – CIA affirms Arab fear based oppressors plan to fly a bomb-loaded plane from an outside nation to the World Trade Center ... FBI and FAA don't think the condition of flying in implicit nation makes the assault conceivable. September 1998 – US insight discovers that UBL's next operation may be a smashed carrier stacked with explosives into a US air terminal. Fall 1998 – US insight learns of a plot to assault New York and Washington DC with planes ... arrangements to assault are going before well and two people have effectively sidestepped checkpoints at a New York airplane terminal. 1999 – Britain's M16 household insight organization reports to US that al Qaeda arrangements to utilize business air ship in whimsical routes potentially as flying bombs .

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Threats Against Airplanes September 1999 – US knowledge proposes "Suicide bomber(s) having a place with al Qaeda's Martyrdom Battalion could crash-arrive air ship stuffed with high explosives ... into the Pentagon , the home office of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) , or the White House ...". Report is made by the National Intelligence Council which exhorts the President and US knowledge on rising dangers. April 2000 – Niaz Khan, British native from Pakistan, advises FBI of a plot to fly carriers into building .  He was prepared on a ridicule cockpit of 767, including how to seize a plane and how to carry firearms and different weapons on load up. He traveled to US and was advised to meet with a contact to then get together with others to fly a plane into a building.  He passes a polygraph given by FBI yet he is extradited to London. August 2000 – Italian knowledge wiretaps al Qaeda cell in Milan, Italy and catches plan to assault adversaries of Islam with flying machine . Cautioning is sent to US in March 2001.

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Threats Against Airplanes April 2001 – FBI interpreters Sibel Edmonds and Behrooz Sarshar learn of a notice given to FBI by a FBI witness that al Qaeda is wanting to assault US and Europe with planes and that al Qaeda specialists are being prepared in US as pilots . Edmonds says: "President Bush said they had no particular data about September 11, and that is accurate.  However, there was particular data about utilization of planes, that an assault was en route a few months in advance, and that few individuals were at that point in the nation by May of 2001." Says US asserts about not knowing of 9/11 plan were ridiculous falsehoods ..."That's an absurd lie and records can demonstrate it's a lie." June 2001 – German insight cautions CIA, M16, and Mossad that Middle Eastern fear mongers are wanting to capture business air ship to use as weapons to assault "American and Israeli images, which emerge." July 2001 – US knowledge reports a spike in notices against G-8 summit in Genoa, Italy.  Warnings from Russia, Germany, and Egypt report that al Qaeda will attempt to kill President Bush utilizing a "plane loaded down with explosives" ... US and Italy are sent dire notices ...