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Who are the general population in COWBAC? The Committee is comprised of 12 group disapproved of volunteers who have been chosen by chamber for a base 3 year term. COWBAC speaks to "all" cyclists in our group:- Commuters – cycling to get to a goal (60% of cyclists) Recreational – cycling for wellbeing, wellness and fun (40% of cyclists)

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COWBAC's part inside Council The motivation behind the Bicycle Advisory Committee is to give group information and help Council in arranging and giving a sheltered, advantageous cycling environment for the group, which will keep up and support interest in cycling. A portion of the reasons why, as a group, we ought to advance support cycling will be:- Cycling is one of a kind in its capacity to join low effect physical action, entertainment and transport to a wide assortment of clients from the exceptionally youthful to the more established individuals from our group. Cycling gives imperative Health advantages to a populace that is neglecting to meet least physical action necessities. Cycling is a carbon unbiased, discharge free type of transport, all the while helping your constituents battle environmental change and diminish the effect of increasing expenses on the family spending plan.

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Encourage investment in cycling One of COWBAC's parts is to prompt chamber on which cycling related ventures address basic issues in the group, for example, - Environmental manageability Health and Wellbeing Community network Livability

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The Project that incorporates these and more is:- The Eastern Rail Trail (ERT) Interconnect the eastern rural areas movement focus' inside Deakin and thusly interface them to the city.

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The Eastern Rail Trail (ERT) (The trail to maintainability interfacing the Electorate of Deakin) The ERT extend has for some time been on the motivation of Local Councils, VicRoads, VicTrack, and the State Bicycle Committee. The Feasibility study was finished in June of 1997. The ERT extend gives a noteworthy east west, manageable transport connect for all constituents in the electorate of Deakin. The ERT will be the spine associating numerous current bike courses, inside the electorate of Deakin.

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ERT & Deakin. In the City of Whitehorse alone the ERT will incorporate key parts of the Melbourne 2030 system associating :- Public Transport systems Major Activity Centers Neighborhood Activity Centers (inside 500m of ERT: Golden Mile, Eastland, Box Hill Centro and the whole Whitehorse Rd/Maroondah Hwy area) Schools (inside 500m of ERT:13 schools and inside 1km of ERT: 21 schools) Community Parks & Gardens (and the greater part of alternate offices that, throughout the years have created along the rail line including Box Hill healing facility and TAFE)

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Mike Symon Your main goal, in the event that you acknowledge it is:- To utilize your own words " It is occupant on us to ensure the nation we pass on to our kids and their youngsters is a superior nation than it is today" As our nearby Federal Member of Parliament, your group require YOU to underwrite and champion the Eastern Rail Trail Project from idea to reality. Farsighted when initially imagined in the mid 90's; in the present atmosphere, the venture's chance has arrived. One key truth demonstrated worldwide to advance cycling superior to anything some other is the improvement of "Framework".

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"Assemble it, and they will come" 150,000 visit EastLink Road Show ConnectEast thanks the 150,000 Victorians who cycled, ran and strolled EastLink at EastLink Road Show on 15 June, and every one of the individuals who made this one of a kind occasion such a gigantic achievement. The EastLink Road Show, facilitated by ConnectEast, highlighted occasions at a few locales along EastLink – including at Ringwood and Monash. Around 50,000 cyclists took an interest in the day -production it the greatest cycling occasion ever held in Australia. See the photos underneath.

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References Department of Infrastructure TravelSmart and Local Area Access Program (LAAP) stipends give subsidizing to tasks demonstrating the route forward in tending to the attitudinal, physical, and institutional obstructions to strolling, cycling and open transport. The undertakings are financed as a component of Meeting Our Transport Challenges system and regulated by the Walking and Cycling Branch at the Department of Transport Reducing contamination from engine vehicles National activities to decrease the effect of street transport on environment quality, urban pleasantry and human wellbeing The methodologies for the Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts work are: tending to the nature and development of vehicle go by enhancing supportable transport, including through empowering high inhabitance vehicle utilize and advancing strolling, cycling and open transport coordinating area utilize and transport arranging Department of Sustainability & Environment

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Key Stakeholder City of Whitehorse Springvale Road/Whitehorse Road Intersection State Government review of every one of the 1880 railroad level intersections in Victoria has affirmed that the Springvale Road level intersection in Nunawading has the most noteworthy danger of mishaps of every level intersection in Victoria. Committee has been effectively battling for something to be accomplished for as long as five years and invites remarks from The Hon. Lynne Kosky, Minister for Public Transport, that the State Government is focused on working with the Federal Government to level separate Springvale Road at this area.

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Stakeholders City of Boroondara Jim Hondrakis Team Leader Transport Management Ph (03) 9278 4546 fax  (03) 9278 4512 e-mail: Private Bag 1 Camberwell 3124 City of Yarra Richard Smithers Transport Coordinator ph (03) 9205-5739, swarm 0437 355 821, fax (03) 8417-6666 email: PO Box 168 Richmond 3121 Jim and Richard arrange chips away at bicycle framework in Boroondara and Yarra separately. Both are extremely quick to make enhancements and both are exceptionally steady of an East-West connection.

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Community and Industry bolster Boroondara Bicycle Users Group Cycling Promotion Fund Yarra Bicycle Users Group Bicycle Users Group Bicycle Victoria

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Extracts from: "Melbourne 2030" Report

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State government 2030 report: The significance of connecting Activity Centers: Policy 8.7 – Give more need to cycling and strolling in arranging urban advancement and in dealing with our street framework and neighborhoods For some treks, strolling and cycling are the most vitality proficient and viable method for portability, minimizing the natural effects of travel and giving direct advantages to individual wellbeing and social prosperity. Much urban improvement in past decades has debilitated the utilization of strolling and cycling. Individuals are put off cycling by activity and by the absence of end-of-excursion offices including stopping, stockpiling and gives. Walkers, individuals with prams and pushers, and individuals utilizing wheelchairs and bikes are debilitated by the low quality of the person on foot environment. The plan of numerous more up to date subdivisions finds neighborhood offices, for example, nearby strip malls and group offices past helpful strolling separation. These obstructions will be evacuated to make a situation that is sheltered and appealing for all individuals, including people on foot and cyclists, and especially for the youthful and other powerless clients. Nearby cycling systems and new cycling offices will supplement the extensive system of bike courses – the Principal Bicycle Network – which will be finished, assets allowing, by 2015. Figure 44. Accommodating cycling – Initiatives 8.7.1 Continue to build up the Principal Bicycle Network – to be finished (assets allowing) by 2015 – and offer need to areas that connection with action focuses 8.7.2 Implement a mobile activity arrange (for the entire of Victoria) that incorporates arrangement for trail bound vehicles, for example, wheelchairs, prams and bikes 8.7.3 Amend arranging as well as building controls so that end-of-trek offices for bikes are given in business structures 8.7.4 Provide enhanced offices, especially capacity, for cyclists at open transport exchanges and rail stations 8.7.5 Develop a bike activity arrange for which unites all components expected to generously expand bike utilize

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State government 2030 report: The significance of connecting Activity Centers: Planning > Policy and Projects > Transit Cities Transit Cities – Melbourne 2030 in real life Imagine having simple access to a scope of transport, lodging, shops, administrations and openings for work. Envision living in a sheltered, dynamic, group that sets another standard in urban outline. By empowering advancement around open transport, Transit Cities will have the capacity to convey these results to occupants. It's another way the State Government is conveying better social, monetary and natural results to the entire group. Box Hill & Ringwood are Transit Cities Box Hill Ms Fiona Powell Project Manager Phone: 03 9637 9202 Email: Ringwood Ms Martina Johnson Project Manager Phone: 03 9637 8202 Email:

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7% Sport has medical advantages, as well as a natural worth to our nation's social and monetary prosperity Health measurement Social and financial measurements Physical dormancy expands all reasons for mortality, pairs the danger of cardi