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´╗┐City of Midland Northside Downtown District

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Project Overview Need to concentrate the "Close Neighborhood" or Northside Downtown territory: Transitional local location Contributes to general downtown essentialness Overlay Advisory Committee set up City is thinking about an Overlay District LSL Planning proposes a Form-Based Code might be the best approach DDA Plan

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Project Tasks Project kickoff with City Assess the area & decide wanted building structure Develop the directing arrangement & 3-D demonstrate Develop draft of overlay region norms Review draft(s) with Overlay Advisory Committee & Planning Commission Planning Commission open hearing Revise draft and conclude overlay region Forward overlay region to City Council for selection

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Form-Based Codes Form-Based Code Overlays give the advantage of: Maintaining existing character, verifiable quality Improving character and capacity of a region or neighborhood Transforming a group's picture

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Additional FBC Benefits Can be utilized to actualize a particular vision Shift center from zoning consistence to improvement quality Include people in general domain Support memorable protection and corresponding infill Can speed advancement survey Result in better quality urban conditions Form-Based Code Overlays:

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Form-Based v. Customary Zoning

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Elements of a Form-Based Code Regulating Plan Designates zones where distinctive guidelines apply Building, Public Space & Street Standards District Graphics : Show where structures ought to be set District Text : Purpose and Intent Districts Regulations by District - Site & building situation; Building components; Signs; Parking; Lighting; Landscaping; Uses Administrative Departures

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How Are They Implemented? Essential Steps to Developing a Form-Based Code: Commit to growing better places Determine the proper sort of code sought (locale based, overlay, discretionary codes, and so forth.) Evaluate the region to figure out which sorts of building structures ought to be kept up and which ought to be changed into more attractive structures (this frequently incorporates open information) Describe the attributes of the area, and record points of interest to make an example Develop code directions that match the fancied structures