Chief Teacher Evaluation in Illinois: Past, Present Future

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Illinois Execution Assessment Consultative Gathering Redesign. Illinois State Leading group of Instruction (ISBE) Illinois Execution Assessment Consultative Chamber (PEAC). Teacher Execution Assessment in Illinois.

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Illinois Performance Evaluation Advisory Council Update Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) Illinois Performance Evaluation Advisory Council (PEAC)

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Educator Performance Evaluation in Illinois Evaluation changes give statewide consistency while offering neighborhood areas the chance to make their own assessment frameworks that meet state rules . Configuration depends on the PERA enactment and the Administrative Rules found in Part 50. Go to Updated

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Educator Performance Evaluation in IL—Built on Collaboration Teacher Evaluation in light of the assessment of instructor practice and understudy development with % of each relying upon either the assention amongst union and area or utilization of the state display. The Performance Evaluation Advisory Council (PEAC) is the gathering doled out the duty to prompt ISBE on execution. Refreshed

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PEAC Work-To-Date Made suggestions for Part 50 of Administrative Rules ( ) for areas to have the capacity to actualize the PERA enactment including: Recommendation of the Danielson Framework for Teaching for the estimation of educator practice Designed the Type I, Type II, and Type III Assessment system for the execution of understudy development inside the assessments of instructors and principals Developed a state display for chief assessment Supported preparing of evaluators statewide Provides continuous direction through online assets Updated

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PEAC Discussion Topics Other Ongoing Discussion Topics Details of the estimation of understudy development particularly encompassing Type I Assessments Evaluator preparing Recalibration of evaluators Peer assessment Evaluation of Special Education Teachers Assessment Literacy Updated

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General Notes about Implementation Evaluation of Teacher Practice—rules state must be adjusted to IPTS PEAC prescribes the utilization of Danielson's Framework for Teacher which is straightforwardly adjusted to edTPA Use of Student Growth requires learning of appraisal to show understudies are advancing—best when utilizing appraisals from the classroom other than Type I Updated

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PEAC Guidance for Districts to date . . . PEAC has created direction on the accompanying subjects: Guidance on 5 Essentials Survey in Principal Evaluation Systems Guidance on Collecting Evidence of Non-Observable Elements of Teacher Practice in Teacher Evaluation Systems Guidance on District Decision Making for Teacher Evaluation Systems Guidance on the assessment of first-year principals and the utilization of understudy development measures Updated

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PEAC Guidance for Districts . . . proceeded with Guidance on Student Learning Objectives (for use with Type III Assessments) in Teacher Evaluation Systems Guidance on Alignment of Rising Star Indicators, 5 Essentials Learning Conditions Survey and Illinois Performance Standards for School Leaders Rubric in Principal Evaluation Systems Guidance on Creating a Summative Rating in Teacher Evaluation Systems Updated

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Guidance on Decision Making

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PEAC Work on the State Model Teacher Evaluation System PEAC is taking a shot at proposals to ISBE on the accompanying points for areas for the model framework: Model Teacher Evaluation System: Type I Assessments for Student Growth Model System Teacher Evaluation System: Measuring Growth for Type III Assessments utilizing Student Learning Objectives ISBE is likewise dealing with a venture called the LAS == Learning Assessment System that will be taken off to help too Updated

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Guidance Document on Type III Assessements and SLO's Updated

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Goals for Summer & Fall 2013 Guidance on working rules for an understudy development show Guidance on associate assessment direction record is accessible on the site now Guidance for a specialized curriculum, ELL, and early youth educators Guidance for Type II Assessments, particularly reviews subjects without a Type I Assessment Encourage more instructors and instructor pioneers to get required with the Growth Through Learning Illinois Teacher Evaluation Training. Refreshed

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Local Assessment Support System Working toward an adjusted appraisal framework to bolster understudies, educators and executives in consistent development. Refreshed

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Local Assessment Support models execution, enhance direction, and measure understudy development with the end goal of instructor and head assessment. CCSS and Illinois Learning Standards Assessment Literacy to Improve Instruction Alignment to Performance Evaluation Reform Act (PERA) and PEAC Recommendations Updated

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Framework Development and Training Guide the determination and advancement of Type II and Type III appraisals adjusted to CCSS and Illinois Learning Standards; Align to PERA and the PEAC proposals for use in measuring understudy development in instructor and vital assessments ; Address proper utilization of chose and additionally created evaluations, including for instructional, evaluative, prescient or numerous reasons;

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Framework Development and Training proceeded with . . . Assess the specialized nature of appraisals, including thing quality, and in addition substance and face legitimacy; Promote powerful utilization of the evaluations and results for instructional change; Ensure fitting techniques for surveying English dialect learners and understudies with handicaps ; Provide assets for extra learning

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Type II and III Assessments RttT bolstered endeavors will incorporate hands-on advancement in non-tried evaluations and subjects using the created system and guided by specialists and working gatherings of instructors and directors in the field Developed appraisals, execution undertakings and evaluation things will be liable to a prepared associate audit handle and endorsed things will be made accessible in a common shared space PEAC will likewise proceed with work around Type II and III evaluations for both the State Model and direction to regions

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ISBE Educator Evaluation Communication Efforts Website refreshes Go to for progressing updates and direction reports Statewide introductions Superintendent's week by week message Updated

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Teacher Evaluation Training Contact your nearby Regional Office of Education in the event that you might want to enlist for the Growth Through Learning Illinois Training. Assets are restricted, yet the ROE can take your demand and tell you if reserves have been designated to pay for your preparation. Else you can go to to enroll and pay with a Mastercard. The charge is $650. Refreshed

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Preparation and Evaluation Vicki Phillips