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Chief INTERVIEW TED BASELER Heather Shavey Jim Klauer Doug Moore

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Ted Baseler President & CEO Stimson Lane Vineyards and homes President and CEO – 20 months President of Stimson Lane Wine Group with organization since 1984

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Characteristics Humble Individual Well spoken Reserved Calm and Even Keeled Passionate and Proud of business Expert at his business

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Wines One of the Top Ten Premium Wine Companies The Premiere Washington Wine Company Selling more than 30 million jugs of wine every year Chateau Ste. Michelle Columbia Crest Domaine Ste. Michelle Snoqualmie Col Solare NorthStar Villa Mt. Eden Conn Creek Colour Volant Martinez Ports

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Business April 2001 Reported solid deals and benefits Revenue +10.6% Operating Profit +63.2%

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New Growth Strategy Vision for gaining by quality items and one of a kind position versus procurement Shift center to enhancing working results Reduce expenses of products sold Improve beat end wines Eliminate failing to meet expectations resources Refocusing on existing operations Expected to convey + 20% increments for a long time to come

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Implementation Rolled up his sleeves Key administration group 11key executives Threw the nike shoe onto the table We will run together We require every part of the shoe to run Company is not broken but rather can run quicker Monthly offsite meeting Grading and taking care of issues No side bar gatherings after settled Provide center to the group

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Strategic Plan Roll out Ted by and by Implemented concentration gatherings of 12 Chaired gatherings – voyaging Explained, organization is not broken Asked bunches where do you rate? Everybody said at the base Except client benefit

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Results Turned around the numbers First 20 month in control Careful not to think about credit literally "It was not that troublesome, simply judgment skills, everything was there to make it effective, I needed to center the consideration on the drivers of our business and dispose of the diversions."

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Awards (highlights) 2000 Stimson Lane has 5 wines on the Top 100 Wines of the World rundown Wine Spectator 2001 Stimson path has 3 wines on the main 100 wines of the world rundown Wine Spectator Highest positioning White Wine on the planet 2001csm cool stream chardonnay 93 Chateau ste. Michelle 9 best 100 wines in 8 years Columbia Crest 7 Top 100 Wines in the previous 5 years Columbia Crest 8 of 13 current discharges rating extraordinary

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Charity Stimson Lane Vineyards and Estates Northwest Wine Auction 14 years Benefiting Children's healing center 2001 sale raised $1,500,000 Poncho Wine Auction 10 years Raising cash for expressions of the human experience 2001 sale raised $500,000 Concerts on the Green Villa Mt. Eden & Breast Cancer Research

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Buzz Words Buy in Access to answers Value contribution from all levels of organization Reminders of achievement Core Values and Core Brands Community Quality Statement Vision Mission Statement Winning group

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Situational initiative Told anecdote about particular circumstance Do the correct thing Huge hazard Serious questions All alone nobody taking after (rivalry) Huge achievement & remunerate Sold 15 months of stock in 90 days