Characteristics of housekeeping staff

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´╗┐Characteristics of housekeeping staff Compiled by Mrs. Vandana Mahajani

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Grooming Absolutely fundamental for staff that tells the truth fresh uniform, light make up, crisp light cologne shower. No jewellary with the exception of little tops and wedding band Hair tied in a bun or kept short.

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Personal cleanliness Clean hair and manicured fingernails. No body and mouth scent. Answer to specialist if there should be an occurrence of contaminations, cuts or wounds.

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Honesty Guest assets ought not be touched Discipline and uprightness must be kept up. Lost and found must be implied. Rules must be taken after.

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Courtesy Guest ask for must be gone to regardless of the possibility that they are visit. Graciousness and appeal must run the show. A lovely staff includes positive experience

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Tact and discretion Aviod offending . Thoughtfulness can diffuse pressure in a circumstance

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Eye for detail Determines great administration from a normal one. Quality guarantees remembering the minutest of points of interest

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Physical wellness Most work is manual in nature. Tough physical condition an absolute necessity in HK operations

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Co-operativeness Within the housekeeping staff while doing and sharing obligations. With other dept. whenever assigning and overhauling rooms