Changing Gang Policing Strategies With 21st Century Leadership

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Changing Gang Policing Strategies With 21st Century Leadership Association of Criminal Justice Research (CA) 67 th Semi-Annual Meeting Sacramento, California Presented By: Deputy Chief Charlie L. Beck, Chief of Detectives Los Angeles Police Department Los Angeles, California March 13, 2008

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Los Angeles Police Department Criminal Gang/Homicide Group . Pack PERSPECTIVES Deputy Chief Charlie Beck Commanding Officer Detective Bureau

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Gang Facts Increased viciousness all through Los Angeles County and Southern California. Los Angeles-based groups are relocating and are accounted for in 42 states. Criminal ventures are growing in abutting urban areas. Hispanic packs are turning out to be more composed and working medication undertakings in different Southern California urban areas. Dark packs are growing operations outside of the region while as yet keeping up a fortification in neighborhoods inside South Bureau. Los Angeles-based outlaws are covering up in little encompassing urban communities.

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Gang Defined A posse is a gathering of at least three people who have a typical distinguishing sign, image or name and whose individuals exclusively or all things considered participate in or have occupied with an example of criminal action making an environment of dread and terrorizing inside the group.

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Historical Perspective Gangs are known to exist since mid 1930s. Composed to shield neighborhoods from adversary and as a type of racial partition. As transient gatherings expanded, they sorted out themselves. With the flood of medications, savage and more sorted out road packs were framed. Posses now quarrel for medication turf, composed wrongdoings and for issues of regard inside racial or regional lines.

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Identifying A Gang Member An adolescent or a grown-up who has been emphatically recognized and archived as a pack part under the California Department of Justice (DOJ) endorsed criteria.

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Gang Membership Gang Membership Criteria (at least two must be met for CAL/GANG incorporation): Admits to being a pack part in a non-custodial circumstance. Has been distinguished as a pack part by a solid witness or source. Has been distinguished as a group part by an untested witness or source with validation. Wearing pack clothing. Seen showing posse hand signs or images. Has posse tattoos.

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Gang Membership (Continued) Gang Membership Criteria (Continued) Frequents posse ranges. Straightforwardly takes up with archived posse individuals. Has been captured, alone or with known pack individuals, for a wrongdoing reliable with regular posse action. Offshoot Gang Member An adolescent or a grown-up who is distinguished by a group officer as one who partners with a posse, yet is not really a full part.

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City Of Los Angeles 469+ Identified Gangs OSB - 122 Identified Gangs 39,565+ Identified Mbrs. OSB - 22,000 Gang Mbrs. 469 square miles 3.8 million Daily Population (+/ - ) Gang Population (CALGANGS) Hispanic 22,781 Crip 10,318 Blood 4,213 Asian 1,130 Stoner 562 White 561 9,631 LAPD Police Officers 364 Uniformed GED Personnel Los Angeles County (counting City of Los Angeles) 1,253 Gangs 81,745 + Members

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Los Angeles Police Department 2007 Gang Initiatives Launch of the South Bureau Criminal/Gang Homicide Group. Assignment of the Department Coordinator. Situation of a Los Angeles Police Gang Member on the FBI's "Ten Most Wanted List." Identification of the City's "Top Targeted Street Gangs." Implementation of the "Group Safety Operations Center."

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Los Angeles Police Department 2007 Gang Initiatives (Continued ) Patrol Proliferation Strategy 204 th Street Gang Abatement Strategy Gang Abatement Legislation Convergence of Local, State, and Federal Law Enforcement Community Awareness Symposiums on Gang Awareness Bulletins

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Operations South Bureau Criminal Gang/Homicide Group Commanding Officer - Commander Patrick Gannon Inception April 2007 - Currently gives oversight of: 120 of LAPD's most experienced Homicide Detectives. Manslaughter examinations for Southeast, 77 th and Southwest. Department Gang Suppression Unit 14 Officers; 2 Supervisors.

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Operations South Bureau Criminal Gang/Homicide Group Violent Crime Task Force – 8 LAPD; 3 FBI; 1 ATF. Unique Crimes Unit (Gang Financial) – 2 LAPD. Group Intelligence Section – 1 Officer. Group Intervention Team – 2 Supervisors. Avoidance/Education – 1 Supervisor.

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Crimes Associated With Gangs Homicides Aggravated Assaults on Officers Rape Robbery (Street, home attack, business) Carjacking

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Crimes Associated With Gangs (Continued) Kidnapping Shots at occupied abodes (Drive-bys) Arson Criminal Threats Extortion Vandalism

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2006 - 2007 Homicide January 1, 2007 to December 31, 2007 OPERATIONS SOUTH BUREAU 2006 2007 Change Gang Related 2006 2007 Change 196 152 - 44 125 96 - 29 Operations South Bureau has encountered a 72% leeway in Homicides Operations South Bureau has encountered a 29% decrease in Gang Homicides Operations South Bureau has encountered a 3.8% diminishment in group violations in 2007. Contrasted with 2002, the Bureau has encountered a 28 % diminishment.

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Efforts To Target The Top 7 Identified Gangs 18 th Street, 204 th Street, Black P-Stones, Grape Streets, Rolling 40s, Rolling 30s, and Rolling 60s Over 400 Arrests 1,460 Field Contacts 336 Citations 52 Search Warrants 136 Guns recuperated Jordan Downs Housing Developments have seen a 17% decrease in rough wrongdoing, 13 % diminishment in Robberies, 20 % lessening in exasperated strikes.

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GANG MEMBER ASSAULTS ON POLICE OFFICERS 2006 posse part attacks on Officers: 89 2007 pack part ambushes on Officers: 65

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ASSAULTS ON POLICE OFFICERS 2006/2007 2006 aggregate strikes on Officers : 682 2007 aggregate strikes on Officers : 479

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Gang Injunctions 1. 18 th Street (Rampart, Hollywood, Wilshire) 2. 38 th Street (Newton) 3. Avenues (Northeast) 4. Blythe Street Van Nuys, Devonshire) 5. Bounty Hunters (Southeast) 6. Canoga Park Alabama West Valley, Devonshire) 7. Culver City Boys (Pacific) 8. Eastside Wilmas (Harbor) 9. Harbor City Boys (Harbor) 10. Harbor City Crips (Harbor) 11. Harpys (Southwest) 12. Krazy Ass Mexicans (Hollenbeck)

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Gang Injunctions (Continued) 13. Langdon Street (Devonshire) 14. Pacoima Project Boys (Foothill) 15. Rollin 60's Neighborhood Crips (77 th Street) 16. Varrio Nueva Estrada (Hollenbeck) 17. Venice Shoreline Crips (Pacific) 18. Venice Trece (Pacific) 19. Westside Wilmas (Harbor) 20. Grape Street (Southeast) 21. Hoovers (77 th and Southeast) 22. 204 th Street (Harbor)

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Intervention Sergeant Curtis Woodle Sergeant Lloyd Scott Consistent discourse with Gang Intervention Groups Direct association after posse related shootings Efforts to prevent retaliatory shootings Community Education endeavors

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Intervention and Education South Bureau Boot Camp Neighborhood Councils Community-Police Advisory Board Community Police Academy Graduates Clergy Council Members Faith and Civic Leaders Public and Private School Principal and Administrators Community Youth Programs

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Intelligence Inter-Agency Efforts E-mail wrongdoing data imparting endeavors to encompassing offices and additionally government and state offices. Organize data between zone group units, manslaughter units, and outside offices. Assess wrongdoing patterns and give data to guarantee legitimate arrangement of assets in the department.

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Intelligence Inter-Agency Efforts Assess issue particular territories or occasions and guarantee assets are set up. Participation at month to month pack technique gatherings, (i.e., CGIA, IAGTF, Parole, FBI, ATF, and LAUSDPD gatherings). Between office month to month pack concealment team to concentrate on particular territories of wrongdoing spikes in taking an interest office ranges.

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COMPSTAT and CAD Bureau Intelligence Sharing with Areas, outside offices and other Department substances. Guarantee every day survey of COMPSTAT measurements and maps with the earlier night patterns for arrangement issues. Meet with CAD consistently and guarantee that all email conveyance records are forward.

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COMPSTAT and CAD (Continued) Discuss range wrongdoing issues, patterns, designs, and arrangement. Guarantee that data is spread to adjoining urban areas for conceivable pattern hybrids. Impart all knowledge to concerned watch officers, group chiefs and other particular unit administrators .

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Patrol Proliferation Efforts Provide Patrol Officers Of Hazard Locations (i.e., problematic Areas, opiates areas, data on dangers, and regions influenced by wrongdoing spikes). Guarantee watch endeavors are target particular. Using reconnaissance, warrants, and wrongdoing concealment endeavors. Guarantee endeavors to concentrate on personal satisfaction issues.

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Patrol Proliferation Efforts (Continued) Ensure officers are sharing data, focus on territories of savage patterns, target pack standing around regions. Guarantee Officers are prepared with respect to Gang Injunction endeavors. Guarantee officers viably pass on the data to give a predictable nearness.

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Use Of Partner Resources To Target Crime Other Department Units Other Agencies (City and County) Parole and Probation FBI, ATF and DEA Task Force Groups City Attorney Neighborhood Prosecution Building and Safety

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Use Of Partner Resources To Target Crime (Continued) Code Enforcement