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Change Management Prof. Steve Phelan Lecture 15

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Today LMZ Chs 37-38 OD in the entrepreneurial firm (1997) OD in turnaround circumstances (1998) Downsizing Cases Managing to impart (1993) Mark Margolis & Emilio Kornau Broadway Brokers Simulation

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OD in entrepreneurial firms Basic message Can't overlook administration issues and family progression Why? 'Would you like to be best or would you like to be rich?' issue Different phases of firms Startup, development, & progression stages – distinctive issues OD mediations practically require a therapist Author even backers clinical approach How much is OD under obligation to clinical brain science?

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OD in turnaround circumstance Basic message OD is very little use in emergency Takes too long and costs an excess of It might be helpful in decrease arrange or in recuperation from turnaround Author claims OD was instrumental to a few surely understood turnarounds Admits it is hard to know how helpful it truly was Begs question of what is OD Vision creation, values articulation, decentralization of basic leadership, new key arranging process, group building, survivor advising, outplacement administrations, preparing, revised instruction

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Managing to impart Best practices CEO as interchanges champion Philosophical and behavioral duties, unmistakable Match amongst words and activities Commitment to two-way correspondence Room for development in many organizations Emphasis on vis-à-vis correspondence Communicate speedily in however many structures as could be allowed Shared obligation regarding representative comms Requires preparing and responsibility The terrible news/uplifting news proportion – don't edit (?) Knowing clients, customers, and gatherings of people What do they need, how would they need it

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Strategic focuses Five accord things Communicate finish answers Who, what, why, when, where and how Timeliness is key Communicate consistently Link the '10,000 foot view' with the 'little picture' Don't direct the way individuals ought to feel about the news Budget and reporting lines of correspondences divisions don't appear to have much impact on correspondences results – duty does!

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Mark Margolis/Emilio Kornau Looks like a highly contrasting circumstance Mark – GOOD! Emilio – BAD! What would we be able to gain from the two cases? What could Emilio have done another way? What can Emilio do now? What could Mark do any other way?

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Broadway Brokers Choose your part You are all individuals from main 2 layers– I am CEO COO, CIO, CFO, HR, Broking Operations, Research, International, PR, Marketing, Strategy, Back office, Internal interchanges, rest pick a supervisor As a gathering, make a procedure for managing the recommendations by separating assignments among the gathering As a gathering, make an accord change system (that likewise fuses the proposals) Do this on the double Start wanting to do Depends on how it is done Waste of exertion No! Try not to do this