Cervical Cancer Awareness and Knowledge Campaign: Health Promoters of Rural El Salvador

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Cervical Cancer Awareness and Knowledge Campaign: Health Promoters of Rural El Salvador Proposal by Basic Health International, Inc.

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The nuts and bolts about Basic Health International (BHI) NGO established by Dr. Miriam Cremer, MD MPH at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York City. Our Vision: Eradicate Cervical Cancer in Latin America and the Caribbean. To accomplish this objective we: Train human services suppliers in ease, low-tech techniques for cervical tumor screening and treatment Provide Direct Patient Care Conduct look into Help shape cervical growth strategy

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El Salvador Needs Assessment: cervical disease is the essential malignancy enemy of ladies in El Salvador.

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El Salvador Needs Assessment proceeded with… This is because of the way that ladies of rustic El Salvador have a low rate of cervical growth screening. There is likewise an unlimited absence of information about the human papillomavirus (HPV). Encuesta Nacional,de Salud, FESAL 2008 Familiar. October 2009

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MISSION OF PROPOSED PROGRAM Improve the mindfulness and learning of HPV contamination and cervical growth aversion among wellbeing promoters serving the Department of San Vicente, El Salvador.

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SCOPE OF WORK Develop an educational programs for wellbeing promoter instruction on cervical malignancy counteractive action. Direct instruction trainings for the wellbeing promoters of the Department of San Vicente, El Salvador. Work with the wellbeing promoters to build up a focused on cervical disease counteractive action program for individuals from their groups. Wellbeing promoters examining cervical tumor aversion material. Ethel Peralta. BHI Program Manager, disclosing structures to wellbeing promoters and medical caretakers amid a Basic Health appointment.

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TARGET POPULATIONS 125 Health Promoters working in San Vicente, El Salvador : It is our objective to give wellbeing promoters a thorough information base about HPV and cervical malignancy. Amid the course, wellbeing Promoters will create focused on instructive crusades for: Sexually dynamic ladies Goal: To enhance learning about techniques to avoid cervical disease, and to enhance comprehension of the historical backdrop of HPV and its movement to cervical malignancy. Sexually dynamic men Goal: To support contribution during the time spent cervical disease screening with their accomplices, diminish the negative shame connected with gynecological exams keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee they are not a boundary to their accomplice's cervical tumor screening and treatment.

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Program of Action WHO ARE HEALTH PROMOTERS? Wellbeing promoters are individuals from the provincial group that monitor their constituents wellbeing needs, and advises about ailment avoidance and medicinal services battles. BHI specialized guides will lead cervical malignancy mindfulness trainings to the wellbeing promoters so as to arm them with devices important to effectively teach individuals from their group. Wellbeing PROMOTERS Health promoters will create focused on battles for their group, with an attention on displaying data to both men and ladies. MEN WOMEN

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Program of Action: Health Promoter preparing

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Outcomes Quantitative change in wellbeing promoter learning of HPV contamination and cervical malignancy anticipation (pre-and post course tests). Usage of instructive HPV/Cervical Cancer battles coming to more than 73,000 rustic Salvadorans. Free online automatic materials to actualize wellbeing promoter instruction course in low-asset settings all around. Program depiction and results distributed in companion looked into diary.

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Cervical Cancer Informational pamphlet we have created and disseminated to wellbeing promoters

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Please go to http://www.youtube.com/BasicHealth to see a short video about Basic Health International's work in El Salvador. If it's not too much trouble allude to our site www.basichealth.org for more data. The accompanying slides give extra foundation data about Basic Health International.

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BHI and Policy Develop national cervical malignancy rules with the Ministry of Health, including the reconciliation of the single-visit approach into a current cytology program. Lead yearly provincial Cervical Cancer Screening Symposium in San Salvador, El Salvador. ( Upcoming occasion January 28, 2010 ) Work with group coordinators to build up the best practices to actualize cervical malignancy screening activities and projects. Dr. Miriam Cremer, President and Founder of BHI, talking at the 2008 cervical disease symposium. More than 250 individuals from Central America went to the 2008 cervical disease symposium.

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Training: OBGYNs, Generalist Physicians, Nurses and Health Promoters BHI holds tri-yearly designations to El Salvador amid which Salvadoran Healthcare suppliers get a 5-day preparing on visual review with acidic corrosive and cryotherapy. Ladies sitting tight in line for their exam. BHI mentor Dr. Rachel Masch preparing Salvadoran doctor.

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Patient Care: Number of ladies screened amid assignments somewhere around 2006 and 2008.

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2006-2008: Lesions and Invasive Cancers Detected 72 pre-tumors have been dealt with. 8 intrusive malignancies have been recognized and treated.

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Research 11 Publications 21 Abstracts First prize for unique research, Federation of Latin American Obstetrics and Gynecology (FLASOG) Conference, San Salvador, El Salvador, 1999 14 ebb and flow look into activities

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THANK YOU Contacts: Dr. Miriam Cremer, President and Founder miriam.cremer@mssm.edu Dr. Mauricio Maza, Medical Director mmaza@basichealth.org Lauren Ditzian, Program Manager lditzian@basichealth.org www.basichealth.org