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CEROS PROGRAM WILLIAM A. FRIEDL CEROS TECHNICAL DIRECTOR billf@ceros.org (808) 327-4310 TechEnterprise2005 Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel, Honolulu 15 June 2005

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CEROS requests and backings inventive advances for national sea military applications and managed innovation based monetary improvement in Hawai'i Since 1993, the CEROS program created huge results for the DoD including 9 licenses and more than 120 new tech-based occupations for taking part organizations in Hawaii ( Logistics Management Institute Report, February 2003 ) Through December 2004, the CEROS program has gotten over $72.7 million in government financing and has subsidized 174 undertakings for over $65.7 million FY05 DoD subsidizing for CEROS is $7 million

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PROGRAM PRIORITIES  Focus Core specialized program on sea military innovation needs  Catalyze imaginative specialized improvement and shows  Solicit and bolster actually essential ventures with move potential  Enhance reasonable business innovation capacities in Hawaii  Maintain program quality, control costs and convey comes about

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CEROS is - "Versatile" yearly subsidizing for Development and Demonstration of important "hole filling" Technologies or Prototype Systems CEROS Plus Factors - Builds Residual Tech-based Capabilities in Hawai'i Addresses Technology Needs of "neighborhood" Commands Reduces Companies' Technical Risk of Development Provides Value for Funds Invested through Efficient Program Process

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CEROS "Great Plan" for 2005: Revise CEROS Procurement Plan to fulfill DARPA and State prerequisites Maintain program self-governance, productivity, and adequacy Selection handle for FY06 will change "under development" Fund for Success Improve extend determination and oversight Maximize military utility and take after on capability of results

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Project Selection and Oversight: Fund able organizations Address particular order or framework pertinent specialized issues and destinations Match nearby capacities with summon specialized necessities Involve the potential "buyer" all through the procedure Increase in-process oversight to keep up venture center and upgrade odds of achievement Successful activities support and approve CEROS

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Project Relevance and Focus: Encourage tense (however sensible) thinking Address particular needs with critical innovation Foster new thoughts, new organizations and new methodologies Demand quality proposition, arrangements and items Fund skilled, conferred and genuine organizations Leverage accomplishment in HTDV: finance Phase II SBIR extends or coordinates with expansive DoD integrators Maintain center: oppose post-grant errand bloat and timetable crawl

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CEROS PROGRAM EXPLAINED CEROS requests and backings inventive advances for sea military applications and supported innovation based monetary advancement in Hawaii CEROS underpins extends in 3 zones of exploratory specialized improvement from confirmation to item 1 - PROOF-OF-CONCEPT "PLANT"  Test utility of a specialized idea Output: Technical Context + Limits Typically "unobtrusive" Initial Cost Duration: 6 – 12 months 2 - FEASIBILITY DEMONSTRATION "Develop"  Develop an application-situated innovation Output: Prototype Hardware Typically "higher" Annual Cost Duration: 12 – 24 months 3 - PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT "Gather"  Apply advancement to particular military or business reason Output: Technical Application, Device or System Cost Varies: Depends on Product Duration: <12 months

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CEROS PROGRAM RESULTS Through FY04, the CEROS program has financed 174 tasks for $65,754,619 Since 1993, CEROS has given propelled innovation to SUBPAC, PACFLT and SOCOM and upheld making of more than 120 innovation based occupations in Hawaii PROOF-OF-CONCEPT PROJECTS Examples: Antibiotics from marine green growth Fouling-safe mesh Tropical overwhelming metal biomonitors Diver homing gadget Lifting Body outline + examination Pre-clasped round and hollow lodging FEASIBILITY DEMONSTRATIONS Examples: Operational MIDFOIL vessel Net-driven, Air-sent Portable Range Bottom-Penetrating Synthetic Aperture Sonar System Airborne Hyperspectral Sensor System TNT Measurements in seawater PRODUCT DEVELOPMENTS Examples: ARCI-ensured submarine ASW calculations (ORINCON) LIFEFLOAT inflatable for SOCOM test + assessment (SEE/RESCUE) SeaPLOT tracker/plotter for Lincoln Battle Group (Oceantronics) MakaiPLAN: world standard link lay arranging + control programming

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Plant : Pre-clasped Cylindrical Housing (Knapp Engineering)

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Grow : Net-driven Air-sent Portable Range (BBNT) Concept Need Exploit off-load up sensors to give "off-range" pinger following Localization and recognizable proof of pinger prepared targets & weapons Allow strategic advancement practices in shallow water/antagonistic regions Post test recreation ability Plan Approach Exploit legacy strategic information channels Utilize GPS prepared sonobuoys Provide preparing on COTS PCs consolidated with NetSAT/Netted CCS Leverage Distant Thunder start of flight affirmed framework Leverage NAPR to handle the created NetSAT/Netted CCS Leverage DARPA/CEROS created advances with effectively executed field showings Leverage positive input from SUBPAC alongside exhibited capacity to work with the Navy and move labs to bring the created innovation to handled strategic activities

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Harvest : Autonomous Passive Acoustic Classification System (Lockheed Martin ORINCON Defense) OBJECTIVES - METHODS Develop a framework that computerizes contact characterization necessities of the Navy's submarine constrain Reduce administrator workload and keep up strategic control and wellbeing of-ship of our submarine armada working in contact-rich littorals Develop calculations that utilize rules and factual connections displayed after the basic leadership procedures of master sonar administrators Install APACS framework at NSTCPAC for ACINT testing. Create and brief Step-1 results to the AWG. Submit calculations for APB Step-2 assessment PLANS - APPLICATIONS Navy submarine sonar administrators spend a lot of their time ordering surface boats to keep up security of-ship and strategic control Maintaining strategic control in littoral areas is basic to submarine armada operations in high-movement, shallow-water districts LMOD arrangements to create calculations to group contacts to decrease Navy sonar administrators' workload and move the calculations to the A-RCI APB program for armada organization LMOD will enlist no less than one new architect to bolster APACS and potential take after on endeavors BUDGET & SCHEDULE

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Harvest : MAKAIPlan Software Products (Makai Ocean Engineering)

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Harvest : Validation of Towed Array Shapes Using adrift Data and Smart Beamforming MAKAI OCEAN ENGINEERING INC. Destinations – METHODS – IMPORTANCE Validate an element towed exhibit demonstrate utilizing adrift information gathered at PMRF in a different ONR-supported Makai contract Develop a "savvy beamforming" calculation to calibrate cluster shapes for ideal beamforming Critical for littoral operations. Right now, submarines lose "center" on targets while moving PLANNED APPLICATION – TRANSITION New & approved programming will permit submarines to constantly beamform and track targets, notwithstanding amid intense moves Technology to be transitioned to NAVSEA/ASTO for further assessment in the APB/ACRI programs Final client will be the submarine armada Technology basic for observation and strategic submarine operations BUDGET & SCHEDULE

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Harvest : MidFoil Lifting Body on "Ocean Flyer" (Navatek Ships, Ltd.)

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Leverage HTDV Success, Support the Next Step, and Provide: Opportunity : bolster Phase II SBIR extends or take after on matches with substantial DoD integrators Relevance : data on neighborhood Commands' specialized needs and necessities Exposure : include significant orders in program audits and briefings Contact : one-on-one sidebar gatherings for particular innovations or issues Access : acquaint nearby capacities and mastery with DoD science & innovation group through DARPA

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CEROS FY06 Industry Briefing – August 4, 2005 at the Ilikai Hotel, Waikiki Information on the CEROS site: www.ceros.org