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Hyatt Beach Suites has been renamed Grand Cayman Beach Suites ... A Beach Club Resort Destination. Proposed Hotel and Community Facilities: A four-five story lodging or condominium inn ...

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Cayman Islands Product Update First Quarter 2008

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Agenda Accommodation Update Current Statistics Current Room Stock Occupancy Statistics New Properties New Developments Product Enhancement & Development New Initiatives Cruise Update PRIDE Update Upcoming Product Offerings Tourism Attractions Board Update National Trust Update Camana Bay Update Restaurants Sister Islands Update Events

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Current Statistics

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Current Room Stock* GCM, CYB, LYB As of February 5 th 2008 Based on accessible rooms

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Occupancy Statistics GCM, CYB, LYB

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New Properties

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Pease Bay House - BT 4 rooms & Children's nook & infant room 5.5 bathrooms • Living room with piano • Fully prepared kitchen • Separate formal lounge area • TV, Central air, fast web • Large porch with skyline pool, eating zone & BBQ, Private tennis court

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Pelican Point - NS 4 rooms, 4 bathrooms • Living/lounge area with Sat. Television, & rapid web Fully prepared kitchen • Fully aerated and cooled and roof fans • Large yard • Separate BBQ territory

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Halycon Days - NS 2 rooms & nook,  2 bathrooms • Living/eating with Cable TV, web get to • Full kitchen • Veranda with pool, outside BBQ • Boat dock

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New Developments

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Further overhauls Treasure Island Hotel has re-opened Hyatt Beach Suites has been renamed Grand Cayman Beach Suites Brac Inn Hotel – proposed to open January 2009, 32 rooms, situated on southwest side of Cayman Brac

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New Initiatives

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(CEPTS) Cayman Islands Environmental Project for the Tourism Sector Consultant has been picked (PA Consulting) Program will begin in the not so distant future. The week of February eighteenth has been decided for the dispatch 7 Pilot Properties: Southern Cross Club Pirates Point Little Cayman Beach Resort Brac Reef Sunshine Suites Compass Point Cobalt Coast

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Sustainable Tourism Week (STW) Week of February 18-23 has been assigned as STW. Will be utilized to convey a scope of feasible messages and will likewise be utilized to commence the Cayman Islands Environmental Project for the Tourism Sector (CEPTS). Objective is to have a week of exercises committed to making the attention to maintainable tourism advancement by highlighting activities and best practices, and empowering face off regarding, talk, activity and investment by all segments of the group. Visitor Speaker, Ms. Deidre Shurland, Director of CAST will help our private division by means of one-on-one gatherings.

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Cruise Update

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Berthing Facilities CIG formally dedicated to the vital choice of isolating the freight and journey operations. Load dock to be moved out of George Town to encourage the development of the journey send berthing dock at the present payload dock The area of the new freight taking care of dock is still obscure. Transactions have begun with no less than two profoundly feasible partner financial specialists and subsequently a more key approach is being sought after. This incorporates: Reaching a consent to fulfill nearby necessities for a careful ecological effect evaluation. Consenting to keep up berthing offices inside the prompt GT harbor zone. Expanding the space apportioned for overseeing journey travelers and accordingly enhancing the guest experience and Agreeing to manufacture the office adequately solid to withstand real tempests

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Nickelodeon Family Cruise Nickelodeon and Royal Caribbean International have presented a seven-day family voyage and has booked its inaugural trip for August 2008. Awed with what the Cayman Islands had to offer they have included Grand Cayman on their schedule. One and only outing is as of now planned while the organization evaluate the intrigue appeared. The "Nickelodeon family Cruise with Royal Caribbean" will include Nickelodeon exercises and stimulation, for example, live amusement indicates highlighting the Nickelodeon ooze, visits with children's most loved characters like Dora the Explorer and SpongeBob SquarePants.

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PRIDE Update

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What's happened… November 2007 Caribbean Tourism Day Event (PRIDE Program Overview to Accommodation Sector) December 2007 PRIDE Project Manager goes to Sister Islands Tourism Association meeting on Brac to convey PRIDE diagram and Benchmark appraisal results to participants Mystery Shopping for Accommodation and finish of CAL Service Standards DAP Materials Development Continues (Know your CI Booklet and Notepads)

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Next Steps(07/08 Fiscal Year) January 2008 Touch-Point Meeting start with Industry Stakeholders (PROMISES) to share singular results Customization of PROMISES Workshop Service Standards Accommodation Results Due Cayman  Airways Service Standards Inspections comes about Due CAL SOP Completed and Distributed DAP Materials Development Continues (Multimedia Campaign Selection of extra preparing unit individuals February 2008 Presentation Event for Accommodation Service Standards Results to Accommodation Sector Industry  (TBC) PRACTICES Training for CAL Employees in Grand Cayman and Miami (TBC)

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Next Steps(07/08 Fiscal Year) cont March 2008 PROMISES ITS (PROMISES Program Certification for PRIDE Project Team and framework of coaches ) PROMISES Workshops Begins Initial Rollout to CIDOT Immigration and Customs. Taken after by rollout to Tourism Industry  PRACTICES Training for CAL SOP Customization for Accommodation Sector April 2008 Pre-Training: PRIDE Awareness Events (TBC) PRIDE Program media Blitz PRACTICES Training for CIDOT staff 18 PROMSIES Workshops

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Upcoming Product Offerings

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Cayman Airways Update CAL dispatches Brand Enhancement Campaign Monday, November fifth presented a recently upgraded uniform of one of its 737-300 airplane. Throughout the following year other air ship will get new personality Other parts of the brand improvement battle, for example, outfits, stationary, business cards, ticket counters, site, ads, vehicles and signage will be step by step upgraded by requirements.

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The National Gallery - New Facility To date more than 1.9 million dollars (budgetary goal is $2.5 million) raised Building slated for development in mid 2008 Site simply off the Esterley Tibbetts Highway close to the Harquail Theater. Trusted that the building will be prepared for inhabitance by fall 2008. The bigger office will empower the display to have more extensive and more differing sorts of capacities and presentations than at present conceivable. The new exhibition will as host a perpetual show zone for Caymanian Art, and it will accommodate more agreeable offices for voyagers and neighborhood guests in this manner upgrading their experience and valuation for Caymanian visual expressions. The new offices will likewise take into consideration the instructive focus and classrooms to be housed on similar premises.

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Artist Rendition of New Gallery

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Tourism Attraction Board Update

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TAB Update The new month to month Director's Tour at the QE II Botanic Park. Two-hour trip by and by drove by the Park's General Manager, Mr. Andrew Guthrie Offering master bits of knowledge on what's developing, blossoming, and fruiting en route. Cost: US$20 Hours: 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. on the second Tuesday of every month. (Exemptions: March (Orchid Show strife) and May (Kew International Botanic Competition struggle).)

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TAB Update cont. Orchid Show - March 9 & 10 Annual joint occasion facilitated by both the Botanic Park & the Cayman Islands Orchid Society.  A display of privately developed orchids and a plant offer of uniquely foreign made orchids, a large portion of which are in sprout. Demonstrate showcases wonderful half and half orchids, as well as advances the preservation of Cayman's local orchids.  The occasion has likewise turned into an event for instructing cultivators on the procedures of developing orchids.  Proceeds utilized for orchid preservation endeavors to secure Cayman's local orchids. Value: standard confirmation of US$10. Kids 12 and more youthful, free with parent. Hours: 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. every day More data is online at:

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TAB Update cont. The "Discover the East" Adventure Card Price:US$16 Free admission to Pedro St. James and the Botanic Park. Extra unconditional presents and rebates at 10 eastern area attractions, eateries, and organizations. Accessible available to be purchased at: Foster's Food Fair, Avis/Cisco, Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort, Pedro St. James Gift Shop, The Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park Gift Shop, Compass Point/Ocean Frontiers, The Grandview on Seven Mile Beach, National Trust of the Cayman Islands, The Reef Resort, Pirate's Caves, and Lorna's Texaco in Bodden Town.  More data is online at:

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TAB Update cont. Pedro St. James Botanic Park New Directional Signage

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National Trust Update

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National Trust Update New rack cards for the Mission House and Mastic Trail Guided Tours available for use Visitor Center rack cards in outline New road signage for Mission House and Southern Mastic Trailhead. Signage for Northern Mastic Trailhead, George Town Visitor Center, Governor Gore's Bird Sanctuary will arrive and put in no time Signage will soon be set up for changes to the Blue Iguana visit offered at the Botanic Park. Visits will be expanded from twice week by week to twice day by day initiating in the following couple of weeks. "Uncle Sammy's Pond" in West Bay has been acquired and will be created with stopping and a footpath for open pleasure The recreation center contiguous the Mission House is presently open and incorporates a fowl viewing platfo