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AgendaWhat is Capital Gains Tax (CGT)? How can it work?ExamplesCGT planningSkandia\'s reporting instrument Support materialDisclaimer. What is Capital Gains Tax (CGT)?. CGT is a duty charged on additions on the transfer of an assetThe assessment rate is 0%,18% or 28% Losses can be balance against future increases (should be enrolled inside of five years of misfortune yet conveyed forward inconclusively).

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Capital Gains Reporting Tool For monetary guides just

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Agenda What is Capital Gains Tax (CGT)? How can it function? Illustrations CGT arranging Skandia's revealing device Support material Disclaimer

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What is Capital Gains Tax (CGT)? CGT is an expense charged on increases on the transfer of an advantage The assessment rate is 0%,18% or 28% Losses can be balanced against future additions (should be enlisted inside five years of misfortune however conveyed forward inconclusively)

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How can it work? Figuring Disposal continues Minus any coincidental transfer costs Minus procurement costs Minus any accidental obtaining costs Minus any permissible improvement costs Minus expenses of building up title = Gain or Loss!

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How can it work? Yearly excluded sum (AEA) £10,600 of increase relievable at 18% or 28% Depends on individual's other assessable wage (not simply CGT) AEA – increment year on year (RPI from 2011/12) Use it or lose it recompense

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How can it work? - An illustration – post-Budget 2010 George has £20,000 pay after individual remittance £50,600 pick up £10,600 AEA £50,600 - £10,600 = £40,000 pick up £40,000 + £20,000 (salary) = £60,000 £35,000 (BRT edge) - £20,000 (pay) = £15,000 @ 18% = £2,700 £60,000 - £35,000 (£20,000 pay + £15,000) = £25,000 @ 28% = £7,000 = £9,700

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How can it work? - Withdrawals Section 104 holding and customary withdrawals Replaces the toward the end in first out guidelines Brings old increases forward Wider contemplations when offering an advantage Aggregate procurement cost Only one transfer cost Need to consider same resources hung on and off stage

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Withdrawal is % of unique capital & pick up Part transfer Original Capital Gain

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How can it work? - part transfers The An over An or more B recipe Purchase cost = unique venture or changed base an incentive after past part transfers Purchase value An A + B X A = esteem arranged B = benefit of outstanding speculation

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How can it work? - A case £100,000 venture x 10% development Value end of year 1 = £110,000 Take £10,000 withdrawal Original base cost x An/A+B = £100,000 x £10,000 = £9,090 £10,000 + £100,000 Gain = £10,000 – £9,090 = £910

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Skandia's capital increases detailing apparatus - What does it offer? Choice of reports Adviser get to just (no customer get to) CIA possessions just Individual, Joint, Trustee and Corporate cases Shows additions and misfortunes with no suspicion of proprietorship split No supposition made of accessible exclusions or misfortunes Reports increases and misfortunes not impose owed Provides singular reports per CIA holding Ability to change "go up against" position for re-enlistment cases

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Skandia's capital increases revealing instrument - What the reports incorporate Deductions for charges and installment of named trail If you have 10 finances and named trail is paid on each reserve, this is 120 exchanges in one year SIC is appeared as two findings Re-contributed salary impacts 104 property on pay units Accumulation units obtaining cost increment for CGT purposes on reinvestment of notional wage conveyances

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Skandia's capital increases announcing device - What the reports incorporate Important data identifying with report yields 100,000+ records 24,000,000+ exchanges Over 95% compromise Small % may make compromise inquiries Save report and email to Skandia if question can not be settled (ordinary contact course) Standardized procedure to accommodate information and alter report

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Skandia's capital increases announcing device - The accessible reports Capital additions – report for past duty year (eg 2010/11) Notional transfer – report demonstrating charge position for part or full transfer mid expense year Transaction history – for capital additions report for past expense year What if – transfer arranging report to expand assess openings All reports should be spared locally by consultant

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Skandia's capital increases detailing apparatus - The capital increases report Automatically gave every year by Skandia after duty year end (around June) and spared Can likewise be asked for by guide whenever amid the year (spare locally) Provides report indicating charge position for past assessment year (eg 2010/11) Gains or misfortunes for duty year end The information required for fulfillment of self appraisal

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Skandia's capital increases revealing device - The notional transfer report Provides a reports for part or full transfer mid year Useful while considering exhortation mid year

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Skandia's capital additions revealing device - The value-based history report Breakdown of the information behind the CGT report would it be advisable for it to be required

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Skandia's capital additions announcing device - 'Imagine a scenario in which' situations Ability to audit possessions and plan transfers Maximize impose arranging Will compute pick up or misfortune position on particular property Multiple arranging situations (offer one store/various assets or rate of specific assets and so forth) Excellent counsel point

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Skandia's capital additions detailing device - Re-enrollment cases Ability to information 'go up against' position for re-enlistment and moved cases Figures demonstrated speak to values at re-enlistment Take on position ought to speak to reconsidered 104 possessions (inc units) and inspire in procurement cost for reinvested notional pay appropriations (acc units) Skandia can't give noteworthy view More subtle elements can be found at

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Skandia's capital increases detailing device - Why does it not ascertain assess. Skandia does not know: whether the customer has utilized a few or the majority of their yearly exclusion if the customer has different misfortunes in that duty year to utilize or convey forward if the customer has similar property held straightforwardly or on another stage which will affect their segment 104 possessions the expense rate endured relies on upon the customer's salary impose rate Impact of any repurchases (quaint little inn rules)

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Skandia's capital increases detailing apparatus - Planning & exhortation guides Try toward utilize yearly exception (cost effectively) Consider part transfers utilizing recompense on additions to make up pay deficits Create misfortunes in taking after assessment year if picks up likewise being acknowledged Remember overnight boardinghouse rules (30 days)

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Skandia's capital additions announcing device - Planning & self evaluation Paper document required by 31st October Online record required by 31st January CGT payable by 31st January taking after the expense year the pick up was acknowledged Gains or misfortunes are recorded on SA108 (Capital additions synopsis frame) close by SA100 (Tax return shape) Remember – under 150,000 people are required to pay CGT in 2010/11, which speaks to 0.25% of the populace accepting 60m individuals!

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Support material, video, client aides and Q&A's are accessible If starting inquiries are not illuminated by the bolster material please contact Skandia through ordinary channels

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CGT apparatus disclaimer Whilst Skandia has attempted to give exact information we can't ensure that the computations are right. Therefore they ought to be viewed as demonstrative as it were. While we trust these reports to be of help, we can not acknowledge any risk for any mistakes or oversights in the calculations. In like manner we prescribed you that you ought to counsel your bookkeeper or duty counselor.

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This report depends on Skandia's translation of the law and HM Revenue and Customs rehearse as at September 2011. We trust this translation is right, however can't promise it. Impose alleviation and the duty treatment of venture assets may change. This correspondence is intended for and coordinated at expert money related guides. It ought not be depended on by customers. Calls might be observed and recorded for preparing purposes and to stay away from mistaken assumptions. Skandia gives you access to its speculation stage, known as Skandia Investment Solutions. Inside this stage you can open an ISA and Collective Investment Account gave by Skandia MultiFUNDS Limited, a Collective Retirement Account and Collective Investment Bond gave by Skandia MultiFUNDS Assurance Limited. Skandia Life Assurance Company Limited, Skandia MultiFUNDS Limited and Skandia MultiFUNDS Assurance Limited are enrolled in England & Wales under numbers 1363932, 1680071 and 4163431 separately. Enrolled Office at Skandia House, Portland Terrace, Southampton SO14 7EJ, United Kingdom. All organizations are approved and directed by the Financial Services Authority with FSA enroll numbers 110462, 165359 and 207977. VAT number for all above organizations is 386 1301 59. 211-4206 October 2011