California Integrated Waste Management Board March 16, 2004 San Jose, CA

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San Jose is . . .. eleventh biggest city in US 200 square miles 950,000 inhabitants 200,000 SFD Households 3,500 MFD Complexes 25,000 Businesses. 64% Diversion for 2000. Programs From Policies . . .. 1983Solid Waste Policies received by City Council to empower rivalry and preoccupation. 1985RFPs discharged for gathering and transfer contracts. .

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´╗┐California Integrated Waste Management Board March 16, 2004 San Jose, CA City of San Jose Diversion Programs

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San Jose is . . . eleventh biggest city in US 200 square miles 950,000 inhabitants 200,000 SFD Households 3,500 MFD Complexes 25,000 Businesses 64% Diversion for 2000

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Programs From Policies . . . 1983 Solid Waste Policies embraced by City Council to empower rivalry and diversion. 1985 RFPs discharged for gathering and disposal contracts.

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Programs From Policies . . . 1986 San Jose actualizes its first curbside reusing program. 1989 State of California passes Assembly Bill 939.

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Residential Program Recycle Plus History 1991 City split into three accumulation areas 1991 Yard Trimmings RFP discharged Two contracts granted for gathering and one for preparing City wide program starts

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Residential Program Recycle Plus History 1991 Recycle Plus RFP discharged Included private refuse accumulation, recyclables accumulation and handling 1992 Recycle Plus contracts granted to GreenTeam of San Jose and Western Waste Industries 1993 Recycle Plus program starts.

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Residential Program Incentives Variable Rate - "Pay-As-You-Throw" Current base rate is $15.80 for 32-gallon waste administration. Massive Item Pick Up

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Residential Program Incentives Compensation organized to empower reusing: Two-stage structure: Base rate - $/hh/month Incentive rate - $/ton reused Salvage income: Contractors keep income got from sale of recyclables Yard Trimmings: Incentive rate for completed item Market improvement

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Residential Program Incentives E-Waste Home Composting Bins for Residents and City Employees Grasscycling

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Residential Total Tons Recycled - 225,414

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Residential Diversion - 43.8%

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Commercial Program 1985 - 1994 Waste Management Inc. has elite contract to gather and arrange trash from San Jose's organizations. 1995 - Implemented City Council embraced "free market" rivalry arrangement for the business framework. Non-select establishment assentions granted to 24 strong waste haulers. Right now 27 organizations have establishment

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Commercial Program Incentives Haulers pay expenses to City in light of cubic yards of waste administration. Expenses are just surveyed on junk not recyclables. Establishment Fee imposed on hauler. Abdominal muscle 939 (reusing) Fee demanded on generator. FF $3.24; AB 939 $.60 - Total $3.84 Disposal Facilities Tax (DFT) $13/ton at landfill

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Recycling Rebate Program Maximum $5,000 per business Must be utilized for new preoccupation programs Rebate Projects Reusable plates and cutlery Centralized accumulation holders Split janitorial trucks Balers Desk-side repositories Commercial Program Incentives

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Commercial Program Incentives Food Waste Composting Pilot Three Haulers Grocery and Restaurant

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Commercial Program Technical Assistance 64% of all organizations are reusing Works best for substantial & medium size organizations Multi-inhabitant office structures testing

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Commercial Program Incentives Construction Demolition Diversion Deposit - CDDD Builder/Owner applies for allow Deposit evaluated in light of square film and kind of venture C&D materials pulled to Certified Facility Builder/Owner returns receipts/records to City for Deposit discount

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City-Certified Facilities Two Types: Administrative Certification Inert processors recoup no less than 90% Full Certification Mixed C&D offices recuperate no less than half ADC Reduction

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Certified Facilities 8 Mixed C&D/Landfills/Transfer 7 Rock/Asphalt/Quarry 3 Metal 2 Carpet 1 Wood 1 Reuse

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C&D Infrastructure Grants FY 1999/2000 $250,000 FY 2000/2001 $500,000 3 Landfills $333,000 4 Processors $217,000 1 Individual $200,000

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Civic Programs 1997 - "Reuse at Work" Implemented 56% redirection of City waste 93 Facilities 6,340 Employees

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Civic Programs 2000 - Public Area Recycling Funded through Dept. of Conservation Grant 133 Parks 620 Recycling Containers Serviced by San Jose Conservation Corps

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Civic Programs 2000 - Public Area Recycling 800 open junk repositories SB332 Funding open offices

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Changes Since 2000 July 2002 - New private contracts; executed single-stream reusing Performance norms with regulatory charges Incentive installments for % reusing Subscription Yard Trimmings Cart MFD rubbish fertilizing the soil pilot Commercial Food Waste Pilot Financial model and examination of material streams and expense structures

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C&D Infrastructure Grants February 2001 $200K Carpet Recovery $71K Wood Waste Recycling System $100K Roofing/Wood Recycling System $129K Organics Removal System January 2000 $36K "Versatile MRF" $10K C&D Line $140K Mixed C&D Line $64K "Rocket" Mixed C&D Line

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Deposit Amounts Building Segment Rate $/SqFt Residential New Construction $0.20 Non-Residential New Construction $0.10 Residential Alterations $1.16 Non-Residential Alterations $0.35 Residential Demolition $0.35 Non-Residential Demolition $0.10 Roof with detach Flat Rate $100

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Economic Study Determine costs related with the treatment of C&D materials all through town Establish rates in light of cost differential for reusing/redirection

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What Have We Learned? There are a bigger number of sorts of undertakings than you can shake a 2X4 at! Sweat the subtle elements with the Permit Center/Building Department (and every other person) Provide clear composed directions to clients The other person's venture makes more waste