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´╗┐Cowhide Tiles Patrick Tobin, Kiley Briggs, and Tyler Brown

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Recycled Leather Applications in Floors, Wall Panels, and Consumer Products

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Why Leather? Extreme Esthetically Pleasing Easy Maintenance

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Where does Recycled Leather originate from? Post Consumer Products Scraps taken from manufacturing plants that create shoes, belts, furniture, and so on

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Applications in Green Design Used as Floor Tiles

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Floor Tiles Continued

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Wall Panels Similar to Floor Tiles Versatile and Beautiful Material Infinite Texturing Possibilities

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Installation of Leather Wall tiles can be mounted on about any surface. Floor tiles can be mounted on cement or plywood Must adapt to site for two weeks before establishment to keep away from extension and withdrawal Otherwise, establishment much like ordinary tiles Complete directions can be found here:

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Interesting Facts Wear and tear advertisement to magnificence of tiles Floor tiles can last up to 30 years Tiles ought not require general waxing and rather can simply be tidied or spot cleaned when essential (see upkeep)

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The Economics of Leather The cost of a calfskin floor is tantamount to superb quality hardwood or custom fleece cover. The wear and tear on calfskin is fundamentally the same as that of hardwood floors Unlike the hardwood, cowhide will build up a rich sheen created by age.

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Pros Leather tiles make a rich situation that is both warm and inviting. Their adaptability permits insides to be either contemporary or conventional. A calfskin floor or divider gives an enticing smell. Warm and delicate to the touch. Calfskin tiles ingest sound. The cowhide tiles are likewise normally fire retardant.

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cons Floor tiles are not prescribed in high dampness territories, for example, bathrooms, kitchens, passages and ways out to and from outside. Cowhide tiles build up a rich patina after some time, yet are influenced by activity levels and also daylight and mugginess, much the same as fine bits of furniture. Not suggested for situations that are to a great degree dry, with under 20% normal dampness, or in direct daylight. Not all organizations utilize Recycled calfskin

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Maintenance Beeswax Carnauba Wax Butchers Wax

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