Business Process Reengineering

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IE673. Session 8 - BPR. 2. Esteem Metrics. QualityServiceCostCycle Time. IE673. Session 8 - BPR. 3. Esteem Metrics. Esteem. =. . Quality X Service. Taken a toll X Cycle Time. IE673. Session 8 - BPR. 4. The Crisis. Regularly the proficiency of a company\'s parts come to the detriment of the wholeWork that requires the collaboration and coordination of a few unique offices inside of an organization is oft

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´╗┐Business Process Reengineering (BPR) Session 8 - BPR

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Value Metrics Quality Service Cost Cycle Time Session 8 - BPR

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Value Metrics Quality X Service Value = Cost X Cycle Time Session 8 - BPR

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The Crisis Often the proficiency of an organization's parts come to the detriment of the entire Work that requires the participation and coordination of a few unique offices inside an organization is frequently a wellspring of issues. Notwithstanding when the work included has real effect on all that really matters, organizations have nobody in control. Session 8 - BPR

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First Driving Force - Customers Demand items/administrations intended for their one of a kind needs. Anticipate that item designed will their requirements, producing plans, and advantageous installment terms. Session 8 - BPR

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Second Driving Force - Competition More various types Niche contenders Falling exchange hindrances Adequate is no longer sufficient. New businesses Carry no overabundance stuff Do not play by the principles Technology changes the way of rivalry Session 8 - BPR

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Third Driving Force - Change Pervasive and persevering It is ordinariness At a quickening rate Ford Model T - a whole era Computers - two years Executives think their organizations have change detecting radars Session 8 - BPR

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Quick Definition of BPR Means: "Beginning Once again" Does not mean: Tinkering with what as of now exists or rolling out incremental improvements Ask: "On the off chance that I were reproducing the organization today, given what I know and given current innovation, what might it resemble?" Session 8 - BPR

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Formal Definition of BPR Reengineering is the basic reconsidering and radical upgrade of business procedures to accomplish sensational enhancements in basic, contemporary measures of execution, for example, quality, cost, speed, and administration. Session 8 - BPR

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Four Key Words Fundamental Why we do what we do? Why we do it the way we isn't that right? Radical Disregarding all current structures and systems Inventing totally better approaches for fulfilling work. Session 8 - BPR

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Four Key Words (cont'd) Dramatic Not for minor or incremental upgrades Only when need exists for "substantial impacting" Processes Most specialists are not "prepare situated" They are centered around assignments, on employments, on individuals, on structures. Session 8 - BPR

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What BPR Is Not It is not another name for scaling back or some different business settle of the month. Scaling back or rebuilding just means doing less with less. Reengineering implies accomplishing more with less. Session 8 - BPR

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Total Productivity Maintenance Y= yield (%) t(u) = Up-time (%) t(s) = Set-up time t(rt) = Theoretical run time t(ra) = Actual run time M(eff) (%) = t(rt)/{t(rt) + t(s)} Factory Overall Efficiency (FOE): FOE = Y x t(u) x M(eff) Session 8 - BPR

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Example Y = 90 %, t(u) = 80 %, t(rt) = 5.0 hours t(ra) = 7.3 hours, t(s) = 5.0 hours M(eff) = 5.0/{7.3 + 1.5} = 5.0/8.8 = 0.568 FOE = 0.90 x 0.80 x 0.568 = 0.409 Session 8 - BPR

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The 7 New Quality Tools General Planning Affinity Diagram Interrelationship Diagraph Intermediate Planning Tree Diagram Matrix Diagram Matrix Data Analysis Detailed Planning Process Decision Program Chart Arrow Diagram Session 8 - BPR

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Affinity Diagram Gathers a lot of information and arranges it into groupings in view of the regular relationship between every thing. Session 8 - BPR

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Interrelationship Diagraph Session 8 - BPR

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Tree Diagram Systematically maps out the full scope of undertakings/strategies expected to accomplish objective. Session 8 - BPR

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Matrix Diagram Displays the relationship between vital errands and individuals or different undertakings, frequently to show duty regarding assignments. Session 8 - BPR

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Data Matrix Analysis Temp Humidity Session 8 - BPR

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Process Decision Program Chart (PDPC) Maps out each possible occasion and possibility that can happen when moving from an issue explanation to conceivable arrangements. Issue Statement Solution x Things that can turn out badly Countermeasures Solved Session 8 - BPR

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Additional Tools/Methods Benchmarking Process Simplification Concurrent Engineering Demand Flow Technology Activity Based Costing Eliminate Non-Value Added Activities Session 8 - BPR