Business Food Service Equipment Kate Lewis, EPA May 21, 2007

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Review. Vitality STAR BackgroundEPA Goals and StrategyMarket Actors and how ENERGY STAR functions with themDiscussion . About ENERGY STAR . The Brand\'s Proven ResultsAmericans have obtained more than 2 billion items that have earned the ENERGY STARThe ENERGY STAR check broadly recognizedHigh brand steadfastness: most ENERGY STAR buyers would prescribe the brand to others.

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Business Food Service Equipment Kate Lewis, EPA May 21, 2007

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Overview ENERGY STAR Background EPA Goals and Strategy Market Actors and how ENERGY STAR functions with them Discussion

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About ENERGY STAR The Brand's Proven Results Americans have acquired more than 2 billion items that have earned the ENERGY STAR The ENERGY STAR stamp broadly perceived High brand dedication : most ENERGY STAR buyers would prescribe the brand to others

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ENERGY STAR Commercial Food Service Family 2001 Expected 2007 2003 Expected 2007

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Goals Reduce nursery gas emanations Savings accomplished through following expanded offers of business dishwashers Increase deals and market infiltration of ENERGY STAR qualified business dishwashers

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Strategy Provide showcase on-screen characters/inventory network with data about vitality proficiency and ENERGY STAR benefits

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Market Actors Manufacturers Manufacturer Reps Manufacturer Association (s) Equipment Specifiers/Consultants Dealers/Distributors Power Companies/Utilities Operators

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Manufacturers Partner with ENERGY STAR Develop and qualify items QP show them Label the item Awareness/Education

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Manufacturers Reps Educate and prepare Publication outreach

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Associations NAFEM Exhibit Educational sessions

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Specifiers/Consultants FCSI Upcoming Consultant article Educational open doors Super Regionals Conference Training openings

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Dealers/Distributors SEFA Past pamphlet articles Training program in progress

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Utilities/Rebates 9 states right now offering discounts

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Why Utility Rebates? Numerous utilities are currently required to store vitality effectiveness Programs are assessed on interest numbers—what number of bits of gear they refund

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Utility Co-Marketing Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo 2006

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Operators Recent press about administrators worries with rising fuel and vitality costs ENERGY STAR concentrating on eateries, as they are the most vitality escalated Working with NRA on training and mindfulness action Shaping Restaurants to Be Models of Efficiency By LAURA NOVAK May 17, 2006 "[I]f eateries were cars, they would be Hummers . That is on the grounds that the eatery business squanders more vitality than some other industry in America. Specialists say that 80 percent of the $10 billion yearly vitality charge for business nourishment administration is wasted by the utilization of wasteful gear." "The industry's endeavors to spare vitality are turning out to be more all inclusive. 'This is not a craze,' said Charlie Souhrada, chief of part administrations for the North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers, an exchange amass in Chicago. "This is certainly where the future lies from the nourishment benefit administrators to the sustenance administration providers' perspectives."

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Co-showcasing Publication Outreach Website cross-joins Energy Center Conference calls with SRAs and ENERGY STAR utilities New Rebate Finder Helps Operators Trim Costs

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Operators Independents Small Biz Franchises Corporate Chains Commercial Kitchen Initiative

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Evaluation Typically ENERGY STAR is the main 25% of the market EPA assesses their prosperity by gathering shipment information EPA tracks shipments throughout the years to decide achievement and when amendments might be essential

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Discussion What are one of a kind parts of business dishwashers that influence promoting plans?

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Contact Information Kate Lewis, US EPA Email: Phone: 202-343-9024 Gwen Duff, ICF International Email: Phone: 202-862-1230