Building up Learning-Focused Training through Open Conveyed Innovation Upgraded Learning (ODTEL) System

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National Seminar on Recent Renaissance in Teacher Education ... Sai Baba. Affirmations. To start with to IIITM-K for the years went through exploring different avenues regarding various ...

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Setting up Learning-Centered Education through Open Distributed Technology Enhanced Learning (ODTEL) Framework K.R. Srivathsan, IGNOU National Seminar on Recent Renaissance in Teacher Education   Sri Krishna Engineering College May 17, 2009

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How to apply ICT and oversee Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) in ways that improve nature of training has been a noteworthy test. There is a lot of substance on the Internet, Web Resources, TV Channels, EDUSAT, Mobile and SMS, Call Centers, … . Less expensive PCs, broadband get to, and so on. However our colleges, schools are a long way from utilizing the offices. Real needs not sufficiently tended to: Web-based learner bolster for courses, peer-2-peer understudies connection through gatherings and web-tutoring. No live Students Database and advance following.  We need to comprehend what quality training and instruction frameworks are about in the setting ICT. Joining and Quality Education

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E-Learning – From converses with activity Aug. 2008 at IIT Guwahati, Dr. Manmohan Singh said "We are one of the most youthful countries and, as per spectators, India can possibly make more than 500 million prepared individuals by 2022 which is over a fourth of the worldwide workforce. The huge open door for India would originate from an instruction upheaval that we should attempt as our most imperative national attempt." The World of Education is experiencing a quick and calm change: How would we in India exploit this and combine another system of giving  Challenge: How would we send and utilize e-Learning, open up quality training to boundless quantities of understudies?

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SAD STATE OF OUR Education (higher/tertiary) diminished to showing classes against Board/college exams. No readiness in syllabus and understudies are "modified" like Artificial Intelligence Systems to "reply" questions! College instruction no longer LEARNING CENTRIC . Understudies coached for "devised" college examinations. Go for securing high pass rates, not advancing learning and grant. Great instructors have little say. "Instructing" to plan studnts for exams expels instructor from drawing in understudies in Learning Activities Education not associated with advancements – be they in the logical or financial sense.  India's Int'l Math Olympiad rank tumbled from 25 th in 2007 to 31 st in 2008. China is 1 st , South Korea 2 nd ��  Why?

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IGNOU's Vision for Education " QUALITY EDUCATION TO ALL, INDEPENDENT OF GEOGRAPHY." "ENABLE, EDUCATE AND EMPOWER EVERY CITIZEN AND COMMUNITY THROUGH KNOWLEDGE." above all interface instruction to group strengthening and advancements – financial, advancing qualities and grant. How would we guarantee our framework conveys QUALITY EDUCATION? How would we utilize every single accessible method of coming to and connecting with learners in the course to give an all encompassing instruction in each subject offered by IGNOU. Expand on IGNOU's center qualities and the duties given to it under the Parliament Act. IGNOU working with NPTEL, foundations and associations and in national projects of various types .

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Education To Exploit Wide Varieties Of Technologies For more than 10(20?) years we discuss e-learning. A lot of Technology: Laptops and Netbooks, High top thumb drives, IP-TV, iPods, iPhones, GPRS, 3G, Broadband, Satellite, Virtualization, Green IT, and so on. Entire universe of new Internet administrations/applications: Google & constantly enhancing web search tools, Open Source frameworks, LMS, SCIENTIFIC DATABASES , Open Content, Open Access Publishing, ebooks, … Google's Slogan: "My other PC is a Datacentre ". Expanding scope and Affordability.  How we proceed from CONNECTIVITY & CONTENT to formal frameworks of Tech Assisted Learning, Teaching And Evaluation (TELTE)? ��  Quality Assured Instruction.

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Course Exercises Knowledge Management Course Map & Library TV & Webinars QMS & LMS Web Mentoring Web Self Study/Discovery Content Discussion IOCG Forums Personal Dash Board E-Mail & Alerts SMS Alerts Web M-Learn Resources Group Interactions/P2P Learning Convergence and IGNOU Open Course Guide (IOCG)

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Foundations, Concepts, Contextual Skills Quality Instruction By Teachers Quality Ambience & Processes Self-advancement Responsibility, Accountability Professional Competence, Maturity IOCG Quality Resources Quality Efforts by Students Laying the Basis For Quality Education To make our graduates EMPLOYABLE; to be PRODUCTIVE ON THE JOB and in LIFE. To watch REAL WORLD PROBLEMS, conceptual the issues and apply what they have learnt and their inborn sense to comprehend them.  IOCG: Proposed IGNOU Open Course Guide System

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Education Grid over Regional Broadband/ERNET or Internet Education Grid: IITK ��  IIITM-K ��  IGNOU Education Grid is a suite of frameworks and communitarian forms over a system of establishments Resource Center 3 Scientific Portals College 2 College 1 College 3 Communication Gateway & Resource Center National Education Grid over Broadband ERNET/Internet (& EDUSAT? ) Network Resource Center 2 Computational Servers VISTA Programs Coordination Center College n College 4 Resource Center 1 E-Learning

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Recall Kerala Education Grid Network of Education Servers crosswise over schools Resource Centers in head foundations. Create and keep up academically stable refereed courseware in distinguished subjects. Send courseware over subject particular Course Knowledge and Collaboration Space in every subject over the system of Servers. Present an IT assistance layer in the University/Higher Education System.  Governed by quality administration of Content Development and Teacher Training Processes.

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E R N E T STPI IGNOU Education Grid (IEG) IGNOU/Universities/Institutions Open Study Guide & Web Collaboration Services Education Grid Gateway Systems Study Centers University College Experts, Mentors * Tier–5 : Instruction/Evaluation Management Space (Colleges, Study Centers) Tier-4 : Content Alignment & Capacity Building (AU) R An I L T E L Academic Management Tier–3 : Content/Web Resources (IGNOU, NPTEL, … ) Tier-2 : Systems, Applications (Over Clouds and LAN) Managed Services Tier-1 : ICT Infrastructure (RailTel, TelCos, STPI, NKN)

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Leverage on Core Strengths of IGNOU rehearses a hearty arrangement of producing printed Self Learning Materials (SLMs) for the learners. SLMs are instructively organized, wrote by specialists. IGNOU's SLMs in different courses are universally regarded furthermore utilized as a part of a few open separation training programs keep running by the state open colleges and others. Territorial Centers of IGNOU give basic coordinations support to Study Centers and supporting them for directing the contact classes and examinations.  IGNOU now confronts the test of overhauling the above framework and its best practices in the Internet time.

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Set Instructional targets Evaluate against Instructional Objectives 2. IGNOU Open Course Guide: Learning Activities, Exercises 5. Exams & Evaluation + _ 3. Individual test 1.Instruction Delivery J + 6. Evaluation Teacher – Learner Involvement in all stages 4. Criticism to learners IGNOU's ODTEL: A UNIFIED E-L FRAMEWORK Final Marks, Grade Each segment framework is upheld by proper ICT systems & back office administrations. IGNOU setting up an 'Instructive Technology & Info. Administrations (ETIS)' to support and administration ODTEL.

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Instruction Delivery & Course Management Instruction Delivery may utilize diverse modes: (i) Teacher taking the class utilizes rich substance; (ii) Tutored Video Instruction utilizing Recorded Video Lectures (RVL) (ii) IGNOU's Self Learning Materials (SLM) and supplementary content. (iv) Web-got to/DVD based substance and intelligent study. Cases: NPTEL RVLs – full suites of ~ 40 addresses for every course ��  Visit: Web Content: Like NPTEL or Open Courseware, Wikiversity,, and so forth.: 2. Course Management: Engaging learners in trained methods for self study, amass sessions, activities and practice ��  Introducing the IGNOU Open Course Guide (IOCG) framework.

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2. IGNOU Course Management Group (CMG) Tier-4: Setting the phase for Quality ODTEL: IGNOU Open Course Guide System Instruction Management Cycles 4. Universities & Study Centers Instruction Design Cycle Students & Teachers 24 X7 get to 1.SLMs,RVLs, MM Content, Open Web 3. CMG to create & Deploy IGNOU Open Course Guide (IOCG)

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Tier-4: IGNOU Open Course Guide Course Home Page About the Course, Prerequisites, Syllabus Instructions to SCs, Tutors Course Objectives Course Evaluation approach Course Support and Counseling points of interest. Arrangement of Learning Modules  Calendar & Alert Systems Course Concept Map connecting Learning Modules Recommended Text Books, References, Web References Course Calendar Instruction Team and Contact points of interest IOCG is actualized in IGNOU utilizing Mediawiki

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E X P L I C I T A C I T Challenge of Immersing Learners in Quality Learning Environment At the end of a learning exertion, a Learner ought to have the capacity to say 'I comprehend'  Add to his/her Tacit abilities. Systematized Knowledge and Processes open over the net, paper… Global arranged Information and computational base People's Competencies, Communications, Feelings, Intuitions, Social collaborations, Judgment, Guestimation, People's Real World

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Tacit Explicit S ocialize E xternalize Tacit C ombinational Thinking Explicit I nternalize Tier-3&4: IOCG Categories of Learning Activities Based Upon Tacit – Explicit Interplay