Building Partnerships Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology

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OCAST Building Partnerships Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology Presented by Michelle R. McFarland, Steve Paris and Arnulf P. Hagen

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OCAST Mission Statement OCAST's central goal is: To cultivate advancement in existing and creating organizations by supporting fundamental and connected research by encouraging innovation exchange between research labs and firms and homesteads by giving seed cash-flow to new inventive firms and their items and by cultivating upgraded aggressiveness in the national and worldwide markets by little and medium-sized assembling firms in Oklahoma by animating profitability and modernization of such firms (O.S. 74 §5060.3)

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OCAST Programs and the Technology Pipeline from idea to commercialization

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OCAST perceived as a national model.

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OCAST Presence in Oklahoma

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Helping to Build Research Capability to make employments and riches to draw in top research ability to anticipate/alleviate "mind deplete" to contend all the more adequately for government and private financing to better contend in the worldwide commercial center to pull in investors for feasible monetary improvement

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Applied Research and Internship Programs … through FY2006 Duncan – Stim-Lab (Core Lab) $689,379 Lawton – Advanced Systems Technology, Inc. $404,469 Weatherford – Precision Design, Inc. $54,000 Medicine Park – The Waid Group, Inc. $19,580 Lawton – Cameron University $431,053 Altus – Western Oklahoma State College $199,904 Weatherford – SWOSU $83,120 El Reno – Redlands CC $94,296

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Cameron University Intern R&D Projects - $431,053 Cosmetic Specialty Labs, Inc. Halliburton Energy Services Eagle Systems and Services, Inc. Sleuth Masters, Inc. Ft. Ledge – Army Research Laboratory

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R&D Intern Program Stopping the "Cerebrum Drain" An enhanced Oklahoma specialized human asset base that trains future researchers and innovation pioneers - a key element for developing and drawing in innovation based business and delivering high expertise/high wage occupations Chad Smith and Rochette Wurth – Cameron University

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R&D Intern Program Undergraduate understudies perform R&D at Oklahoma High-Tech organizations Company coaches manage ventures Proposals for business understudy R&D assistants are welcome (no statistical surveying) Companies, schools, and colleges lead programs Proposal Intent due date February 8, 2006 Proposals due February 15, 2006, financing May 1 Next proposition cycle September 2006, subsidizing January 1 Contact Dr. Arnulf (Arni) Hagen 405-319-8411

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The OCAST R&D Intern Partnerships program was respected with a territorial Innovator Award perceiving inventive provincial projects by the Southern Growth Policies Board for 2005. This honor perceives the accomplishments of the assistants, the school personnel, and the business tutors who are the general population that have assembled this program. The program was additionally named an Innovator in 2001 and 2002 Michelle McFarland and Arnulf Hagen with Alabama Governor Bob Riley at the Southern Growth Policies Board yearly meeting held June 2005 at Pt. Clear, Alabama.

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Southwestern Oklahoma State University R&D Intern Projects - $83,120 Imation Corporation CDF Associates Bar-S (Lawton) Bar-S (Elk-City)

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Western Oklahoma State College - $199,904 R&D temporary jobs at the OSU Cotton Research Center R&D assistants specifically advantage Robbins Farms, Williams Farms, and Worrel Farms Research bolster for trickle water system to enhance cotton development Clay Jack, understudy, and Zach Estes, personnel understudy

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Redlands Community College – $94,296 R&D entry level positions at the USDA Grazinglands Research Center R&D entry level positions at the Darlington Dairy Research support to help Oklahoma's wine industry Austin Douglas, R&D Intern 

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Manufacturing Extension Agents Caddo, Comanche, Cotton, Greer, Harmon, Jackson, Jefferson, Stephens and Tillman Counties and the urban areas of Gotebo, Mt. See, and Snyder Bill Cunningham Garvin, McClain and Pontotoc Counties Dan Asklund

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Oklahoma Alliance For Manufacturing Excellence Elk-City – Dyna-Turn helped with tooling, security, and promoting Frederick – Metzeler helped with acquiring a group advancement piece give and help with vitality funds Lindsay – Hydra-Walk helped with their progressive pipe taking care of framework Lawton – Republic Paperboard helped with commercializing items produced using conventional waste

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More About OCAST Visit the OCAST Web webpage at Listen to Oklahoma Innovations on the OCAST radio system: Altus - Saturday @ 6 am on KCCU FM 89.9 Ardmore - Saturday @ 6 am on KLCU FM 90.3 Chickasha - Saturday @ 6 am on KCCU FM 100.1 Clinton - Saturday @ 6 am on KYCU FM 89.1 Duncan - Saturday @ 6 am on KCCU FM 89.3 Lawton/Fort Sill - Saturday @ 6 am on KCCU FM 89.3-102.9 Oklahoma City - Sunday @ 5 pm on KTOK AM 1000 Tulsa - Saturday @ 5 am on KRMG AM 740 Wichita Falls TX - Saturday @ 6 am on KMCU FM 88.7