Broome Region Arrangement for Urban Center Police Combination June 2006

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Make another Broome County Metro Police (separate from NYS Troopers and BC Road Patrol) which reports to the County Executive or the Sheriff ...

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Broome County Plan for Urban Core Police Consolidation June 2006

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Current Police Agencies in Broome County Non-Urban Core New York State Police Broome County Sheriff Road Patrol Deposit Police Urban Core City of Binghamton Police Johnson City Police Vestal Police Endicott Police Port Dickinson Police

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Possible Combinations Fold into the State Police Metropolitan organizations join with BC Sheriff's Road Patrol Create another Broome County Metro Police (isolate from NYS Troopers and BC Road Patrol) which reports to the County Executive or the Sheriff Johnson City, Endicott and\or Vestal police solidify Binghamton and Port Dickinson police merge Any blend of Binghamton, , Johnson City, Endicott, Vestal and additionally Port Dickinson

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Preferred Option Metro Police Consolidated and answering to the Undersheriff (new Civil Service prerequisites equivalent to a Police Chief ) and the Sheriff The Undersheriff and the Sheriff will have equality with ( §207M) city police boss' pay and advantages.

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2006 – 2011 Urban Core Police Budgets

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2006 Sworn Officers

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Officers Eligible to Retire

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Attrition Through Retirement 12.5% of the Officers qualified to resign are probably going to resign

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2006 Staff Titles

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Possible Metro Staff Titles 2011 ( accomplished through wearing down retirement)

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Proposal The County of Broome will go into a five year between city concurrence with any or every nearby government: Binghamton Johnson City Endicott Vestal Port Dickinson

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Proposal Continued Police administrations will be given to every legislature to five years: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 for a chargeback of the assessed 2007 spending plans for every region's police spending plan. Administration will be given by another division of the Sheriff's Department. Headed by an Under Sheriff (new Civil Service prerequisites proportional to a Chief).

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Proposal Continued Staff that resign amid the 5 year assention won't be supplanted until the focused on 15% diminishment is accomplished through steady loss.

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Proposal Continued Retiree benefits for people who resign before between metropolitan assentions are affirmed by the Legislature and the suitable neighborhood authoritative body will remain the obligation of the individual nearby governments.

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Proposal Continued § 207C advantages from occurrences pre-executed between city assention will remain the duty of the separate region. § 207C advantages set up from occurrences post-between civil understanding will be the duty of Broome County. All bartering unit understandings will be regarded for current police work force.

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Proposal Continued New representatives of the Metropolitan Police Force will be spoken to by another Police Benevolent Association isolate from the Road Patrol Deputy association.

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Proposal Continued Bargaining units may solidify under controls put forward by the Taylor Law

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Benefits to the Taxpayer Cost diminishments for police administrations of 15% over a 5 year time span. The quantity of cops in the city in the Urban Core of Broome County will continue as before 15% lessening of staff through whittling down in the center and upper administration positions. Provincial zones will keep on receiving a similar Sheriff's Road Patrol and State Police benefit with cost not influenced by the Broome County Metropolitan Police

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