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VA Advisory Committee on Women Veterans. 2008 National Summit on Women Veterans Issues ... Veterans Day Event: Director will give comments amid a Veterans Day Event at ...

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Bureau of Veterans Affairs Center for Women Veterans (CWV) Briefing for: 83rd National Convention of the Fleet Reserve Association (FRA) and the 78th National Convention of the LA FRA "Supporting Women Veterans: Issues and Initiatives" Irene Trowell-Harris, R.N., Ed.D. Executive, Center for Women Veterans September 17, 2010

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Congressional Mandate Our Mission Our Role Women Veterans Demographics Key Women Veterans Challenges VA Benefits and Services Comprehensive Primary Care Models What Women Veterans Tell Us They Need and Want Joint Coordination and Collaboration Outreach How Women Veterans Can Obtain Local Assistance VA Advisory Committee on Women Veterans 2008 National Summit on Women Veterans Issues White House Council on Women and Girls Study on Vietnam-Era Women Veterans and Others National Vietnam Veterans Readjustment Study National Survey of Veterans Recent Legislation Current Issues Recent Key Events Upcoming Key Events Summary-Where We Are Going How to Contact the Center Overview

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Congressional Mandate November 1994, Public Law 103-446 obliged VA to make The Center for Women Veterans to screen and facilitate VA programs for ladies

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Our Mission Monitor and organize VA's organization of social insurance and advantages administrations, and projects for ladies Veterans. Serve as a supporter for a social change (both inside VA and in the overall population) in perceiving the administration and commitments of ladies Veterans and ladies in the military. Bring issues to light of the duty to treat ladies Veterans with poise and regard.

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Our Role Collaborate and facilitate with VA's three Administrations (VHA, VBA, NCA), and Staff Offices' on their conveyance of advantages and benefits, and forcefully contact with other Federal offices: GAO, DoD (DACOWITS, Defense Task Force on Sexual Assault in the Military Services), DOL (Women's Bureau, Veterans' Employment and Training Service), HHS (Office of Women's Health, Indian Health Service, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and HUD), state, nearby, and other outside accomplices (VSOs, religious and group associations), and in addition the Director serving as VA agent on White House Council on Women and Girls. Serve as an asset focus and data clearinghouse, and perform joint effort to enhance ladies Veterans' attention to VA administrations, advantages and qualification criteria.

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Our Role (proceeded) Educate VA staff on ladies Veterans commitments – Center staff individuals have enrollment on or go to all real far reaching workgroups, teams, and advisory groups, and joint government shared boards of trustees. Prescribe arrangement and authoritative recommendations to the Secretary. Arrange gatherings of the Advisory Committee on Women Veterans, to incorporate a yearly site visit to VA handle offices (human services offices, territorial workplaces, national burial grounds, domiciliaries, transitional lodging). Arrange the advancement, dissemination, and handling of the ACWV reports.

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Women Veterans Demographics One of the quickest developing Veterans subpopulation. Of the 23.4 million Veterans, more than 1.8 million ladies Veterans; 7.7 percent of Veterans populace. Five percent of all Veterans who utilize VA human services administrations are ladies. Almost 300,000 ladies Veterans utilized VHA human services as a part of FY 2009. Usage anticipated that would increment to 10 percent by 2020.

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Women Veterans Demographics Women speak to 15 percent of dynamic obligation military individuals, 15.1 percent of National Guard and 17.7 Reserves Forces (WIMSA information from DoD starting 9/30/09). 20 percent of new military enlisted people are ladies. As per Stars & Strips (25 Jan 10), 8 percent of female troops are moms. Ladies speak to more than 220,000 of the 1.8 million troops serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

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Key Women Veterans Challenges Many ladies Veterans don't self recognize as Veterans. Numerous don't know about and don't have any significant bearing for VA's advantages and administrations. Ladies Veterans underutilize VHA wellbeing administrations. (Of more than 1.8 million ladies Veterans, about 300,000 ladies Veterans utilized VHA medicinal services as a part of FY 2009.) In a few ranges, access to VA's sexual orientation particular care might be constrained. Incongruities in social insurance. Effort to ladies Veterans in country territories.

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VA Benefits and Services VA offers a full continuum of thorough restorative administrations including: Health advancement and sickness counteractive action. Essential care, intense therapeutic/surgical, phone, crisis, training, professional restoration. Substance manhandle treatment, emotional wellness, domiciliary, destitute, restoration and long haul mind. Ladies' sexual orientation particular social insurance, for example, hormone substitution treatment, bosom and gynecological care, maternity and restricted fruitlessness (barring in-vitro preparation).

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VA Benefits and Services (proceeded) Other VA advantages important to ladies Veterans include: Health Care and pay for certain birth surrenders experienced by offspring of ladies Vietnam Veterans. Unique Monthly Compensation (SMC) for the misfortune or loss of utilization of particular organs or limits, to incorporate hysterectomy and loss of a rate of tissue from a solitary bosom, or both bosoms because of mastectomy, or radiation treatment. Military Sexual Trauma (MST) advising and treatment, even without recording an administration association assert for inability.

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Comprehensive Primary Care Models Three potential models of care conveyance that will: Better address the issues of ladies Veterans. Diminish discontinuity of care. Enhance progression of care. The models are adaptable: Model 1: General essential care center. Show 2: Separate, however shared space. Display 3: ladies' wellbeing focus. Comprehend the populace served to tailor the model of essential care conveyance to every site. Source: Dr. Patricia Hayes, VHA Women's Veterans Health, ACWV Meeting, March 30, 2010.

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What Women Veterans Tell us They Need and Want Recognition and regard. Work. Reasonable lodging. Access to and receipt of fantastic human services. Childcare alternatives. Open doors for social collaboration. Need to have any kind of effect.

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Joint Coordination and Collaboration Active investment in joint activities and workgroups: White House Council on Women and Girls. Congressional roundtable dialogs. Government and military offices (DoD[DACOWITS, SAPRO] DOL, DOJ, HHS, and so on.). Veterans benefit associations. State gatherings (in support of State ladies Veterans facilitators). Province and group occasions. Religious and neighborhood organizations. Approach and authoritative gatherings, (for example, Women's Policy, Inc.). Numerous other ladies and minority bunches.

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Outreach is an essential training device to interface ladies Veterans and to exhibit to them that VA values their military commitments. Exceed necessities to depict and target ladies Veterans with pictures, messages and marking in the media. In March, the Center in a joint effort with VA organizations started the Her Story crusade. The crusade was held in conjunction with initiation of Women's History Month (subject: "Composition Women Back into History.")

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Outreach Goal of Her Story battle is to energize VACO and VA field areas to support office occasions that would highlight the administration of ladies Veterans and VA's ladies Veterans representatives. The Center for Women Veterans (CWV) will highlight (week by week) ladies Veteran representatives and (quarterly) highlight a VA office on its site ( ) that shows inventiveness, verifiable bearing and neighborhood flare in telling the numerous commitments of ladies Veteran and ladies Veteran workers. Plan is for these occasions and the acknowledgment to reach out past Women's History Month. Her Story will come full circle with different celebrations, for example, Women's Equality Day and Veterans Day.

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How Women Veterans Can Obtain Local Assistance Full-time ladies Veterans program chiefs at each VA human services office; Women Veterans Health Strategic Health Care Group (some time ago Women Veterans Health Program Office): Veterans facilitator at each VA territorial office: Homeless Veterans organizers: Minority Veterans program facilitator at each VA social insurance office, provincial office, and national burial ground: and psychological well-being organizers: and .

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How Women Veterans Can Obtain Assistance VA National Homeless Veterans Call Center 1-877 424-3838 or 1-877 4AID-VET, . Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255) VHA arrangements to use the OIF/OEF Call Center to contact Women Veterans National Cemetery Administration "site page effort to Women and Minority Veterans." Website: .

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Other Resources for Women Veterans National Association of State Women Veterans Coordinators (State Department of Veterans Affairs/Governor's Office ) In Military Service For America (WIMSA) Women's Policy, Inc. Policy on Prevention and Response to Sexual Assault

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VA Advisory Committee on Women Veterans (ACWV) Established by PL 98-160 in 1983; contract reestablished like clockwork. Reason for existing is to give counsel to the Secretary, through Director of Center for Women Veterans, on the necessities of ladies Veterans (1.8 million). As of now 12 Members (various gathering of ladies and men, speaking to various military branches, and different periods to incorporate 2 OEF/OIF Veterans). Ex-officio and counselor individuals, from VHA, VBA, NCA, and also Departments of Defense, La