Blue Ocean Strategy Ch 7 Overcome Key Organizational Hurdles

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Overcome Key Organizational Hurdles

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Blue Ocean Strategy Ch 7 Overcome Key Organizational Hurdles Team III Cal Wallace M Isabel Castaneda Pat McGregor

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Overcome Key Organizational Hurdles  The test of execution exists, and is a lofty one. Directors confront four obstacles: Cognitive: awakening representatives to the requirement for a vital move. Constrained Resources Motivation Politics

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The Four Organizational Hurdles to Strategy Execution

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Tipping Point Leadership in Action  New York City Police Department Executed a blue sea methodology in the 1990s in the general population part. Charge Bratton delegated police chief in 1994.  Faced resistance couple of administrators ever confronted. Wrongdoing was at an unequaled high. Under two years and with no increments in the financial plan, Bratton transformed NYC into the most secure biggest city in the US.

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The Pivotal Lever: Disproportionate Influence Factors  Fundamental changes can happen immediately when the convictions and energies of a minimum amount of individuals make a plague development toward a thought. The 20:80 idea.

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Breaking Through the Cognitive Hurdle  In turnaround, and corporate changes, the hardest part is making individuals mindful of the requirement for a key change. Tipping point initiative does not depend on numbers to get through the association's intellectual obstacle.

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Ride the "Electric Sewer" To break business as usual, representatives must face the most noticeably awful operational issues. Encountering poor execution is stunning and inevitable. i.e. NYC Subway in 1990s

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Meet with Disgruntled Customers  To tip subjective obstacle, you can not just simply get supervisors out of the workplace to witness the operational repulsiveness. Administrators should likewise tune in to disappointed clients firsthand. i.e. Boston Police

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Jump the Resource Hurdle Multiply vale of assets as of now have Factors that Exec's can use to free up assets: Hot Spots Cold Spots Horse Trading

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Jump the Resource Hurdle Cont Hot Spots-low assets yet high potential execution increases Cold Spots-high asset input however low execution affect Horse Trading-Trading unit's abundance assets in one range to another's to fill remaining assets holes.

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Redistribute Resources to Your Hot Spot NY Transit police Increase benefits, increment costs Target problem areas and drive stayed steady Redirect Resources from Your Cold Spots NY Transit police Freeing up assets for use in Hot Spots Jump the Resource Hurdle Cont

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Jump the Resource Hurdle Cont Engage in Horse Trading Skillfully exchange assets not required for those of others do required. NY Transit police Traded not required abundance watch autos for quite required office space the other division did not require.

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Jump the Motivational Hurdle How to inspire rapidly and efficiently? Three components of unbalanced impact : Kingpins Fishbowl Management Atomization

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Hone in on your normal pioneers! "The individuals who are very much regarded and convincing."  "Those who have capacity to utilize or open key assets" Instead of propelling all to the change, its simpler to move less. "Utilize the gradually expanding influence" Example:  NYPD spurring 76 region heads that have a progressively outstretching influence on their areas of expertise. Bosses

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Make these bosses' activities and non-activities noticeable to others. Address them before their associates and bosses. Gives  an open door for achievers to pick up the acknowledgment. Utilize the "reasonable process" Engage  and disclose to all Set clear desires Levels the playing field for bosses to progress or downgrade do to execution. Part 8 goes more inside and out with  reasonable process. Bosses in a Fishbowl

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ATOMIZATION Unless the objective is viewed as achievable, it normally is not prone to work. Make the activities in the vision encircled by areas, or segments. For example:  By Department By Precinct By Division 

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Politics are wherever in business related exercises! Affecting components Leverage Angels Silencing Devils Getting the consigliore on the top administration. CONSIGLIERE: A politically skilled yet exceedingly regarded insider. Knows those that will battle you and who will bolster you. Case: Timoney knowing the political amusement in NYPD and answering to Bratton. Thump Over the Political Hurdle

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Leverage Your Angels and Silence your Devils  Who is a heavenly attendant and who is a demon? Try not to battle alone. "Debilitate the war before it starts. Know the approaches" "Suspect the response"

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Challenge Conventional Wisdom   Transforming the masses utilizes time and assets. Execution by utilizing tipping direct pioneers toward utilize unbalanced influencers. Figure 7-3 page 169

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