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An application advancement structure for the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution ... The BlackBerry utilizes a type of Wireless Application Protocol Binary ...

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´╗┐BlackBerry Web Services Week III

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Overview Mobile Limitations Blackberry Solutions Blackberry MDS Blackberry Enterprise Server MDS Developer Tools 2

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Mobile Limitations When executing a web benefit, you accept: Reasonable handling power accessible A solid association A cell phone over a cell arrange does not meet these prerequisites Hardware confinements Unreliability of cell system Interoperability issues Different norms being utilized 3

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BlackBerry Solution A total application stage Composed of numerous segments and administrations: Wireless gadget Real time conveyance of email to gadget Wireless availability to the undertaking and Internet "Dependably on" push innovation Security, administration, and application provisioning Wireless application improvement stage 4

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BlackBerry MDS Mobile Data System An application improvement structure for the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution Allows associations to convey corporate information remotely Leverages the BlackBerry push conveyance show 5

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BlackBerry MDS (Cont.) Optimized for information transmission Minimize organize activity and costs Responsive application encounter Maximize battery life Small application impression Maximize gadget stockpiling accessible for client information 6

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BlackBerry MDS (Cont.) Support for disconnected operation Local information stockpiling and nearby preparing capacities Support for push conveyance of use information All the colossal qualities of BlackBerry accessible to custom venture applications Support for Web benefits starting 2005 7

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WBXML Wireless Application Protocol Binary XML SOAP and XML are not the most productive over remote systems Communication overhead normally connected with XML BlackBerry to MDS correspondences utilize an exclusive, compacted adaptation of WBXML 8

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MDS Architecture 9

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MDS Security 10

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MDS Security (Cont.) End-to-End Wireless Encryption Between BES and handheld: Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) or Triple Data Encryption Standard (Triple DES) Optionally empowers HTTPS associations with application servers Data remains encoded in travel and is never decoded outside of the corporate firewall. Validation Data sent to gadget is encoded by BES utilizing the private key from client's post box Data sent from gadget is scrambled with mystery key on gadget 11

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MDS Components BlackBerry Enterprise Server MDS Services MDS Developer Tools MDS Runtime 12

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BlackBerry Enterprise Server Abbreviated as BES Push-based access to email; date-book, contacts, errands and notes; texting; electronic applications administrations and endeavor applications. A remote stage that can amplify your present informing and joint effort situations: Microsoft Exchange Lotus Domino Novell GroupWise 13

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MDS Services Part of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Manages the collaborations and demands between BlackBerry cell phones and undertaking applications 14

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MDS Services (Cont.) How would they work? The BES handles demands from BlackBerry MDS customer applications and connects with corporate applications The real web benefit ask for starts from behind the corporate firewall The BlackBerry utilizes a type of Wireless Application Protocol Binary XML (WBXML) to send and get packed XML messages to decrease correspondence overhead 15

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MDS Developer Tools Free to download Two choices: BlackBerry MDS Studio BlackBerry Plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio 16

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MDS Studio A visual move and customize engineer stage used to plan BlackBerry applications Takes care of producing the fundamental "pipes" code to get to summon the Web benefit Centered around making web administrations accessible to BlackBerry clients Developers can peruse to any WSDL record, locate the accessible Web benefits that they might want to get to and basically move and customize them into their application Provides a domain to make, test, and distribute BlackBerry applications 17

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MDS Studio Screenshot 18

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MDS Studio Architecture Create Web benefits that can get to big business applications and information Develop and fabricate BlackBerry MDS application Publish MDS applications to vault MDS applications download to customer and keep running on MDS runtime MDS applications conjure Web administrations to get to big business applications through BlackBerry remote stage 19

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MDS Studio Architecture (Cont.) 20

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MDS Studio Approaches Quick Start Top-Down Bottom-Up 21

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Quick Start Approach A completely computerized approach Select a WSDL document and BlackBerry MDS Studio will create the application screen, information, and message parts 22

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Bottom-Up Approach A semi-robotized approach Select a WSDL document and BlackBerry MDS Studio will create the information, message segments, and one introductory principle screen Does not create the whole customer as like the "Snappy Start" approach 23

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Top-Down Approach A manual approach Starts from the front-end Developer makes screens, information, message segments Then select an information source to physically tie application operations 24

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MDS Studio Video Walkthrough (Click to watch video) 25

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BlackBerry Plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio Allows venture designers to influence existing Microsoft based engineer devices to: Wirelessly empower applications for BlackBerry cell phones Lets engineers working inside a .NET programming environment utilize their advancement instrument of decision, while as yet exploiting the advantages of the BlackBerry Mobile Data System. 26

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MDS Runtime BlackBerry MDS Device Software permits applications worked with BlackBerry MDS Developer Tools to keep running on BlackBerry cell phones The MDS Runtime permits applications made with BlackBerry MDS Studio or the BlackBerry Plug-in for Microsoft® Visual Studio to keep running on BlackBerry cell phones 27

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MDS Runtime 28

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MDS Application Components Screens Data Messages 29

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MDS Application Screens Use screen segments to permit the client to interface with the Web benefit Create screen segments to permit clients to explore and use web administrations. Screens organize UI components: Labels Buttons Drop-down menus Text boxes 30

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MDS Application Data Use information segments to oversee data got from the UI or web benefit Intermediary layer amongst screens and messages Data segments are named either keyed or keyless: Keyed information parts exist in an information accumulation and are each recognized by a one of a kind essential field of a similar sort, for example, an ID number. Keyless information parts can't be overseen in an information accumulation and must exist inside a keyed information segment, a message, a screen parameter, or a variable. 31

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MDS Application Data (Cont.) Data is put away in nearby factors, worldwide factors, or screen parameters. Utilize nearby factors to briefly store data on the present screen Use worldwide factors to store data that is accessible all through the application. Utilize screen parameters to pass data to different screens or scripts. 32

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MDS Application Messages Use message parts to transfer data over the remote system Create messages to transport information to and from the web benefit Outbound messages send information to the web benefit Inbound messages send information to the application To cooperate with the Web benefit, coordinate the information contained in a message to a Web benefit operation Matching message information to Web benefit operations is known as restricting 33

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Test a MDS Application MDS Studio incorporates a BlackBerry test system Can reproduce essentially any gadget show Reduces advancement time Note: You ought to in any case dependably test on a physical gadget also 34

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Publish a MDS Application Publish a MDS application to the Application Repository BlackBerry clients can see accessible applications from a registry and Download the distributed application from the vault 35

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Conclusion Easy Virtually no programming required Security Build on the BlackBerry stage Bandwidth Efficiency Proprietary WBXML arrange advances transmission capacity, decreases handling, and enhances gadget battery utilization Availability Always-on system Real-time Utilizes BlackBerry's push-based innovation 36