BlackBerry Applications utilizing Microsoft Visual Studio and Database Taking care of

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This module empowers engineers who are knowledgeable about the .NET structure to amplify their applications remotely utilizing BlackBerry Mobile Data System (MDS) Overview ...

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BlackBerry Applications utilizing Microsoft Visual Studio and Database Handling

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Extending Microsoft Visual Studio Environment with an end goal to bolster famous advancement situations, RIM has presented the BlackBerry Plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio This module empowers engineers who are knowledgeable about the .NET structure to expand their applications remotely utilizing BlackBerry Mobile Data System (MDS)

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Overview Using the BlackBerry Plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio, one can create rich-customer BlackBerry MDS runtime applications One can likewise outline and test BlackBerry MDS Runtime applications utilizing an arrangement of predefined controls, strategies, and classes Easy to fabricate Drag and drop

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BlackBerry Plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio Features Some of the fundamental elements include: Visual Graphical User Interface (GUI) Code era Testing and troubleshooting Support for Web administrations ASP.NET application bolster GPS bolster

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BlackBerry Plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio Features (kept) Using the module, one has entry to numerous BlackBerry test systems One additionally has entry to a wide assortment of BlackBerry controls

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BlackBerry Plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio Features (proceeded with) Developers can compose their code in the .NET structure (i.e. C#, or VB.NET) Event taking care of and application rationale is composed in JavaScript

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BlackBerry Toolbox The tool compartment permits you to Connect to a BlackBerry gadget Launch test program Publish an application

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Creating Mobile Web Applications Using BlackBerry Plug-in (1) Create another Web website utilizing Microsoft Visual Studio Select the format "ASP.NET Web Site" and characterize the area of the Web webpage

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Creating Mobile Web Applications utilizing BlackBerry Plug-as a part of (2) Create a basic Web page in XHTML

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Creating Mobile Web Applications utilizing BlackBerry Plug-as a part of (3) Right tap on the filename in the arrangement wayfarer Select "Peruse With… " Select "BlackBerry Browser"

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Creating Mobile Web Applications utilizing BlackBerry Plug-as a part of (4) After clicking "Program" catch, the BlackBerry MDS Development Server test system begins A symbol shows up in the desktop assignment bar A "Begin Debugging" window shows up

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Creating Mobile Web Applications utilizing BlackBerry Plug-as a part of (4) The BlackBerry test system begins, propelling the Web page in the test system's program and showing the outcomes Advantage the module consequently dispatches the MDS Development Server and BlackBerry Device Simulator

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Creating Mobile Web Applications utilizing BlackBerry Plug-as a part of (5) You can control the status of the MDS Development Server test system by right tapping on the symbol on the errand bar You can likewise indicate propelled settings, for example, port data and intermediary association data utilizing the " Settings " alternative

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Database-Driven Mobile Web Applications Databases are a route for overseeing and conveying data over the Web In an average Web application, a GUI controls the front-end of the application and the database are utilized to deal with the back-end conveyance of data

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What is a database? Database: An accumulation of realities that are deliberately sorted out [Ashenfelter, 1999] The most widely recognized kind of databases is the social database Relational databases permit the connecting between tables a table can "relate" to different tables

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Database Components Tables Organized database components into sections (identifiers) and lines (values) Queries Tools that are utilized to include, change, or erase data from a database Forms UI for database applications (got to specifically) Reports Printable archives for gathering of records

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Database Components Example from Microsoft Access Table Queries

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Database Tables Database tables are composed into Columns (fields) typically contain the identifiers (can be interesting) Rows (records) typically contain estimations of information things Field (identifier) Columns Rows esteem

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Primary Keys Databases can guarantee that qualities are exceptional Attempting to enter a copy returns a mistake One can allot a segment an essential key Primary Keys: estimations of at least two records in a field can not be the same used to connection tables with each other

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Database Relationships Databases can contain various Tables can identify with each other School_ID is utilized to interface the two tables Field name Relationship Primary key

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Database Envorinment Database Management Systems (DBMS) is a product that is in charge of characterizing, making, and keeping up databases Can relegate parts for clients to get to databases Examples: Microsoft Access, Oracle, SQL Server, and so on

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.NET Environment Microsoft Windows-based working frameworks give the Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) ODBC goes about as an interpreter between different database positions and an all inclusive database dialect called Structure Query Language (SQL)

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Structure Query Language (SQL) SQL is an industry standard Used to get to databases It is made on English dialect proclamations that determine a question to be executed Example: SELECT * From tableName

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ASP.NET Designed by Microsoft that go for changing the way organizations create programs Unlike numerous other scripting innovations, ASP.NET is an undeniable programming dialect that is upheld by the .NET Framework

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ASP.NET (proceeded with) One can build up an ASP.NET application that is made out of a blend of dialects Visual Basic.NET (VB.NET), C-Sharp (C#) or JavaScript Using ASP.NE, one has a more prominent choice of programming dialects

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Elements of ASP.NET Page New labels in the shape No frame activity If you don't indicate an activity, the shape backpedals to itself (postback shape) Runat: by determining server, you educate ASP.NET to monitor this frame on the server (without it, it goes about as would be expected HTML)

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Code Blocks Code Declaration Block <script></script>: delimits a segment of the page that the program will prepare powerfully The strategy for isolating HTML from ASP.NET is accomplished through Server Controls

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Server Controls case <Script language="VB" runat="server"> Sub Page_Load() Message.Text="ASP.NET Code line" End Sub </script> <html> <head> <Title>Server Controls example</Title> <Body> First HTML Line<br/> <asp:label id=Message runat="server"/> <br/> Second HTML Line<br/> </body> </html> This marker is known as server control. The id trait of the server control relates with the line of code in the <script> square which we determine the content to show.

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asp:label Example The ID credit is utilized to particularly distinguish the <asp:label> control one can allude to it in the ASP.NET code The runat="server" ascribe advises the server to prepare the control and produce HTML code to be sent to the customer

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asp:DropDownList Example

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asp: DropDownList Example (proceeded)

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BlackBerry Database Example Objective: Select a client name from a drop down menu and show client data Create a Microsoft Access (mdb) database Customers.mdb One table: CustomerInfo Four Fields: Name, Telephone, Email, Country

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BlackBerry Database Example (proceeded with) Place the database document "Customers.mdb" into the "App_Data" organizer of Web webpage Fill in a few records into the database

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BlackBerry Database Example (proceeded) In Server Explorer , double tap on Tables and right tap on CustomerInfo , then select "Show Table Data"

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BlackBerry Database Example (proceeded) Edit Default.aspx to Select the Name field Display Name records in a drop down menu Create DropDownList control Create Label control

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BlackBerry Database Example (proceeded with) Connect to Microsoft Access database ODBC Driver Database File SQL

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BlackBerry Database Example (proceeded with) Read the information from the database into a protest called DataReader Locally stores database records in a Web page

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BlackBerry Database Example (proceeded) For every record, send the information to be included as an ASP List Item Text Value Column Name

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BlackBerry Database Example (proceeded with) Bind the information to the DropDownList control DataBind is an inherent part that ties all information expressions to any ASP.NET server control

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BlackBerry Database Example (proceeded with) The DropDownList populates the ListItem controls specifically from the database The bigger the database, the additional time it would take to stack the DropDownList Without the DataBind() technique, the information would not be stacked Data restricting may debase your versatile Web application, contingent upon the way of the calls and the measure of information