BJD Yearly WORLD System Meeting October 13-14,2007,GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA

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The National Musculoskeletal Health Program in view of the information and proposals of the BJD has been ... furthermore, going to patients can be effectively educated about BJD related news. ...

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´╗┐Hungarian NAN of the BJD Key tasks in 2007 The National Musculoskeletal Health Program in view of the information and proposals of the BJD has been concluded and agreement gatherings have been assembled with investment of expert and patient social orders. Stressing the significance and the weight is an essential assignment in Hungary, on the grounds that musculoskeletal wellbeing and musculoskeletal medication are not needs in the Hungarian Health Program. One of the principle restorative exercises inside the BJD was the continuation of the ECHO extend. The ECHO extend has been propelled a year ago, and was exhibited on the NAN gathering in Durban, South Africa. This program was produced for enlisting patients enduring low injury breaks. The relating traumatologists alluded the patients to the neighborhood OP Centers to affirm conclusion of OP and begin the appropriate treatment. Right around 1400 patients have been enrolled in this venture, in Hungary as of recently. Under the umbrella of the Hungarian NAN, the National Hip and Knee Joint Prosthesis Register has been produced. On the sites of the part social orders, BJD areas have been built up. Through these BJD segments every Hungarian expert and going by patients can be effortlessly educated about BJD related news. Connections to the included landing pages are the accompanying:;;; Out and out more than 4.000 enlisted clients - for the most part social insurance experts - are accessible through these sites. BJD ANNUAL WORLD NETWORK CONFERENCE October 13-14,2007,GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA Key patients aggregate exercises and result The Association of Patients with Rheumatic Diseases consented to a participation arrangement with the Hungarian League of Cancer Patients titled "Together against Pain" Based on this understanding three patient-training meetings were composed for rheumatic and growth patients. The Hung. Society of OP Patients built up their own site and proceeded with their Patient Education Program titled: How to keep away from cracks? - The Hung. Ass. of RA patients prevailing with regards to winning a concede for helping patients in poor economic wellbeing, and for financing general and without cost gather gymnastic for the individuals. The Hungarian NAN took part in REHA Hungary a two days discussion presentation and reasonable for the incapacitated, with various patient instruction programs. Key associations with ISC, different NANs, provincial gatherings, governments The Hungarian BJD Foundation completed and distributed the National Program of Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation of musculoskeletal infections, in light of the proposals of BJD. The Foundation together with the Association of Patients with Rheumatic Diseases, Hungarian Association of RA Patients effectively reached the leaders of the Hung. Wellbeing Reform and prevailing with regards to keeping a few arranges adversely affecting the financing of treatment repayment of OP and antirheumatic medications and helps. Key advancement get ready for 2008 Continuation of the ECHO program for treatment of patients enduring OP cracks. We plan to associate the ECHO Project's database and the National Prosthesis Register, that were working freely as of not long ago. We are wanting to improve BJD related electronic restorative interchanges and exercises in Hungary. - Defending the interests of musculoskeletal patients and musculoskeletal drug in the Hungarian Health Reform. - Implementation of the National Program.