Bike Powered Water Pump

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Bike Powered Water Pump Purple B Margaret Gentile Chris Grossman Charles Louison Jim Otten Jessica Rabl Chris Rivest

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Overview Irrigation basically ailing in underdeveloped nations. Current pumps don't meet monetary and ergonomic prerequisites of ranchers. Bikes are predominant and moderately ergonomic method of transportation. Bike fueled pump answers water system require.

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Potential Markets India People: 58% of populace in agrarian work compel Equipment: ~100M bikes Demand: requirement for water system water anticipated to rise significantly Potential Concern: not socially satisfactory for ladies to ride bikes China People: half of populace in rural work drive Equipment: ~750M bikes Demand: just 40% of developed land is flooded, yet creates 67% of products ( ) Many government supported water system ventures flop because of poor efficiencies and absence of framework upkeep Summary-$ 1 billion market for $50 pump (2.5% market infiltration)

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MoneyMaker Pump Benchmark max pumping rate = 1.5L/sec aggregate pumping head = 13m max useable well profundity = 6m max separate pumping crosswise over level land = 200m max measure of land inundated = 2.4acres pump weight = 20kg fabricate cost = $200 buyer cost = $50

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Critical Issues Benchmarking Cost Goal: To be most practical human controlled pump in third world market Bellows plan makes cylinder an expendable ware thing Ergonomics Goal – To give a more open to pumping framework than MoneyMaker pump Proven that cycling lower affect than running Efficiency Goal – To outline a pump of equivalent or preferable proficiency over MoneyMaker pump

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Issues Addressed by Mockup Feasibility of ease objective pump worked for under $25 Critical cries segment costs on request of pennies Still need to lessen cost of different parts (valve and so forth.) Pump Design Various outlines considered, howls picked on cost premise Bellows pump found to work best when two are keep running in parallel Efficiency Design for taking influence off back wheel – still needs testing Pump – still need to address valve and sealant issues

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Mockup Design standard bike fits into widespread stand influence brought off back wheel with roller transmits influence by means of fasten to wrench shaft wrench shaft powers constructive removal roars pump

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Pump Testing Charles River Chapel Moat Difficulty accomplishing pump head, taking action enhance execution Better stream rate, high inertial strengths because of irregular pumping activity

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Test Results (Manual) Single cries hand pumping rate = .75L/sec Inertia matters! Twofold out of stage cries decreased constrain by ~6x Priming important Cheap pump doable

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Mock Up Demo

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Future Work/Lessons Learned Install twofold pump innovation/double reservior to diminish inertial strengths Reduce consistence in power transmission Implement drive lessening Extract quantitative information from mockup - measure productivity Pumps are enjoyable!