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Bibliology The Study of the Bible The Invisible God has uncovered Himself in the Person of Christ and through the uncovered and enlivened composed Word of God Study of the Bible

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Meaning of "Book of scriptures" Derived from biblion , "book" or "move" This word originates from byblos , from the papyrus plant Cut in 1 ft. strips, dried, split, laid in confound strips, stuck together like plywood Horizontal strips got to be composing surfaces Very delicate Sections stuck together to shape a look up to 30 ft Plural frame, biblia utilized by Latin-speaking Christians for all books of Bible (OT and NT) Study of the Bible

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Meaning of "Sacred writing " Comes from OT graphe , "works" In OT "Compositions" conveyed incredible power (2 Ki 14:6; 2 Chron 23:18: Ezra 3:2) Collected into 3 groupings: Law Prophets Writings (Psalms) In NT, grapho , utilized 99x ref to Bible and graphe , utilized 51x ref to Scriptures Ref to all parts of Scripture (Mt 21:42; Ro 15:4) Ref to individual parts of Scripture (Mk 12:10; Rom 11:2) Quoting Scripture is synonymous with citing God (Rom 4:3; 10:11; 1 Tim 5:18) Study of the Bible

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Divine Origin of the Bible 3,800 times, "God said" or "Subsequently says the Lord" (Ex 14:1; 20:1; Isa 1:10) Paul perceived what he was composing was the instruction of God (1 Co 14:37) Acknowledged by devotees (1 Th 2:13) Peter cautioned not to change it (2 Pe 1:16-21) John said to reject his works was to reject God! (1 Jn 4:6) Many languished over making such cases (Jer 11:21; 12:6; 23:21) Testimonies of Jesus, Moses, Joshua, David, Daniel, Nehemiah, John, and Paul attest the power and verbal motivation of Scriptures Study of the Bible

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Continuity of the Bible regardless of assorted qualities of writers 40+ writers Diverse foundations: political pioneer, military, shepherd, lord, herder, leader, charge gatherer, specialist, rabbi, angler, Jesus' sibling Different areas, differences of conditions Europe, Asia, Africa Prisons (Paul, Jeremiah), deserts, wide open, imperial court Most did not know of different authors of Scripture and new of what they composed Wrote over a time of 1500 years All without disagreement or irregularities. Investigation of the Bible

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Caesar 100 B.C. 900 A.D. 10 ¿? Livy 100 B.C. ¿? 20 ¿? Tacito 100 A.D. 1.100 A.D. 20 ¿? Thucidides 400 B.C. 900 A.D. 8 ¿? Demosthenes 300 B.C. 1.100 A.D. 200 ¿? Homer 900 B.C. ¿? 643 95% 130 A.D. New Testament 50-100 A.D. 5.000 99.5% Comparison of Ancient Texts Autor Date of composing Most antiquated duplicates Num. of duplicates exist Authenticity of duplicates . Investigation of the Bible

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Divine "Disclosure": Definitions Derived from apokalupsis, "divulgence" or "uncovering" God has uncovered Himself to humanity Revelation makes religious philosophy conceivable – propositional explanations about God Def: "The demonstration of God whereby He unveils Himself or imparts truth to man's mind, what couldn't be known in whatever other way ." " Revelation ": God's exposure of Himself through creation, history, heart of man and Scripture." Revelation is both General and Special Study of the Bible

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General Revelation Though not satisfactory to get salvation, but rather imperative forerunner General disclosure is for sure truths and parts of His temperament to everybody Psa 19:1-6 shows His disclosure in the sky It is ceaseless (v. 2) Day unto day uttereth discourse, and night unto night sheweth learning. It is silent (v.3) There is no discourse or dialect where their voice is not listened. It is around the world (v. 4) Their line is gone out through all the earth Rom 1:18-21– Invisible traits are apparent: (1) interminable power; (2) divine nature (v. 20) Study of the Bible

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More on General Revelation Reveals through Providential Control: Goodness in disseminating daylight and rain Mt 5:45; Acts 14:15-17 James 1:17 " Every great and immaculate blessing is from above" Dealings with countries National train for insubordination (Israel: Deut 28: 15-68 and Egypt: Ex 7-11) Raises countries to control and additionally death (Dan 2:21, 31-43) Study of the Bible

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More on General Revelation Reveals through Conscience Intuitive learning concerning God in heart of man (Rom 2:14-15) Gentiles, who don't have the law, do by nature things required by the law, they are a law for themselves, despite the fact that they don't have the law since they demonstrate that the prerequisites of the law are composed on their souls, It is adequate to be the premise of judgment (2:15) their still, small voices likewise giving testimony, their considerations now charging, now notwithstanding shielding them.) Inner screen or voice of God that condemns reaction of man to inward good law Study of the Bible

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Special Revelation A restricted center: from Jesus and Scriptures Scripture is given in Propositonal explanations originating from outside of man (not from inside man) " God talked every one of these words … " Ex 20:1 " Moses wrapped up the expressions of this law in a book … " Deut 31:24 "… The expression of the Lord came to Jeremiah… which Baruch had composed at the correspondence of Jeremiah … " Jer 36:27-28 "… I NEITHER RECEIVED IT FROM MAN, NOR WAS I TAUGHT IT, however I got it through a disclosure of Jesus Christ " (Gal 1:11-12) Study of the Bible

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More on Special Revelation Necessary because of man's evil bequest God uncovered method for salvation/compromise Special center is Person of Christ He clarifies the Father (Jn 1:18) Declared His words (Jn 6:63) and works (Jn 5:36) and afterward recorded in Scriptures for world Heb 1:3 Christ is "brilliance of God's grandness and the correct representation of His tendency." Special since it is God-inhaled Though composed by men, the Spirit dominated it, conveying them along (2 Pet 1:21) Though Christ was human conceived, the Spirit eclipsed the occasion (Luke 1:35) Study of the Bible

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In Nature Ps 19:1-6– Reveals God exists and His transcendence Rom 1:18-21 – Reveals God is transcendent and He will judge In Providence Mt 5:45, God is generous to all Acts 14:15-17, God gives nourishment to all Dan 2:21, God brings up countries Up in Conscience Rom 2:14-15, God set His law w/n hearts of all men In Christ Jn 1:18, Jesus uncovers what the Father resemble Jn 5:36-37, Reveals Father's sympathy Jn 6:36; 14:10, Reveals Father offers life to the individuals who have confidence In Scripture 2 Tim 3:16,17, Reveals tenet and keys for good living 2 Pet 1:21, Reveals God unveiled His Word through people under the Spirit's control Review: Types of Revelation General Revelation Special Revelation

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Inspiration of the Bible God's disclosure is just as legitimate as the recording devise: motivation promises it Def: "The Spirit's superintending over the scholars so that while composing as indicated by their own styles and identities, the outcome was God's Word composed—definitive, reliable, free from mistake in the first signatures" Study of the Bible

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Necessary components of Inspiration Divine component — God the Spirit superintended essayists, guaranteeing precision Human components — composed by styles, vocabulary and identities Result of Divine - human creation—a record of God's truth without blunder Extent of motivation — reaches out to the determination of every word by the writers without transcription Limitation — stretches out to the first compositions just Study of the Bible

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Meaning of "motivation" Comes from Latin Vulgate Bible, verb inspiro In 2 Tim 3:16 and 2 Pet 1:21, "motivation" is utilized to interpret theopneustos ( theos-"God"; + pneustos, "breath") Emphasis is on the breathing out of God or "spiration" more exact: result of the breath of God Other things inhaled out by God: Gen 2:7—the living souls of all men Psa 33:6 – every one of the planets in space Study of the Bible

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False perspectives of Inspiration Natural motivation — Not heavenly, yet works of abnormal men, as Shakespeare Spiritual light — Special profound understanding of Spirit, a capability of any adherent: say the author was "propelled", not compositions. Halfway or dynamic motivation — what identifies with confidence and practice is roused, yet history, science, chronology,etc. may have mistakes. Dismiss "verbal" and "whole" motivation. Say that what is enlivened is adequate for salvation. Who figures out which parts enlivened? By what means can precept be isolated from History? By what method can Bible be dependable in one range with mistakes in others? Investigation of the Bible

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More False Views Conceptual Inspiration — just the ideas or thoughts of creators were propelled. Mistakes are conceivable because of creator's selection of words. Jesus (Mt 5:18) and Paul (1 Th 2:13) held verbal motivation Divine Dictation — God managed words and men simply kept in touch with them down latently (as amanuenses or secretaries). In spite of the fact that creators recorded God's announcements to them, singular styles invalidate this hypothesis Study of the Bible

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More False Views Neo-standard feeling — the Bible is not equivalent to the Word of God, since God doesn't talk in simple suggestions. He doesn't uncover actualities about Himself, yet uncovers Himself . The Bible turns into the Word of God, when the peruser subjectively experiences Christ. Investigation of the Bible

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Christ's perspective of the Bible Inspiration of the entire—Mat 5:17-18, not even the littlest letter would go without being satisfied Luke 24:44, All things composed of Him in Moses and prophets must be satisfied John 10:35, "Sacred writings can't be broken" Inspiration of the parts—Frequent quotes from OT (Mt 4:4,7,10) as enlivened Inspiration of the words—Mt 22:44, Messiah not a political deliverer, but rather divine by accentuation on "My" Inspiration of the New Testament— Jn 14:26 guarantee of review for later written work Inspiration of the letters—Mt 5:18, Not a "scribble or