Best Practices in Public Relations

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Best Practices in Public Relations What is advertising? Best Practices in Public Relations The great and the awful in p.r. How the Internet is influencing p.r.

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How would we characterize Public Relations?

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Public Relations Goals Build Relationships Educate the general population Promote targets Always highest in your psyche is the notoriety of your association.

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Best Practices in Public Relations Include Public Relations in Management Planning Know Where You Need to Go Build Relationships Utilize Crisis Management Give Ethics the Highest Priority

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Include P.R. in Management Decision-Making Is correspondence achieving all the right individuals? By what means will it play on Page One? Abstain from "shooting from the hip" What is the best approach to speak with partners? Have you considered your Achilles' Heels?

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Know Where You Need to Go Survey What do individuals think about you? Are there seething issues out there? Do we comprehend the monetary and political issues? Build up benchmarks What would we be able to quantify? What do we need our endeavors to finish?

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Build Relationships Use the right configuration… … with the right individuals… … who have the right contacts.

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By interfacing with key influencers we can accomplish more noteworthy Acceleration Collaboration Validation Recognition You can't finish the mission behind a work area!

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Focus on Crisis Management Don't take responsibility for issue that is not yours The issue ought to be the occurrence itself, not the treatment of it

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Focus on Ethics Set business hones that are blameless Build a strong notoriety bank Value your notoriety

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Why were these P.R. Bungles? Dixie Chicks KFC's solid (?) fricasseed chicken The FEMA news gathering