Benchmarking Energy Use in Commercial Buildings

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Benchmarking Energy Use in Commercial Buildings Satish Kumar, Ph.D. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Public Sector Energy Management Workshop Mumbai, India September 20, 2005

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Objective Understand Energy Efficiency Benchmarking and the distinctive sorts of benchmarking Study and break down existing benchmarking instruments Explore the different parameters and strategies utilized as a part of benchmarking Demonstrate itemized evaluation of particular apparatuses through the utilization of a theoretical contextual analysis The concentrate just intends to inspect and display perceptions from examination of benchmarking devices from User point of view and does not investigate specialized perspectives.

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Purpose of Benchmarking Assessing the vitality execution of structures to a set up standard or gauge Acts as an initial step for vitality reviews, advancing building vitality utilize and actualizing vitality investment funds measures. Distinctive for various client assemble sort – Building proprietors/office supervisors Compare structures' vitality utilize and execution with different structures. Service organizations Track vitality utilize and join vitality information from different structures ESCOs and Building Energy Auditors Communicate vitality execution of structures regarding "run of the mill" versus "best practice" benchmark

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Benefits of Benchmarking Determining how a building's vitality utilize contrasts and others Setting focuses for enhanced execution and checking them on a continuous premise Facilitating evaluation of property estimation Gaining acknowledgment for excellent accomplishment Identifying vitality sparing methodologies

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Benchmarking in the Indian Context Current Status TEDDY Database by The Energy Research Institute No business building data Other endeavors? Boundaries Absence of institutionalized process and associations Need to work with Utilities and SEBs Lack of saw advantages to the gathering providing information Data determination and quality

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Types of Benchmarking Internal Benchmarking Comparison of vitality execution of structures against itself (over a timeframe) or between a gathering of comparative structures Typically used to think about execution previously, then after the fact retrofit measures have been taken External Benchmarking Comparison of vitality execution of structures. against gauges or pattern as set up some portion of benchmarking device Typically utilized as a strategy to set focuses for future execution.

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Evaluation of Existing Benchmarking Tools Based on writing and web look – 19 benchmarking devices were recognized and considered Tools chose were from various areas, bldg sorts, fluctuating benchmarking strategies and diverse yield results Were tried and broke down from a User angle Main elements and qualities and shortcomings of each were distinguished.

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Case Study Application and Analysis Hypothetical office building contextual investigation was created for a similar examination 10 benchmarking devices were utilized for examination. Instruments picked were online and openly accessible A definite structure was produced Analysis empowered to distinguish essential components tended to by every one of the apparatuses

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Key Factors to Consider in Benchmarking

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Key Factors to Consider in Benchmarking

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Conclusions Flexible benchmarking openings are required to adjust in light of particular building needs and frameworks Absence of an "unmistakable victor" or "do-everything" device Recommendations can be focused to two vital crowds to be specific – User gather -, for example, office chiefs, building administrators, proprietors who use these devices for investigation - Support and enable in their decision of benchmarking devices Developer aggregate –who outline and create comparable benchmarking devices for vitality effectiveness count. - Suggest missing connections and holes in existing instruments that should be spanned

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User Group Identify bldg data and information accessible for utilize Critical for picking the right apparatus Dependent on client learning and accessible information Minimum information accessible are region, area, yearly/month to month service bills for all fills utilized Identify the reason and kind of benchmarking in light of the yield sought Whole bldg examination versus framework level Dependent on capacity and complexities of building

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User Group (contd.) Understand examination premise Examine the relationship of benchmarked structures. with database structures Comparison of single fuel sort (e.g. every single electric) working with database comprising of blended fuel sort (e.g. gas &electric) can deceive Understand qualification between EUI (vitality utilize force) and Energy Efficiency positioning (scores or percentile )

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Developer Group Advance benchmarking with activity arranged rules Evaluate yield and give measures to enhance vitality proficiency Tailor activity situated rules in view of the benchmarking yield Provide benchmarking history of structures with time for assessing vitality utilize and execution with time Benchmarking assessment and results may shift with expanding database Analyze advance in vitality utilization and productivity coming about because of retrofit measures User interface Incorporate a client manual for help clients learn and comprehend the different components of the device Explain the wording utilized, provisos about device application and strategies to translate the out put comes about.

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Policy Makers Determine the objectives and destinations of benchmarking Decide on the technique that would support the benchmarking examination particular to the nation/district subsequent to inspecting the advantages and disadvantages of existing benchmarking instruments Identify the benchmarking information expected to accomplish the objectives and bolster the picked approach Identify wellsprings of information and dole out obligations regarding gathering and putting away information in a reliable organization Develop quality affirmation and checks to keep up benchmarking information trustworthiness Make the benchmarking apparatus accessible to key partners and open

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Credits This presentation depends on the exploration and investigation led by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Special on account of Priya Premchandran and Dr. Paul Mathew