Beginnings of Classical China

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Beginnings of Classical China

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Decline of the Zhou rulers System of Feudalism Transferred control from the King to the primitive rulers Provided steadiness Royal family then masters family Lords less steadfast, attacking travelers

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Spring and Autumn 200 autonomous state sought region Strong rulers vanquished weaker ones, subsequently developing always capable

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Era of Warring States 400 B.C. E. Qin (Chin) victors Economic changes Crops, Tools water system

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Era of Hundred Schools Most imaginative periods for Chinese reasoning Yin and Yang Yin – murkiness, shortcoming, idleness Yang-brilliance, quality, movement

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Confucianism Promoted an implicit rules System of ethnics and qualities that would reestablish social agreement and political concordance Family was the best model The Analects – composed type of his showing Two approaches to fulfill this People acknowledge their parts Rulers act uprightly

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Taoism (Daoism) Started as a mix theory and brain science, however formed into a religion controls characteristic procedures and feeds adjust in the Universe. " alludes to a power which wraps, encompasses and moves through all things, living and non-living. Congruity of contrary energies

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Legalism Concerned with the best method for representing society Beliefs – People were by nature childish and untrustworthy Would turn into the official rationality amid the amid the Qin line Led to the main really unified, majestic state.