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Base Wellbeing Administration. THE Part OF Street Wellbeing Reviews AND Assessments. H. Machado Jorge, Ph.D. For the benefit of ERF - European Union Street Alliance. WORKSHOP ON EU TRANSPORT Strategy AND Foundation Ankara, Turkey 19-20 September 2006.

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Foundation SAFETY MANAGEMENT. THE ROLE OF ROAD SAFETY AUDITS AND INSPECTIONS H. Machado Jorge, Ph.D. For the benefit of ERF - European Union Road Federation WORKSHOP ON EU TRANSPORT POLICY AND INFRASTRUCTURE Ankara, Turkey 19-20 September 2006 International Road Federation – Brussels Program Centre Page 1

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first SEMESTER 2006 EU HALLMARK on INFRASTRUCTURE SAFETY The EU Council of Ministers Austrian Presidency's drive: High Level Expert Meeting on "Foundation Safety", Vienna, 24-25 January 2006 Factual learning of framework security ideas and practices over the EU. A reasonable impression of the points of confinement of normal practice in regard of foundation security in the EU. Global Road Federation – Brussels Program Centre Page 2

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TOOLS for INFRASTRUCTURE, ROAD and NETWORK SAFETY MANAGEMENT Road Safety Impact Assessment (RIA) Road Safety Audit (RSA) Road Safety Inspection (RSI) Network Safety Management High Risk Site (Black Spot) Management International Road Federation – Brussels Program Centre Page 3

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TOOL DEFINITION (I) ROAD SAFETY IMPACT ASSESSMENT (RIA) Road Safety Impact Assessment assigns a relative situation investigation of the effect that distinctive variations of arrangement or interconnection purposes of new streets or a generous alteration to the current system will have on the security execution of the nearby street organize. It is finished up before the arrangement is chosen . Street SAFETY AUDIT (RSA) Road Safety Audit implies an orderly free wellbeing examination of the outline attributes of a street extend, either new or recovery, at various phases of arranging, plan and early operation . Universal Road Federation – Brussels Program Centre Page 4

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TOOL DEFINITION (II) ROAD SAFETY INSPECTION (RSI) Road Safety Inspection assigns a periodical audit of a street organize in operation via prepared specialists from a security perspective. It includes going by the street organize. Arrange SAFETY MANAGEMENT and HIGH RISK (BLACK SPOT) MANAGEMENT Safety improvement of the street organize in operation might comprise of administration of high-hazard street areas and system security administration. Worldwide Road Federation – Brussels Program Centre Page 5

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TOOL DEFINITION (III) Management of high-hazard street segments is to decrease future mishaps by focusing on medicinal treatment to parts of the street organize where mischances happened most every now and again amid earlier years . Arrange security administration is to decrease future mishaps focusing on medicinal treatment to segments of the street organize where mischances cost diminishment potential is most astounding . Worldwide Road Federation – Brussels Program Centre Page 6

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APPROACHES TO INFRASTRUCTURE AND ROAD SAFETY (I) The Swedish Road Administration's Vision Zero Approach. A couple cites ( with accentuation included ) " Systems originators are in charge of the outline, operation and the utilization of the street transport framework and are in this manner in charge of the level of wellbeing inside the whole framework." " Road clients are in charge of taking after the standards for utilizing the street transport framework set by the framework planners." " If the clients neglect to conform to these principles because of an absence of learning, acknowledgment or capacity, the framework fashioners are required to find a way to balance individuals being slaughtered or harmed." International Road Federation – Brussels Program Centre Page 7

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APPROACHES TO INFRASTRUCTURE AND ROAD SAFETY (II) System architects' duties versus genuine reasonable items 'Passing by the book', i.e. adhering to the building models in compel, is a protective approach for (most? all?) street creators. Really, street wellbeing is not exclusively designing. It can't be aced without a knowledge on street clients' discernments and states of mind. So it calls for contribution from other learning fields. Besides, street wellbeing being a humble benefactor to general venture cost has a tendency to be managed as an end of line incumbency, not from time to time relegated to the more junior street configuration colleagues. Global Road Federation – Brussels Program Centre Page 8

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APPROACHES TO INFRASTRUCTURE AND ROAD SAFETY (III) Limitations of plan norms: the Impact Severity Level Class C problem Harmonized models have a tendency to mirror the specialized best in class, however with a postponement of normally a couple of years. Consequently, they might be an "important" yet not "adequate" condition. Clearly, the EU is as of now very nearly embracing a standard on street limitation frameworks which some European specialists and organizations see as conflicting with the accepted objective of diminishing street passings and genuine wounds. National street organizations have the obligation of guaranteeing that plan benchmarks do bolster the abrogating objective of weakening street mischance outcomes. Global Road Federation – Brussels Program Centre Page 9

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ROAD SAFETY AUDITING (I) The parts The EU nations' experience focuses to the way that 30% of issues distinguished amid a street wellbeing review will happen inside 5 years unless the proposals are actualized. The reviewer, as a free outsider, gives a specialized commitment to the judgment procedure yet choices remain the sole obligation of the customer (street organization, nearby power expert,… ). The customer is entitled (or has) to adjust security against different interests, and that will direct the terms of the choice taken. The customer, being constantly dependable, might be obligated for not taking after the examiner's proposals. That, however, relies on upon national enactment. Universal Road Federation – Brussels Program Centre Page 10

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ROAD SAFETY AUDITING (II) Auditor accreditation Road wellbeing reviews, as of year 2005, have been executed in 20 EU nations. EU direction, when transposed into national enactment, will require street security inspectors to hold an endorsement. Thusly, this suggests having characterized, at national level, preparing educational program and additionally having arrangements for consistently offering instructional classes. Some European nations will force the prerequisite of intermittent retraining of inspectors (specifically at 3 to 5 years time interims), for keeping up the accreditation. In addition, the accreditation will just stay legitimate if the holder is occupied with customary applicable movement, say, doing no less than one street wellbeing review for every year. Global Road Federation – Brussels Program Centre Page 11

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ROAD SAFETY INSPECTIONS (I) Theory and practice There is an inconceivable exhibit of street wellbeing review approaches crosswise over Europe. In addition, in many nations there is not in any case lawful reason for leading street security examinations. Level of accessible assets decides the two diverse ways to deal with street security assessments saw in the EU: Regular examination of the whole street arrange, independently of the recorded number of mishaps; or Selection of the review locales relying upon the genuine number of happened mischances, need being given to sections demonstrating a better than expected mishap rate. It is reasonable to expect that the whole system is secured every 2 to 3 years. Global Road Federation – Brussels Program Centre Page 12

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ROAD SAFETY INSPECTIONS (II) A couple of pragmatic clues Road wellbeing investigations are, from one viewpoint, to be viewed as a feature of the consistent upkeep, however going past the last mentioned. Then again, ro promotion security assessments are to be unmistakably isolated from street wellbeing inspecting. Specifically, reviews ought not be restricted to evaluated street arrange areas. The arranging and doing of street wellbeing investigations can be particularly supported by the upkeep of fitting photographic scope of the street organize. Picture records (e.g. 1 picture each 20 m), if kept sensibly refreshed (e.g. at regular intervals), can direct the field work, saving assets (time and labor organization). Worldwide Road Federation – Brussels Program Centre Page 13

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FUTURE NEEDS FOR FIGHTING LOSS OF LIVES… The EC duty of splitting street mishaps fatalities and genuine wounds by 2010 may be reachable if a genuine exertion is contributed keeping that in mind. In support are elements, for example, the up-reviewing of street systems crosswise over Europe and proceeded with change of vehicle implicit wellbeing highlights. Against are components, for example, the constantly expanding auto armadas and activity, and additionally the maturing of national populaces. A pattern to take after nearly is that of maintained picks up in truck security, to a great extent because of introduced capacities, to be specific, control of separation to the previous vehicle and programmed braking (if early cautioning is insufficient) or seeing cameras, for covering regular blind sides. More is going along, e.g. control of driver languor. Global Road Federation – Brussels Program Centre Page 14

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… BUT FUNDAMENTALS CANNOT BE MISSED The basic speed limits Testing demonstrates that: For individuals with affixed safety belt, on leading group of an as of late built auto, impacting head-on with a comparable vehicle or a settled obstacle, survival likelihood is very sensible up to a cruise speed of 70 km/h . Over that speed, shot of survival diminishes quickly, if not significantly. For a side impact, the basic speed is 50 km/h . For people on foot and cyclists the basic speed, when hit by a passing auto, is only 30 km/h . Universal Road Federation – Brussels Program Centre Page 15

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BOLDER APPROACHES The EU financed RIPCORD-ISEREST Project ( ) Secondary street sorts propo