Bargain or No Arrangement? By what method would I be able to get the beginning pay I need?

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Estimation of College Degree???? US Census Bureau report 2006, the normal hole in compensation between those with secondary school and professional education just about $20,000. ...

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Bargain or No Deal? In what manner would I be able to get the beginning pay I need? April 2, 2008 Sally C. McKay Director Human Resources Belmont University

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Value of College Degree???? US Census Bureau report 2006, the normal crevice in compensation between those with secondary school and professional education – practically $20,000. Normal school graduate wins 1.62 times the lifetime income of secondary school graduate - $1,189,836 in 2006.

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The Value of a College Degree? US Census Bureau, State of TN – 2006 American Community Survey Degree levels in Tennessee 81.8% have secondary school certificate 21.5% populace have four year certification 7.3% populace have propelled degree Average individual salary in Tennessee $24,286 with secondary school recognition $40,838 with higher education $67,986 with graduate or expert degree

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How Is My Pay Determined? Job Individual Internal Value Individual Performance External Value Job Value Performance Rating Pay

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Internal Value of Job Depends on size of organization - may utilize formal or casual framework to characterize employments Titles don't tell the entire picture Common elements used to separate inner estimation of occupations inside an organization: Scope & Complexity of Job Financial Impact of Job Interpersonal Focus/Communications with Customers Leadership or Supervisory Responsibility Education/Knowledge/Skills

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External Value of Job What is Market Value of Job? Organizations pay for compensation overview information particular to area and industry Market esteem contrasts relying upon level of occupation (experience, training, and so forth.) Company rationality Pay "at Market" Pay "above Market" Pay "underneath Market"

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Belmont Entry Level Professional Jobs (Require College Degree) Nashville Market Computer Technician - $39,616 Admissions Counselor = $34,872 Campus Health Nurse = $49,200 Accountant = $43,177 Associate Mgr. Book shop = $39,250 Writer/Editor = $48,962 Graphic Designer = $42,666

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Average National Starting Salary Offers New College Grads (four year college educations) NACE Fall 2007 and Winter 2008

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Offers for Business Majors NACE Fall 2007 and Winter 2008

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US News and World Report from "31 Top Careers 2008," posted 12/19/07 Looks at employment fulfillment, preparing trouble, distinction and occupation showcase standpoint. Educational modules and preparing expert = $63,200 Editor - $56,200 Investment Banker = $258,000 Landscape Architect = $64,200 Occupational Therapist = $63,900 Systems Analyst = $91,000

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How does an Employer Calculate Starting Pay? Beginning pay is by and large chosen by Hiring Manager with help from HR Hiring chief/HR considers Pay scope of position The applicant's experience, learning and latest pay level The compensation of equivalently experienced staff inside the organization in a similar pay review Supply versus interest for position Budget of the unit

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The Range is $25,000 - $40,000 How much will they pay me? Most extreme Pay of Range $40,000 Performance reliably surpasses gauges Top third Performance meets and incidentally surpasses norms $32,500 Typical market run New to position or execution does not meet all models Lower third $25,000 Minimum Pay of Range

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They offered me a vocation and a beginning pay. What do I do now? Try not to acknowledge instantly – alright to request a couple days to consider. Do some exploration Look at the occupation advertisement and key components to survey inner estimation of employment. Take a gander at organization site for any data on pay ranges and organization advantage data. Converse with others in comparable occupations to get a thought of beginning pay.

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Do Some Research Use Belmont Career Services Use Belmont and neighborhood Library assets Look at sites particular to your calling Look at aggregate pay bundle & consider imagine a scenario where any to arrange

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Why Negotiate. 100% managers anticipate that you will arrange, yet just about half attempt Men arrange more than ladies Employers see those that consult to have higher aptitude levels due to the exertion indicated Be well mannered and realize that a few organizations don't arrange Know when to stop and settle on choice

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Three Principles of Negotiating Only consult after a firm occupation offer Be deferential, know what you are discussing and don't ask First individual to name a correct sum as a result loses capacity to arrange any more If they ask the amount you expect, ask them, "What is the pay go?" Do you have more than one offer? How appealing a competitor would you say you are?

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Why Negotiate? – Salary Differential in 3 years with 4% Raise Each Year $30,000 – following 3 years = $33,745 $32,000 – following 3 years = $35,996 $35,000 – following 3 years = $39,370 What is debatable other than Pay??

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What would I be able to arrange? Once in a while debatable: Pay and audit date for legitimacy expands Signing reward for employments sought after (nursing for instance) Starting date Job title Additional first year leave for effectively arranged get-aways (for the most part unpaid) Relocation costs Perks, for example, mobile phones, portable PCs Professional gatherings, preparing & accreditations, graduate school educational cost repayments Flexible booking, for example, begin time & working from home

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What would I be able to arrange? Only every once in a long while debatable: Overtime qualification – i.e. on the off chance that the employment pays additional time when > 40 hrs/wk worked Retirement advantages, for example, 401K coordinating sum & vesting plan Health, dental, vision and other protection premiums Insurance and other advantage begin dates

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Other Areas to Consider Is the organization culture like what I esteem? Comparative dress, work hours, work/life adjust Are the general population I met making the most of their employments? What are the open doors for employment progression? How far a drive or what amount of voyaging is required? Is without stopping?

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Make Your Decision Remember, it is less demanding to climb in an association than to move into another one. Whether you acknowledge or not, be gracious and thank everybody connected with the procuring procedure – NEVER BURN BRIDGES!

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Your New Salary Assume beginning yearly compensation of $38,760 Social Security/Medicare @ 7.65% = $2,538 Approx. Government Taxes for single individual with standard finding = $4,305 401K commitment @ 5% pay = $1,935 Approx. taken a toll restorative & dental = $960 Total Annual Net Pay = $29,022 Net Monthly Take Home = $2,418.50

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Websites for more data - Excellent device with free pay go data and more broad expense paid data – TN wage and employment information - U.S. Branch of Labor wage look library and data - Government webpage with an assortment of vocation related data – Calculators think about pay offers by area

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Websites for more data - Website for Career Services experts with connections to information on employments for new school graduates - Offers free occupation related recordings. Every video is around 1 minute long. Gives speedy, down to earth exhortation on resume and meeting planning, noting intense inquiries and data on more than 50 distinct vocations and enterprises.

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