Banks and non Bank Elements

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Complete lodging room booking motor with an online installment passage connected. ... Arranges exceptional arrangements from Hotel Group and offers to its clients ...

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Banks and non Bank Entities August 6, 2010 Cooperation/Coopetition A presentation by: Vivek Nayak COO Avenues India Pvt. Ltd.

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Role of Banks? Give great saving money administrations Make cash by moving cash Bank the unbanked … . ABCDs. Could innovation offer assistance? How far ought to a Bank go to develop?

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Stick to the weaving…

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Show me the cash! What to look like for new income models? Look outside and accomplice trailblazers Create effective plans of action through organization!

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Cooperate Non Bank Services Company (NBSC) Identifies Market Gaps Creates Innovative Solutions Helps Banks boost collaborations Opens up new income streams 3Ms – "Cash Moving Machines" for the banks

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How to swing new business Hotel Group K Aggressive new bank Current Bank Relationship

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3Ms in real life K Hotel Group Innovative new arrangement from 3M Co. Roads Aggressive new bank

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Circle of Influence After ResAvenue Complete lodging room booking motor with an online installment entryway joined. Room stock circulation apparatuses interfaces with various Global Distribution Systems and IDS. Clients from over the globe World Wide Travel Agents Circle of Influence Without ResAvenue Returning clients Global Corporate Entities Local Markets Travel Associates Hotel Group Hotel Group Returning clients

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Opportunity for the new Bank develops the association with lodging by giving other managing an account administrations: compensation accounts, overdraft, credits, and so on All Global PG reserves settled in inn's record in new bank K Hotel Group Aggressive new bank

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Step Two: More Revenue Generation Millions of bank clients utilizing Internet Banking and Debit Cards Hotel Group Customers book rooms and pay through their ledgers Negotiates extraordinary arrangements from Hotel Group and offers to its clients Aggressive new bank Debits client's record in the bank and pays inn's record in a similar bank

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Banks move stores from left pocket to right take Earn a rate of estimation of assets moved as income %

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`win-win' for all Hotel Group Aggressive new bank

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Side impacts New clients will need to open a record in the bank that offers additional esteem includes

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Broadening the Scope This is only one organization, Avenues. There are 100s of other such little organizations making inventive new arrangements. There are numerous different segments where openings lie: Events, Entertainment, Sports, Bills, Insurance, Govt. More arrangements = more esteem for the bank client = more development of cash = more income for the banks

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Cooperation or Competition?

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Example of the threats Gets only 15% of Revenue MOBILE VAS COMPANIES Receives levy following 6 months Transparency on numbers?

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Cooperation or Coopetition? Comprehend the part of every part Maintain adjust in income share Nurture the soul of development Preserve common regard & cooperate. "On the off chance that we are as one, nothing is incomprehensible. On the off chance that we are partitioned, all will fizzle."

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