Authority Update: Part I Bambi J. Lockman, Chief Bureau of Exceptional Education and Student Services Florida CASE Summ

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Subjects 2007 Legislative Update DOE Priorities Budget Highlights Selected Legislation Voluntary Prekindergarten Education (VPK) ESE Process Web System. DOE Priorities. Execution Based PayTeacher ReformExpedite the Revision of the StandardsContinue Secondary ReformDOE ReorganizationExpand Access to Higher Education.

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Department Update: Part I Bambi J. Lockman, Chief Bureau of Exceptional Education and Student Services Florida CASE Summer Leadership Institute June 12, 2007

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Topics 2 007 Legislative Update DOE Priorities Budget Highlights Selected Legislation Voluntary Prekindergarten Education (VPK) ESE Process Web System

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DOE Priorities Performance-Based Pay Teacher Reform Expedite the Revision of the Standards Continue Secondary Reform DOE Reorganization Expand Access to Higher Education

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Budget Highlights

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K-20 Education Budget $20.1 Billion Operating Funds $4.2 Billion Capital Outlay Funds $24.3 Billion K-20 Operating and Fixed Capital Outlay Funds (34% of aggregate state spending plan)

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Summary of K-20 Operating Funds

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2007-08 K-20 Operating Budget

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K-12 Education Appropriations 2007-08 $13,480,730,675 2006-07 $13,051,836,747 Increase $ 428,836,747 (3.28%)

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K-12 Budget Highlights (FEFP) Funding in FEFP for 4,771 new understudies—aggregate to be served 2,642,321 Funding for FEFP in state and neighborhood income is $19.3 billion—an expansion of $1.2 billion or 6.84% FEFP stores for every understudy will be $7,305.79—an increment of $455.36 or 6.65%

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FTE Students (UFTE) Authority: s.1011.62, (1)(a), F.S. K-12 FEFP—Unweighted FTE The 2007-08 unweighted understudy enlistment projection is 2,642,320.87 Increase of 4,770.91 or 0.18%.

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Program Weights X Authority: s.1011.62, F.S. K-12 FEFP—Program Weights 2006-07 2007-08 Group 1 (3 Programs) Basic Grades K-3 (1.035) (1.048) Basic Grades 4-8 (1.000) (1.000) Basic Grades 9-12 (1.088) (1.066) Group 2 ( 4 Programs) Exceptional Student Education Level IV (3.734) (3.625) Level V (5.201) (5.062) English for Speakers of Other Languages (1.275) (1.200) "Profession" Education, Grades 9-12 (1.159) (1.119)

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Weighted FTE Students (WFTE) = Authority: s.1011.62, (1)(a), F.S. K-12 FEFP—Weighted FTE The 2007-08 weighted understudy enlistment projection is 2,864,467.01 a diminishing of 14,212.26 (.49%) weighted FTE understudies. This incorporates extraordinary additional items for: Isolated Schools Supplement Small District ESE Supplement Advanced Placement International Baccalaureate Advanced International Certificate of Education Algebra for Grades 6-8 Students FVS Additional FTE Group 2 Over Cap

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K-12 FEFP—Supplement Small region supplement 43.35 WFTEs for 254 & 255 (for locale with under 10,000 FTE understudy enlistment and under 3 FTE qualified understudies for each program)

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Base Student Allocation (BSA) X Authority: s.1011.62, F.S. K-12 FEFP—Base Student Allocation The Base Student Allocation (BSA) is resolved yearly by the Legislature in the General Appropriations Act. In 2007-08, the BSA is set at $4,163.47—an expansion of $181.86 (4.6%).

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District Cost Differential (DCD) X Authority: s.1011.62(2), F.S. K-12 FEFP—District Cost Differential The DCD is a change that perceives contrasts in the typical cost for basic items among school regions. $22.7 million is appropriated outside the FEFP for DCD move supplement as determined by area and sum in the General Appropriations Act .

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+ Safe Schools Authority: Appropriations Act Safe Schools Provides $77,150,000 for Safe Schools exercises Minimum allotment is $75,000 66% is distributed in view of each school region's wrongdoing file distributed by FDLE 33% is assigned in view of the locale's UWFTE understudy enlistment Funding Summary 2007-08 $77,150,000 2006-07 $75,350,000 Increase $ 1,800,000 (2.39%)

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+ ESE Guaranteed Allocation Authority: s.1011.62(1)(e), F.S. ESE Guaranteed Allocation Provides $1,133,668,598 for instructive projects and administrations for remarkable understudies who might have been subsidized in Levels I, II, or III in school year 1999-2000. These uncommon understudies will likewise get weighted FTE subsidizing in the FEFP, utilizing the proper Basic Program weight for their review level. The ESE Guaranteed Allocation won't be recalculated amid the school year .

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ESE Guaranteed Allocation Funding Summary 2007-08 $1,133,668,598 2006-07 $1,101,383,681 Increase $32,284,917 (or 2.93%)

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ESE Guaranteed Allocation "School regions giving instructive administrations in 2007-2008 for remarkable understudies who are inhabitants of different locale can't end giving such administrations without the earlier endorsement of the Department of Education." i n the Appropriations Act since the 1999-2000 school year reminder on process expected

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ESE Guaranteed Allocation CS/SB 1046—Education Caps the financing for the Gifted Grades 9-12 Program at the 2006-07 level Directs a review by OPPAGA of skilled understudy training (see SB 1046 outline beneath)

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+ SAI Authority: s. 1011.62(1)(f), F.S. Supplemental Academic Instruction (SAI) Provides $736,402,596 for SAI First need for utilization of these assets is the arrangement of supplemental escalated guideline, steady with the SSS, including summer school and concentrated English drenching direction, for understudies in evaluations 3 and 10 who scored Level I on the FCAT The SAI assignment won't be recalculated amid the school year

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SAI Funding Summary 2007-08 $736,402,596 2006-07 $707,826,199 Increase $28,576,397 (or 4.04%)

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+ Reading Allocation Authority: s.1011.62(9), F.S. Perusing Allocation Provides $116,909,260 for a K-12 far reaching, locale wide arrangement of research-based perusing guideline This assignment won't be recalculated amid the school year Funding Summary 2007-08 $116,909,260 2006-07 $111,800,000 Increase $ 5,109,260 (or 4.57%) (80 extra perusing mentors)

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Reading Allocation Use of assets: Highly qualified perusing mentors Professional improvement for instructors in experimentally based perusing direction incorporating perusing in substance ranges Summer perusing camps for understudies who score Level 1 on FCAT Reading Supplemental instructional materials Intensive mediations for center and secondary school understudies perusing underneath grade level

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+ Performance Pay Authority: Ch. 2007-3, Laws of Florida Merit Award Program Provides $147,500,000 to help school areas with execution of execution pay approaches for instructional staff and school managers as per law Funds are apportioned on Base Funding Summary 2007-08 $147,500,000 2006-07 $147,500,000

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+ DJJ Supplemental Allocation Authority: CS/SB 1046 DJJ Supplemental Allocation Provides $12,531,511 in new finances to supplement different wellsprings of subsidizing for understudies in adolescent equity training programs The distribution depends on the WFTE in the adolescent equity training programs times both the state normal class estimate lessening variable and the region cost differential

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Gross State/Local FEFP = Gross State/Local FEFP The total of the FEFP parts in the former slides, in addition to different modification, is the Gross State and Local FEFP Authority: s.1011.62(11)(a) F.S. Financing Summary: 2007-08 $14,395,707,645 2006-07 $13,845,426,766 Increase $550,280,879 (3.97%)

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Discretionary Lottery/School Recognition + Discretionary Lottery/School Recognition Total Appropriation: $263,449,842 (no change) $157,587,811 — introductory designation for School Recognition Awards $105,862,031 — beginning portion for District Discretionary Lottery School Recognition Awards are made at $100 per understudy; remaining assets are dispensed in view of each locale's base subsidizing Authority: Appropriations Act and s.1008.36, F.S.

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State Categorical Programs (FEFP) Instructional Materials $ 271,944,498 ( +1.98%) Student Transportation 493,566,586 ( +2.18%) Class Size Reduction 2,708,412,008 (+28.45%) Teachers Lead Program 48,021,406 (+6.66%) Total $3,521,944,498 (+21.31%)

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K-12 Budget Highlights Non-FEFP $135 million for instructor proficient improvement (1.01% expansion) $9 million to proceed with A++ activities

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Non-FEFP Categoricals School Safety/Preparedness $ 3,000,000 Instructional Materials for the Partially Sighted 250,000 Learning Through Listening 1,550,000 Excellent Teaching 102,191,178 K-12 Comprehensive Reading 76,543,873 Education Innovation 9,000,000 Low Performing Schools 7,125,480 Mentoring/Student Assistance 19,135,584 Education Partnerships (Low Performing/Disruptive Students) 2,800,000

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Non-FEFP Categoricals K-8 Virtual Education 9,500,000 Communities in Schools 1,250,000 Foundation Matching Grants 4,000,000 FDLRS University Centers * 3,239,494 Autism/CARD Centers * 7,518,000 Consortium Services ($50K/District) 1,750,000 Teacher Professional Development 134,994,657 * Note: No assets in these two allotments might be utilized to pay for circuitous expenses

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Non-FEFP Categoricals School/Instructional Enhancements 26 Allocations Florida Autism Education Center of Excellence (Hillsborough Charter School) - $700,000 FCAT Computer Accommodations for Disabled Students Pilot Project - $500,000 Family Café - $100,000

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Non-FEFP Categoricals ESE $2,643,604 GR $2,333,354 Trust (IDEA Part B) Same designation since 2001 (when GR was decreased 34% from earlier year) Funds ventures including FDLRS, SEDNET, CHRIS, FIM