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Managerial Issues Jim Mold, M.D., M.P.H. Bureau of Family and Preventive Medicine OUHSC – OKC

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Recognitions/Thanks Program Committee Suben Naidu Tamara Hartsell Sharad Swami Jim Mold OKPRN Staff Allison Haney Andy Fosmire

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Recognitions/Thanks Convocation Sponsors The Oklahoma State Department of Health The Oklahoma Foundation for Medical Quality Evident Health Services The Oklahoma Academy of Family Physicians Diagnostic Laboratories of Oklahoma

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Recognitions/Thanks OKPRN Charitable Contributors Founders ($2,500+) Presidents ($1,000 - $2,499) J.M. & Myrna Pontious Robert Salinas James Mold Patrons ($500 - $999) Kenneth & Joanne Parrott Michael E. Aaron

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Recognitions/Thanks Benefactors ($250 - $499) Tim Siler Tomas & Tammy Owens Sponsors ($100 - $249) W. Michael Woods Paul Williamson Perry A. Klaassen Friends ($1-$99) Anita L. Leather treater

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Awards Greatest Level of Participation in OKPRN Projects Excellence in Addressing Unhealthy Behaviors Excellence in Providing Adult Preventive Services Excellence in Childhood Immunization Rates Most Willing to Share Wisdom with Others in the Network Most Consistent ILI Reporting

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Project Development Advisory Committee Reviews and scores idea papers Scores ClinIQ questions Advises the President on circumstances and bearings Q3mo and prn; messages fundamentally; incidental phone calls Annual eye to eye at Convocation

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Current PDAC Members Jim Mold, Chair (OKC) Paul Keenan (OKC) Scott Stewart (Shawnee) Paul Williamson (OKC) Suben Naidu (OKC) Gary Sharp (OKC) Debbie Booten-Hiser (OKC) Terry Truong (OKC) Mike Woods (Ramona) Kevin O'Brien (Shawnee) Dan Criswell (Lawton)

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Information Technology Committee Discusses and arranges IT-related exercises of the system Plans IT advancements and upgrades Proposes new scattering strategies Q3 mo; messages and intermittent conf. calls; eye to eye at Convocation

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Current ITC Members Zsolt Nagykaldi, Chair (OKC) Doug Ivins (Tulsa) Dan Criswell (Lawton) Terrell Hulson Edmond) Kevin O'Brien (Shawnee) Heather Tipsword (OKC)

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Program Committee Plans the Convocation program E-sends and intermittent conf. calls; eye to eye at Convocation

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Nominating Committee Nominates OKPRN officers Suggests conceivable board and panel individuals As required messages and conf. calls; every year at the Convocation

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Jim Mold, Chair (OKC) Mike Pontious, Chair-choose (Enid) Paul Preslar, Past President Tom Owens, Treasurer (OKC) Bill Petit (Tulsa) Charles Henley (Tulsa) Angela Monson (OKC) Bob Salinas (OKC) Judy Kelley (OKC) Anna Burson (Ardmore) Jim Bishop Steve Crawford (OKC) Bobby Rader (OKC) Mike Woods (Ramona) Dan Woiwode (Edmond) Terry Truong (OKC) Sam Blackstock (OKC) Board of Trustees

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Convocation Ideas Combining the Convocation with the OAFP Annual Scientific Assembly in June Other thoughts

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Evaluation Forms

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Passing the Baton