Australian Government Quality Teaching Program

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Australian Government Quality Teaching Program A Partnership in Learning Numeralla, Bredbo & Jerangle Public Schools 2006-7

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Our Speakers Ms Jan Rogers The Submission Why we are doing this venture? How everything started… Mr Adam Zanco A school in concentrate Some detail and information Mr Mark Gardiner My Vision Some innovation we're utilizing Our Academic Partner and some DET Expectations Quality Learning Environments Action Learning clarified Linking proficiencies

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The facilitators and sponsors Plus Miss Glenda Kelson

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Those who advantage straightforwardly…

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We're headed…

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Three schools and one shared vision

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Ms Rogers - Submission

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My vision for the program– To set up clear lines of correspondence between the three schools. Bigger partners in all stages Quite not quite the same as that of Jan and Adam, yet ties in well with what we need to accomplish. My learning venture – share my difficulties and claim disclosures. Web outline – Just have a go! Bolster from Web administrations and other DET workers… Secure perusing, its suggestions and getting teeth bothers Learning from the understudies Professional perusing – Professor Alan Luke QUT How this identifies with our 3 year arranges & ASR Show school's web connects on next slide

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Web pages – 3 schools connected Jerangle ..\..\..\My Web Sites\web page Jernagle PS\index.htm Bredbo ..\..\..\My Web Sites\Welcome to the Bredbo Public School Web Site.htm Numeralla ..\..\..\My Web Sites\Home Page.htm JERANGLE PUBLIC SCHOOL LEARNING TOGETHER

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Brenumerangle! Staff Communication Page Need preparing, with the goal for us to be abe to get to and up date as required. I concocted the name… Any recommendations?

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Kid's Page Kids page Still somewhat precarious to get to Am taking a gander at nearby server to run it from Student Communication Page

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What would we be able to do through these connections? Gatherings – on shared themes between schools Chats – for the sake of entertainment and learning utilizing subjects in view of our Cogs Emailing – an indispensable piece of our education. Checking routinely and conveying to each other, staff and companions Instant informing versus more "customary" email

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Big notices Work with Jane Carroll – Local creator A taste as such

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Academic Partner Dr Kathryn Moyle - Associate Professor at UC Areas of mastery: ICT in schools Leadership and learning with ICT Teaching and learning with ICT Curriculum and appraisal Cross educational modules issues

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Kathryn's Role Assist the 3 schools to build up: a more profound comprehension of value instructing approaches activity look into & activity learning systems refining arranges the assessment of the program

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NSW Department: Expectations of scholarly accomplices External tutor - Kathyrn Fostering proficient learning Focusing arranging Building understandings of activity learning techniques Supporting procedures of reflection

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What are quality learning situations? Instructors have elevated standards of their understudies Classrooms encourage regard and engagement Learning is credible ie connections to understudies' lives Outcomes anticipated from understudies are thorough – Use of rubrics an exceptionally convenient device in this for arranging and evaluation

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What is activity learning? Proficient learning based around genuine open doors for those included Cycles of request: Identification of objectives Development of an activity arrange Implementation of the arrangement Sharing and portraying the results from the arrangement Reflection and audit of plan and procedures which illuminate tentative arrangements Fostering proficient learning organizations

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Linking Literacies: ICT & education Learning with ICT can possibly draw in understudies in their learning ICT is suited to instructing and realizing where particular abilities or data are to be shown Integrating ICT into instructing and learning obliges understudies to explicitly practice the skill levels of perusing and composing

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Question time…