Audit Questions for Test 3

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Which of the accompanying is NOT a danger component for pregnancy? ... diet. In the event that a man is on a cholesterol drug, for example, lovastatin, what would it be advisable for them to keep away from in their eating routine? A) ...

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´╗┐Survey Questions for Test 3

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Which of the accompanying supplements is teratogenic (can bring about birth deserts) if an excessive amount of is devoured amid pregnancy? A) Folic corrosive B) Iron C) vitamin A D) vitamin D

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What is the suggested measure of weight pick up for an overweight pregnant lady? A) no weight increase required B) 25-35 pounds C) 15-25 pounds D) 30-40 pounds

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Which of the accompanying is NOT a hazard consider for pregnancy? A) low level of training B) over age 30 C) diabetes D) destitution

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Which of the accompanying can happen if a pregnant lady gets uncontrolled toxemia? A) The infant can be conceived with birth absconds B) The infant will be conceived huge C) The infant will have low birthweight D) The lady can have writhings and pass on

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What is NOT a possible reason for hyperactivity in youngsters? A) The ate an excessive number of nourishments with chemicals and sustenance colorings B) They expended a lot of sugar C) They have a nourishment sensitivity D) They had pop with caffeine

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Which of the accompanying nourishments would be alright for a pregnant lady to devour? A) Salmon B) Unpasteurized squeezed apple C) Cold turkey sandwich D) Greek plate of mixed greens with feta cheddar

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Which of the accompanying is NOT valid about the WIC program? An) It gives sound sustenances B) It is a welfare program C) You should be at healthful hazard to qualify D) 4 year old children may qualify

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Which of the accompanying is an advantage of breastfeeding (to the infant)? A) they have a tendency to get less obstruction and the runs B) they have a tendency to be more intelligent C) it helps them to bond with mother D) the majority of the above

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Which of the accompanying is NOT valid about breastfeeding? An) A lady with bigger bosoms will create more drain B) Women who work can breastfeed excessively C) She needn't bother with an impeccable eating routine keeping in mind the end goal to deliver nutritious breastmilk D) A lady ought to wind up taught about breastfeeding before the infant is destined to build her chances of accomplishment

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Which dietary issue are youthful youngsters most inclined to? An) Underweight B) They drink an excessive amount of pop C) Iron lack D) Too much vitamin An in their eating regimen

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At what age ought to children be removed the container? A) 6 months B) 12 months C) year and a half D) 2 years

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What is an issue with keeping a tyke on the container for a really long time? A) Their teeth can develop screwy B) Their teeth can spoil C) They are more inclined to iron lack D) All of the above

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What is NOT a probable reason for lead harming in youthful youngsters? An) Iron inadequacy B) Malnutrition C) Obesity D) Pica

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Which of the accompanying supplements has NOT been appeared to avert or regard eye issues, for example, macular dengeneration? A) vitamin A B) Omega 3 unsaturated fats C) vitamin C D) vitamin E

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Which of the accompanying supplements is connected with a higher danger of Alzheimer's illness? An) Iron B) calcium C) folic corrosive D) vitamin D

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Which vitamins have been appeared to lessen a man's homocysteine levels? An) iron, copper, zinc B) calcium, potassium, magnesium C) vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin D) folic corrosive, vitamin B6, vitamin B12

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What is the base measure of calories that a pregnant lady ought to devour each day? A) 1,200 B) 1,800 C) 2,000 D) 2,500

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Which of the accompanying is a GOOD proposal for nourishing fastidious youngsters? A) compel them to clean their plate B) let them choose if and the amount they need to eat C) give them squeeze each day so they will get vitamin C D) let them eat before the TV, since they will most likely eat progressively that way

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Which of the accompanying is a necessity for the elderly nourishment program? A) You should be no less than 60 years of age B) You should meet pay rules C) You must be alluded by your doctor D) You should have physical restrictions that keeps you from making sustenance yourself

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Which supplement inadequacy do elderly individuals have high rates of? A) vitamin An insufficiency B) vitamin B12 inadequacy C) vitamin C lack D) press lack

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At what age would it be a good idea for you to begin nourishing a newborn child strong sustenances, for example, grain? A) 2 months B) 4-6 months C) 8-10 months D) 1 years

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Which of the accompanying supplements has the most associations with solutions? A) vitamin A B) vitamin B12 C) vitamin C D) folic corrosive

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Which of the accompanying herbs can treat dejection? A) Ginger B) Ginseng C) St. John's Wort D) Garlic

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What does NPO in a medicinal record mean? A) Don't give them any sustenance B) They are stout and need to get in shape C) They have supplement insufficiencies D) They require a low sodium consume less calories

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If a man is on a cholesterol medicine, for example, lovastatin , what would it be a good idea for them to stay away from in their eating routine? An) Alcohol B) Cheese C) Grapefruit juice D) Meat

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Which of the accompanying is a conceivable advantage of garlic? An) It helps you get in shape B) It might bring down your pulse C) It enhances your vision D) It assists with sickness

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Which of the accompanying is TRUE about headache medicine? An) It is more retained on an unfilled stomach B) You ought to dependably bring it with nourishment C) It keeps the assimilation of vitamin B12 D) It expands the danger of blood clumps

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Which of the accompanying explanations about natural supplements is NOT valid? A) They don't should be affirmed by the FDA before they can be sold B) They can be defiled with pesticides and mercury C) They are most every now and again utilized by more seasoned grown-ups D) They are more protected than meds since they are normal

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Which of the accompanying is NOT thought to be anthropometric information? A) Height B) Hemoglobin C) Body fat rate D) Head periphery

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Whose primary obligation is administering the nourishment care and advising of patients in a human services setting? A) Physician B) Dietitian C) Nurse D) Janitor

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Which of the accompanying would NOT be incorporated on a reasonable fluid eating regimen? A) drain B) natural product juice C) ice popsickles D) jello

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If your gums drain effortlessly, which supplement would you say you are in all likelihood lacking in? A) Vitamin A B) vital unsaturated fats C) vitamin C D) zinc

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If your tongue was sore and swollen, which supplement would you say you are in all probability lacking? A) vitamin A B) B-vitamins C) vitamin C D) vitamin D

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Which of the accompanying IS vital data when screening a man for dietary issues? A) What their most loved eatery is B) Occupation C) What time they more often than not have breakfast D) What their most loved vegetable is

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People on which meds ought to stay away from sustenances, for example, liver, smoked fish, and sauerkraut? An) Aspirin B) Antibiotics C) Laxatives D) MAO Inhibitors