Astana Medical University: Modern inventive model of the Integrity of Education, Science and Practice in Health care s

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Astana Medical University : Modern creative model of the Integrity of Education, Science and Practice in Health mind framework Astana , 20 10

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Astana Medical University: Establishment and Achievements Tselinograd State Medical Institute is set up in 1964 (15 employees, 400 understudies) In 1997 Institute is renamed in Akmolinsk State Medical Academy. (260 employees, 2270 understudies In 2009 Academy on account of accomplishments turned into the Astana Medical University, JSC. (749 employees, 5090 understudies)

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Introduction of Kazakhstan's monetary and therapeutic framework Kazakhstan has encountered gigantic development and quick financial improvement, with a GDP development rate of around 10% since 2000, the nation is among the quickest developing economies of the world and outpaces all other Central Asian States by a long shot. Kazakhstan's medicinal framework is encountering fast advancement. This can be seen in noteworthy interests in wellbeing foundation and healing centers, particularly in Astana. There are numerous difficulties to overcome and in addition the open doors that now exist in Kazakhstan to enhance the human services framework. In spite of a late increment in general wellbeing uses, up to 2.7 percent GDP, Kazakhstan's medicinal services is described by deficient access to the most recent innovation and advances in clinical care. Kazakhstan is thinking about the selection of western models of medicinal services administration, training, clinical practice and therapeutic research.

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Analysis of Heath System The administration of Kazakhstan has distinguished need zones for development that will eventually enhance the wellbeing status of the populace. These ranges include: changes in the training part keeping in mind the end goal to deliver sufficient HR; transforming the supplier organize; enhanced assurance of the privileges of patients and suppliers; and enhancing the nature of clinical administrations.

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Astana Medical University (JSC): Infrastructure Board of chiefs Corporate Secretary Internal Auditor Academic Council Rector Board Vice-Rector on Academic Affairs Vice-Rector on Scientific and Clinical Affairs Vice-Rector on Strategic Development and Corporate Management Managing Director on Finance and Economics General Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy Medical, Pediatrics, Oriental Medicine, Nursing, Medical-Biological and Medical-Preventive Programs Public Health Continuing Professional Development Departments: Kazakh, Russian and Latin dialects. Typical and geographical life systems. Science and Histology Pathological life structures, Pathological physiology. General surgery. Propaedeutics of inside ailments. Neurology and neurosurgery. Psychiatry and narcology . Restorative and surgical stomatology . Orthopedic and youngsters' stomatology . Pharmaceutical controls. General and clinical pharmacology. Natural chemistry and general science. Anesthesiology and rheumatology General and therapeutic brain science Otorhinolaryngology Phthisiology Dermatovenerology Normal physiology. Microbiology, virology and immunology. Offices: General medicinal practice. Interior infections. Ophtalmology . Surgery. Obstetrics and gynecology. Radiology. Kids' maladies. Youngsters' surgery. Oncology. Traumatology , orthopedy . Irresistible sicknesses, kids' contamination Forensic drug. Sustenance and preventive solution. Socially-philanthropic orders. Remote dialects. Software engineering and arithmetic, byothysics . Offices: Public Health General cleanliness, Communal Hygiene Occupational Hygiene Medicine of Emergency Situations Departments: Internal illnesses Children's maladies Obstetrics and gynecology Surgery Radiology Forensic solution General restorative practice Gastroenterology Public Health Neonatology Radiobiological Research Center Clinical Training Center

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AMU: Programs of Medical Education Undergraduate Programs "General medicine" (capability "General Practitioner" (5 years of essential therapeutic instruction + 2 years of entry level position) "Dentistry" (capability "doctor-dental specialist" (5 years of fundamental restorative training + 1 year of temporary position), "Nursing" (scholastic degree "Bachelor of Nursing" (4 years)), "Pharmacy" with (scholarly degree "Bachelor of Pharmacy (5 years)), "Public Health" (scholarly degree "Bachelor of Public Health" (5 years)). Graduate Programs Master degree programs for the accompanying arrangement of strengths "Medicine", "Public Health", "Nursing", "Medical-Preventive Business" (1, 1,5, 2 years), incorporating MBA program in Hospital Management (1,5 yeas) Ph.D. degree programs for the accompanying arrangement of claims to fame "Medicine", "Public Health" (3 years) Residency programs for the 49 restorative strengths (2-4 years). Proceeding with Professional Development Retraining (20 – 40 weeks) and change of expert expertise (1-4 weeks) for Physicians and Nurses. Proceeding with therapeutic training projects are led on 53 strengths.

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New projects Ph.D. in Public Health – since 2008 and since September 2010 in Clinical Medicine, 3 year's program, Academic accomplices - Columbia University (USA), Hiroshima University, Nagoya University (Japan), Vienna Medical University (Austria) MBA in Hospital Management – since 2009, 1,5 year's program, Academic accomplices - Parkway College (Singapore), Danube University (Austria), Columbia University (USA), Eurasian University(Kazakhstan)

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AMU: Teaching doctor's facilities Astana Medical University City and Regional Hospitals National and Republic Medical Centers National Medical Holding Medical Centers Republic Diagnostic Center (500 visits for every day) Internal Diseases Radiology General Practice Neurosurgery Research focus (160 beds) Pathology Neurosurgery Mather and Childhood Research Center (500 beds) Children's maladies Children's Surgery Obstetrics and Gynecology Radiology Anesthesiology and Intensive care Emergency Medicine Research Center (240beds) Anesthesiology and Intensive care Surgery Diseases General and Clinical Pharmacology Internal Diseases Pathology CardioSurgery Research Center (180 beds) Will be opened in 2010 Children's Rehabilitation Center (300 beds) Children's illnesses Children's Infection Diseases Radiology

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AMU: Achievements and Priorities in Medical Research and Science Achievements: Priorities of the further Research action: Fetal cells based advancements Development of techniques for the human fetal cells development, Experimental and clinical approval of the fetal cells application Regenerative Medicine and Transplantation Radiobiology and Radioecology New advances in the field of the contamination assurance ( radionuclides and light rest) and assessment of the bleakness rate in uranium-mining districts Nanotechnology, Biotechnology and Genetic Research and Science New therapeutic innovations in surgery Development of new treatment advances in view of utilizing Autologous cells as a vehicle for medications to territories of pathology Radiobiology , Ecology and Nuclear Medicine Clinical trials New advances in Audiological prescription Cochlear implantation, reconstructive surgery Public Health with regards to the Foresight methodology New restorative advances in Oncology New analytic and treatment advances on the bases of hereditary oncomarkers and monoclonal antibodies

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Regional Training Center in Health Research under WHO-TDR Program Regional Training Center in Health Research has been set up since September 2010 on the base of AMU under WHO-TDR Program Astana Medical University, Kazakhstan Gadjah Mada University, Jogyakarta, Indonesia KHI, NURSPH, NRL, Kali, Rwanda CIDEIM , Cali, Colombia Regional Training Center in Health Research is proposed to build up a decent practice in wellbeing research in the area о f Eurasia because of instructional classes for wellbeing analysts in the field of research arranging and administration, usage of global principles GLP, GCP .