Asperger s Syndrome

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´╗┐Asperger's Syndrome Lora Anderson

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What is Asperger's Syndrome? A neurological issue It is on the "high end" of the Autism range

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Characteristics Symptoms run from gentle to serious Severe and managed impedance in social communications Development of prohibitive and tedious examples of conduct, premiums, and exercises Difficulty with moves and changes

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Difficulty perusing non-verbal communication Normal IQ (>70) Rich vocabulary Very exacting Overly touchy to: smells sights sounds tastes More Characteristics

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Asperger's Syndrome is NOT Autism! No critical deferrals in dialect No postponements in subjective advancement Can create age-suitable self improvement aptitudes

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Prevalence Limited data accessible, potentially 20 for every 10,000 live births 3-4 times more probable in guys 5 times more normal than Down Syndrome 3 times more regular than Juvenile Diabetes

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Diagnosis Usually analyzed between ages 5-9 Appears to keep running in families Lifelong issue

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Commonly misdiagnosed Tourette's Syndrome Autism Attention Deficit Disorder Oppositional Defiance Disorder Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

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Common Treatments St. John's Wort Tea Haldol Ritalin Vitamins

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Common Therapies Anti-yeast treatment Auditory preparing Lovaas Method (conduct alteration) TEACCH (conduct administration framework) Speech Therapy Occupational Therapy

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How would I speak with this understudy ?

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Provide social backings

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What sort of environment would it be advisable for me to give? Must be unsurprising and safe Minimal moves Remove understudy from upsetting circumstances if important Provide individual space for unwinding or tactile mix works out

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Use clock or other visual signs Give understudy decisions (not very numerous: 2-3) Provide prompt, solid fortification Do not teach as a result of practices identified with Asperger's How would I be able to help this understudy with his conduct?

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never forget: Be certain Be inventive Be adaptable

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