Asian Cricket Council: Seminar 24 - 29 September, 2003 Dhaka, Bangladesh MENTAL SKILLS TRAINING

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Program. Making societies of progress: Roles of CoachesDeveloping talentDeveloping enthusiastic insight (EI)Mental Skills: Principles

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Asian Cricket Council: Seminar 24 - 29 September, 2003 Dhaka, Bangladesh MENTAL SKILLS TRAINING Dr. Sandy Gordon

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Program Creating societies of success: Roles of Coaches Developing talent Developing enthusiastic knowledge (EI) Mental Skills: Principles & Applications Mental Skill Drills: Practical Relaxation - PMR & Autogenics: Practical Workshop: Mental Toughness

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GEN X, Y & Z: 5 Groupings Veterans/Builders, 1920/30/40's: (60+, executives) Baby Boomers, 40/50/60's (40-60, chiefs) Generation X, 60/70/80's (20-40, competitors/staff) Generation Y, 82/00's (0-20, competitors) Generation Z, 01/19 ('twinkle in the eye')

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Generation X (1963-81) Witnessed swelling, political disappointment, work environment flimsiness, negative outcomes of scaling down and its impact on the family Focus on survival Being autonomous from guardians Self dependent, free specialists Want work/life adjust Intent on keeping choices open

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Gen Y – Alternative names Millennials Echo boomers Gen N (Net) Bridges (20 to 21 st century) Ritalin Generation Dot Coms Commas

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Millennials - Background Witnessed just financial development no awful results Central to family regarded as grown-ups, esteem guardians Bred for achievement require opportunity to accomplish and sparkle Unchurched Material things meet accomplishment Without limits nothing to split far from Educated yet less hypothesis require importance

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Characteristics Self sure, hopeful can appear to be presumptuous or ill bred Quick leaders Interested in governmental issues, yet not to vote Comfortable with both innovation & custom Involve guardians/grandparents - cash trees ! Innovative - High touch

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Characteristics (cont.) Know they are clients & we require them Like to be engaged Multiple sources of info Short ability to focus Concerned with mental self portrait - In accordance with prevailing fashions Entrepreneurial Confirm picked choice

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Student (26yrs) on Gen Y Lack of consciousness of & regard for necessities of others Unreasonable requests and desires Don't assume individual liability – accuse others.. Can hardly wait for an instructor to foul up Make injurious remarks in view of shallow components Arrogant, expanded personalities, acting, not bona fide Image fixation – either "in" or "out" Limited capacity to focus, absence of center Poor authoritative capacity Appetite for frightfulness

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Barriers to correspondence Closed inquiries Warnings Accusatory (you) Moralizing Judging Stereotyping Sympathizing Avoiding

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Communication Enhancers Open-finished Active listening Accepting uniqueness Accept mistakes (frail) Sharing (we) Valuing Genuine Sensitivity

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ROLES OF THE CRICKET COACH 1. Senior Coach 2. Aptitudes Coach 3. Diversion Coach

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1. SENIOR Coach Level 5 Hierarchy in Coaching/Leadership Mission explanations Standards Goals and Objectives Activities and Initiatives

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Coaching as Leadership: 5 Levels Level 1 Highly proficient individual: makes profitable commitments through ability, information, aptitudes, and great work propensities Level 2 Contributing colleague: adds to accomplishment of gathering destinations, works effectively with others Level 3 Competent director: composes individuals and assets productively towards targets

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Leadership contd. Level 4 Effective pioneer: responsibility to and overwhelming quest for clear/convincing vision, invigorates gathering to superior models Level 5 Executive pioneer: manufactures persevering significance through confusing blend of individual modesty and expert will

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Level 5 Executive mentors: Attend to individuals to start with, system second "they get the opportune individuals on the transport, move the wrong individuals off the transport, usher the correct individuals to the correct seats - then they make sense of where to drive the transport." Create a culture of teach "restrained individuals, taught thought, trained activity."

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Level 5 Executive mentors contd. Individual Humility "avoid open praise, act with calm quiet assurance, depend on models to spur, look in the mirror (not out the window) to allocate duty regarding comes about" Professional Will "faithful make plans to do whatever requirements doing to acquire LT comes about, clear impetus for move from great to awesome, watch out the window (not in the mirror) to allot credit for results"

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Level 5 Coaches Solution-Focused Approach Principle: "what you concentrate on GROWS" so… . Concentrate on Solutions not Problems See issues as Springboards not Potholes Confront Systems not Personalities What do we/you need to happen? (versus not occur) What is the favored future? What amount do we have now? What might need to occur for a greater amount of that future to wind up reality? What assets do we/you have as of now? What do we/you have to do to move towards the perfect?

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Level 5 Exemplars

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Senior Coach: Functions 1. Comes about Function: long haul vision (2-5 year arrange), assemble objectives, measures, activity arranges, comes about; style of play, kind of player, instructing foundation 2. Group Function: shared reason, group - building, soul, character; bunch attachment and responsibility 3. Singular Function: every player has feeling of self-improvement and accomplishment with parts; encourage singular needs, goals inside cricket

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India Touring 2002

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ACB Mission Statement 2002-2004 To propel cricket as Australia's national game by: . developing support in the diversion; . encouraging the accomplishment of Australian groups; and . taking a stab at business magnificence.

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WACA WARRIORS Mission Statement 2002-2003 "To be the hungriest and most bold group in Australia" E.A.S.I. . Delight . Follow up on it . Simplicity . Respectability YOUR Mission Statement?

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Standards: "Warrior Way" Basic rationality: T.E.A.M. & P.R.I.D.E. On - field principles Off - field benchmarks Training norms Changing/Viewing Room decorum See Overhead YOUR gauges?

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Goals and Objectives Examples: 1. Make an improvement program that accomplishes a portrayal level of 5 players in National/State Development squads in next three years. 2. No less than three groups in the National/State Finals and all groups complete in the top portion of their rivalries.

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Activities and Initiatives Examples: (from Goals and Objectives) 1. Set up an ability recognizable proof and ability improvement program. 2. Particular abilities training on a week by week premise and tutoring program with senior players.

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2. Aptitudes Coach 1. Societies of accomplishment: "Societies are made by the behaviour(s) of people inside associations/groups" 2. Hone arranges: "Do hones take after diversions"?

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Cultures of Success Skills mentors need to make a decent learning climate and condition for both people and groups. Should likewise make a social domain that advances positive cooperations among all members (mentors, players, bolster staff, family).

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3. Amusement Coach Execution of rivalry arrangements: Thorough planning BEFORE diversions Total exertion DURING recreations

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EXECUTION OF PLANS Routines Coping Strategies Specific Training THOROUGH PREPARATION Trust Positive Risks Present Focus TOTAL EFFORT EVALUATION

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Peak Performance: TEAM 5 P's remunerated in cricket: Patience (accepting results) Pressure (bat, ball, field) Partnerships (batting & bowling) Present focus (ball x ball focus) Positive mental energy (stay +ves just) If you have a Team Game Plan and truly focus on executing it, you are dependably in control.

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Peak Performance:INDIVIDUAL Trust - play and additionally you do, back yourself, no mechanics, "simply play", appreciate; Take Positive Risks - be unmistakable, decisive, merciless, play to win, "no second thoughts"; Task Awareness - continually ask "what is it I have to do, at this moment?", "positive doing"; Present Focus - absolutely assimilate self at the time and job needing to be done (with everything that is in you and soul).

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DEVELOPING Talent is God-given: BE HUMBLE Fame is Man-given: BE THANKFUL Conceit is Self-given: BE CAREFUL

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Two Points of View Talent is something you have/don't have? 'On the off chance that things don't come effectively, I'm not gifted… so why try attempting?' OR Talent is produced through diligent work? 'I anticipate that expertise advancement will require significant investment so I'll endure and not get exceptionally disappointed when things get troublesome.'

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On creating ability "We are not the same in all things, but rather we are all the same in having the chance to capitalize on what we have, whatever our circumstance. A definitive test for you is to make the endeavor to enhance completely and be your best in the current condition." John Wooden.

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On "Achievement is true serenity or vanity knowing you did your best to wind up distinctly the best you are equipped for getting to be." John Wooden. "Is anybody here blameworthy of being as well as can be expected be?" Wayne Bennett (ACB Camp, 2000)

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Talent look into: Lesson #1 Athlete . You can be great without buckling down, yet to be incredible you should buckle down. Ability is a vocation, not a blessing! Mentor . Commend the procedure, not the item. 'pleasant work' versus 'decent catch' 'spectacular laborer' versus 'fantastic ability'

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Lesson #2 Athlete . In the event that you need to improve than your past self, you may need to change the way you get things done. Mentor . Give careful consideration to, and fortify quickly, little victories accomplished by these progressions.

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Lesson #3 Athlete . Passionate Intelligence (EI) is your obligation . Take a shot at it as m