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The Freeman Beetle Trap incorporates a Heavy Duty Screened Bottom Board Ashley Bee Supply  Home of the Original Freeman Beetle Trap!! Email: Trap was intended to control overwhelming Hive Beetle Infestations !! Genuine 24 Hr Beetle Kill! NEW!! Ventilated Beetle Trap! $39.95 Complete + S&H Hive Stand, Screened BB & Oil Tray Kills a high volume of creepy crawlies!! Imperative in zones with substantial invasions. Utilizes no toxins nor lethal chemicals!! Rather, modest utilized cooking oil can be utilized. Requires little consideration – 4 to 8 weeks between cleanings. One time cost – the trap is extreme and worked to last with a tough plate. Raise get to – does not bother the honey bees while checking the plate. The screened base board lessens the quantity of Varroa vermin Can be utilized as a sticky board for Varroa parasites Designed to keep rain water out of the oil plate. Finish Original Trap $29.95 Screened Bottom Board $15.95 Plastic Tray $14.95 Screened Inner Cover $ 8.85 8 Frame Trap $29.95 Successful Beekeeping $ 9.95 Ashley Bee Supply 528 E. Wilcoxon St. Hamburg, AR 71646 See Pictures, Videos and Articles at Phone: 870-853-2412