Ascent of Islam Key Terms

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QuranUmmaZakatFive PillarsCaliphAliAbu BakrRiddaJihadUthman. RiddaJihadUthemanSiffinMu\'awiyaSunnisShi\'IKarbalaMawaliJizya. DhimmisAbbasidsWazirAyanWhat was the way of bedouin society before Muhammad got his revelations?How did Islam address the essential issues in Arabian culture?.

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Ascent of Islam Key Terms Bedouin Shaykhs (Sheik) Mecca Medina Umayyad – Clan that overwhelmed Mecca, later an Islamic line Ka'ba – pre-Islamic hallowed place in Mecca, consolidated into Muslim Worship

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Quran Umma Zakat Five Pillars Caliph Ali Abu Bakr Ridda Jihad Uthman

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Ridda Jihad Utheman Siffin Mu'awiya Sunnis Shi'I Karbala Mawali Jizya

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Dhimmis Abbasids Wazir Ayan What was the way of bedouin society before Muhammad gotten his disclosures? How did Islam address the basic issues in Arabian culture?

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How was the progression disagreement about the workplace of caliph at last settled? What was the nature and degree of the Umayyad Empire? What occasions prompted to the fall of the Umayyads? How did the Abbasid Empire vary from the Umayyad Empire? Did ladies in the Islamic world have pretty much flexibility that the ladies in other contemporary social orders?